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Adding Money to Steam Wallet is easy, just like other Wallets we can easily transfer money from our bank account or another medium. We will go step by step how to add money to Steam Wallet but before that, we should know about the Steam Wallet.

About Steam

Steam Wallet is basically a bank which contains money to be spent on Steam Games. The Steam Wallet was developed for Micro-transactions in 10th September 2010 and officially released on 30th September 2010.

Steam Wallet is used for purchasing online Games for PC, Consoles, Mobile Games, and Games-related things (inside the game) like Weapons, Action Items, Dress court, Vehicles, Increase your live and many things.

We ever listen about iTunes Wallet, Amazon Wallet we top up the wallets and then pay for not only Amazon but also, we can recharge mobile, recharge TV and many other websites for E-Commerce etc. But in Steam Wallet, we can use only for Steam.

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In order to use the Steam Wallet, we must have to add funds first in it. The money that is added will be preloaded so that bank details no require exchanged while purchasing.

There are many ways to add money to Steam Wallet, sometimes you get a Steam wallet gift card form any websites, from your friend you can simply redeem the gift card. We can recharge by Paytm, PayPal, Debit card, Credit card.

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3 Ways to Add Money to Steam Wallet

So basically, there are three standard methods to redeem the Steam Wallet code. They mostly depend on what device are you using to add money to your steam wallet. Choose as per your consideration:

Method #1 Using the Steam Website

Here you get a hidden code back of the gift card. Stretch off the layer and you get a code.

Open the web browser on your Computer and log in to Now, this website takes you directly to the site that allows you to add wallet funds. After using the card, you not able to use the card again.

Method #2 Using Steam Program

Here you can redeem codes directly from the Steam desktop app. Simply go to +Add funds option to your account.

Then click on Redeem a Gift card or wallet code. This allows you to enter the code to add funds. After confirmation, the amount will be added to your account and you can spend the amount.

Method #3 Using Steam Mobile App

Here you can redeem the gift card directly to the steam account directly by the Steam app on your smartphone or iPhone. First, open the Steam Store, navigate to Account Details, and then click on ‘+Add Funds’ to your Steam Wallet. Enter the code and press continue and the amount will add to your account.

Step by Step Process to Add Money to Steam Wallet

1. Open your Steam wallet.

steam wallet

2. On the window top right your account name will appear.

3. Click on your account name and it will open another page, It shows things you have brought or if you haven’t brought anything it won’t show anything.

steam wallet

4. +Add funds Steam Wallet option will appear on the top right.

5. After clicking + Add Funds, Steam Wallet it will show you a few options to add how much you want to add. You can choose from pre-defined options like 5$, 10$, 25$, 50$, 100$.

steam wallet

6. Click on how much amount you want to add in your wallet.

7. Payment method and Billing information page will open after clicking ‘Add Funds‘. You have to fill all of your information like your Name, Billing Address, etc.

steam wallet

8. You can choose through which method you want to pay – PayPal, Visa Card, Master Card or any other.

9. If you choose PayPal, a confirmation page will open afterward. You can click on the Begin PayPal Purchase button.

steam wallet

10. Here, you will find a new window which is the PayPal login page. Simply Log in to your PayPal account, accept all terms and conditions. After checking the tick, the money will be added to your Steam Wallet.

steam wallet


So this was all about how to add money to Steam Wallet. We hope that you find the whole step-by-step process quite useful and easy to understand. In any case, you’re facing trouble to add balance into your Steam Account, you can discuss the issue below in our comment section. We’ll be sure to guide you throughout the process.

You can also contact us if you wish to suggest any other way or method for the process. Do share it with other Steam Users online. We’d be glad if you could just share our post on Reddit or any other social site. Cheers!


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