Best Coupon Websites
25 Best Coupon Websites 2018

If you are looking for the website that gives the best deals on coupons, then you’re at the right place. We’re showering “best coupon websites” for the Summer & Festive Seasons.

Introduction – Best Coupon Websites

Do you really want to spend your Sunday morning looking through newspapers to find the best deals and discount coupons? Most sane people would disagree.

Best Coupon Websites

So, instead of going through newspapers, go to our website, and you will find the best of deals in no time! Our website is definitely the best start to your Sunday! Our website brings you the most exciting deals and promo codes. Whether you want to shop groceries with it or shop online, we have it all covered.

Logging on to this website is the fastest and the easiest way to get discounts and promo codes so don’t miss out on it.

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According to research conducted by NCH Press Release, people shoppers saved $4.5 billion by using discount coupons in 2016.

25 Free Best Coupon Websites Online

If you are a shopaholic and a smart one, go through the sites listed below and pick the one that suits you the most. Thank us later and have fun shopping!

1. Coupons

If you are looking for best coupon websites, just log on to Coupons. This website is super popular because, first of all, it is easy to remember.

According to reports, provides the highest number of coupons in the United States. The deals cover a wide range of products from electronic devices, apparel, cosmetics, household goods to groceries.

If you want to avail the coupon, you need to put in your ZIP Code on the site.

Once you do this, the website’s servers will automatically check deals and discounts close to you. After going through all the offers nearby you, select the ones you want.

You could print this coupon to show it in the store. Alternatively, you could use the app for iPhone and Android to avail your coupon at the store.

2. eBates

This site is not exactly a site where you get coupons, but you will definitely get things for cheap using this site.

By using this website not only will you save money, but this site will also help you make some money! eBates is, in fact, one of the best cashback websites you will ever find. With eBates you will easily get from 3% to 10% cashback on thousands of products that you see on online shopping sites.


On some occasions, although this is rare, the cashback value could go up to 40% tab on the site. If you are not regular, you might miss out on great deals. So stay logged in and get your cash back!

Even if you do not get a coupon that you liked, don’t worry. You can be sure that you will spend less on the website than anywhere else.

3. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is a website that is popular for having coupons and discounts from more than 130,000 online and local stores.

It is more of an online community where people not only use the coupons that RetailMeNot offers but also give feedback and suggestions about their experience.


Apart from the web, you can also access RetailMeNot from your phone as the website also has an app version that is compatible with both Android and iOS phones.

There is an option called Hot Coupon Newsletters that, if you enable, sends the latest coupons and discount offers to your mail.

4. Savings

It is a good idea to check Savings before you go shopping because the website offers many discounts and coupons that could be useful for you.

You will get coupons from both local stores and brands on this website.

There is a search option using which you can look for a specific store that you have on the mind or the kind of product you want to buy, and the website will list out the best of deals on these products.

5. RedPlum – Among Best Coupon Websites Online

RedPlum is a coupon service offering lucrative discounts on products from a variety of categories including, but not limited to, beauty, health & drugs & pets.

The coupons sites are available online (RedPlum) as well as through coupon books encountered in newspapers and direct mail.


Using their free coupons website can be downloaded onto store loyalty cards making it more accessible, or they can be printed and presented at the store.

There is, however, a limit on how many times the coupons can be printed. Sunday mornings seem like a great time to get the best selection of free coupons.

6. SmartSource

SmartSource is a website owned by News America Marketing that offers some great coupons not often listed in the Sunday coupon inserts.

They also offer some additional coupons available only to online users.

7. ShopAtHome

The website ShopAtHome offers a browser extension that watches the websites you visit and will inform you of any offers or discounts.


The extension can be installed on their website.

8. FatWallet

FatWallet offers a website as well as a mobile app to search and keep track of exclusive deals in a variety of categories such as electronics and computers, apparel, etc.

9. SlickDeals

Slickdeals is a community-backed website that welcomes everyone to submit their coupons and deals for others to use.

For instance, if you find a fantastic deal on SnapDeal or Flipkart you can publish it on so that others can take advantage of it as well.

10. Amazon Coupons

Amazon is popularly known for its round-the-year deals and Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, but not a lot of users are aware of the coupon section it offers which you can use to save more.

Simply visit for exciting offers and discounts.

11. Flamingo World

What sets FlamingoWorld apart from others is that you do not need an account to avail their exclusive coupons and discounts.

Flamingo World
Flamingo World

As with other vendors, Flamingo World offers a wide selection of coupons from various categories.

12. TheKrazyCouponLady

TheKrazyCouponLady is a US-based website that preaches extreme-couponing strategies to its users. This is a website from which all shoppers stand to benefit.

The Krazy Coupon Lady
The Krazy Coupon Lady

Moreover, if you’re looking to get some free gift cards to get you or your kids some new PlayStation games, read our full legal and 100% working guide on how to earn free PSN codes online.

13. DealNews

Save money and time while shopping by using the DealNews, one of the best coupon app and websites. DealNews offers coupons in a variety of categories including home and garden supplies and is available on android and ios.

The site also gives its users the access to the best deals from Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and many other stores.


The site is designed in such a way that you can quickly review around 300 discount deals.

If you are not comfortable shopping on your phone, you can save the discount deal you selected on the app and later use your computer to make the purchase.

14. Frugaa

Although everybody wants to shop at lower prices, not everybody actually makes an effort to make that happen. If they think that looking for a coupon is difficult, they would rather pay more than search the internet for that one good deal.


That is where Best Coupon Websites like Frugaa enter the picture.

Frugaa makes your life much easy and savings much higher as it appears to have a massive directory of active coupons and deals with dozens added daily.

The website claims to have saved an estimated $27 per user on average.

15. LivingSocial

People who wish to support local businesses would find LivinSocial very delightful as it focuses on discounts and promo codes for thousands of local stores.

With LivingSocial, you can find experiences, events, restaurants, spas, salons, travel and more for much lesser prices.


You just need to find the discount coupon perfect for you. The website makes your search easier by categorizing products.

16. Groupon

Groupon is a popular website that needs no introduction. Based in America, this e-commerce marketplace connects subscribers with local merchants. The name ‘Groupon’ is the blend of ‘Group’ and ‘Coupon’.

Groupon became open to the public on 4 November 2011. The website claims to offer discounts/deals up to 70% or more.


For those of you who are wondering how Groupon works – the website sends its users an email about the best deal of the day. A user can either select this coupon or any other one of his choice. Also, if you want to increase your followers, here are some of the best Social Media Exchange Websites.

Then either print the coupon out or keep an electronic coupon to show the coupons at the store after your purchase.

17. PriceBlink

PriceBlink is yet another browser extension that you can install on Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox which helps minimize your search for the best discounts and deals by watching your browsing pattern.

It notifies you when a better deal is available for the product you are looking and remains hidden until then.


Shipping is something people generally do not like paying for and in some cases may even deter the consumer from making the purchase: Enter FreeShipping.


This website initially started out with the concept of pointing out various websites where you do not need to pay for shipping and then expanded to offering discounts on products themselves along with free shipping.

However, you can avail their service at a monthly cost of $12.97, although they do offer a 7-day free trial period.

19. Hip2Save

This website is relatively new when compared to the other similar best coupon websites.

Hip2Save is the ideal website which teaches customers by practice how to save money while purchasing all that you want. On this site users get daily newsletter informing them about deals, offers, and freebies.


The Hip2Save app for smartphones has made the website and its services more accessible.

20. Brad’s Deals

Most of the best coupon websites give out information about all the deals and offer available at a given point in time, whether good or bad.

The one feature that is different about Brad’s Deals in comparison to such sites is that this website has a board of editors that carefully pick the best of deals among all and present them to its users.

Brad's Deals
Brad’s Deals

Along with the quality of service, Brad’s Deals also assures a whole range of online stores to shop from as there are close to 3800 online stores.

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21. MamboSprouts

The creators of MamboSprouts, headquartered in Collingswood, NJ, developed the idea into a fully functioning one keeping the consumers of organic, natural and healthy products in mind.

The creators of the company decided to launch the website when they identified the lack of educational materials and discounts reachable for health and natural products consumers.


You can find Mambo coupons in nearly 1000 retail stores.

There is a good chance you will find a store with Mambo coupons near you. In case you don’t find a store, don’t worry, Mambo Sprouts accepts suggestions from users so write in your query, and it will be looked into.

Mambo Sprouts gives exclusive coupons for organic food and beauty products, kids’ snacks and many more! You also get e-coupons that are environment-friendly. You don’t need to register either, so get your coupons printed already!

22. Coolsavings

The CoolSavings website is most popular for their printable grocery coupons. They refresh their inventory daily while it is easy to browse and print their coupons. Using this website, you can, on an average, save $75 every week on groceries.

Cool Savings
Cool Savings

Not just groceries, you can get savings deals on the site for just about anything. For instance, with this coupon, you could get discounts on dinner and spa treatment. They also provide free stuff and samples for regular users.

Type in your zip code and check the best offers close to you.

Apart from providing coupons to save money, the website also gives tips to save money separately for clothes, groceries, baby products, health and beauty products.

23. Grocery Coupon Network

If you want the latest deals, then you should definitely check out the Grocery Coupon Network.

According to the website, a family, on an average, saves $56 per month by using the Grocery Coupon Network.

Grocery Coupon Networks
Grocery Coupon Networks

This website has coupons at Walmart, Amazon, and around 87 grocery coupons.  It updates its coupons hourly, so you always get access to the latest savings.

You don’t need to download or take a print of their coupons; their e-coupons are super easy to print – you just need to give your email ID and then you are good to go!

24. Grocery Smarts

Grocery Smarts is created for those who want to combine in-store sales and deals with manufacturer coupons for maximum savings.

This site takes grocery store ads and matches them with coupons and gives you the best deal. On the website, you will see many grocery deals.

Grocery Smarts
Grocery Smarts

If you are using the site for the first time, remember that this website is not as easy as other websites to navigate.

The coupons are divided into four different typesGroup A, B, C, and Singles.

This could be a little confusing for you the first time. However, there is a search option on the website where you can type in the products you are looking for. You can use the website or install the Android app.

25. PPGazette

PPGazette is most popular for its grocery coupons and stack-able offers.

When you type in the product, you are looking for in the search column; it finds the store and manufacturer coupons from all over the internet for you.


The site has a list of coupons compiled; you can either go through that or type in the brand or product name on your own.

It would be perfect to resort to this website when you want the best deal, but don’t want to look all over the internet for it yourself.

Final Words

By using these “best coupon websites”, you could be saving so much of money on a regular basis. The only catch is, finding good coupons is time-consuming.

Thank God for these best coupon websites. Otherwise, we all would be looking through newspapers for coupons. These sites just made our lives so much easier.

These websites not only gather a large number of websites together, but they also pick the best ones out for your needs.

The sites also have coupons categorized by brand, nature of the product, the value of the coupon, so that finding the coupon you are looking for becomes easy.

On the whole, you would not be losing anything by using these discount coupon websites. The only thing that will happen is that you will end up saving some money.

If finding the right coupon was the issue that kept you from using coupons, don’t let that excuse miss out on how much you can save.

We have listed many best coupon websites that offer free deals, coupons, and discounts. So, find the one that is the best coupon websites for you. Enjoy shopping more at lower prices!


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