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Horror games are the games that you will remember for a long time because of their mysterious lore, scary aesthetics, level design and game-play that are sure to raise your goosebumps and make you feel vulnerable. So, here we have the best horror games on Steam of 2019.

We all have played some horror games here and there, but these are some of the best of the industry that you must try if you are a horror fanatic, so get those lights off and let us get your blood pumping fast.

Best Horror Games on Steam in 2019

Here are the top games that will make you have an intense feeling of fear, shock, or even disgust:

1. Outlast

Developed by red barrels, hands down this is one of the scariest games ever made. The lore is amazing, and it will get you hooked in just 10 minutes. You are a reporter, and something mysterious is happening in an asylum, and it needs to be exposed.

This game will get your heart beating fast, in no time. It has a bit of everything; jump scares, intense chase, creepy and scary locations. It will make you feel vulnerable more than anything, and that makes so much more impact on its horror aspects, you will be scared to the very core by the end of the game.

2. Outlast 2

Also developed by Red Barrels Games, but compared to its predecessor it lacks some of the horror aspects but doesn’t let that mistake you to believe it to be a casual horror, it is scary. With the same formula of its first part, you will be chased by many weird people and more than anything you will be chased by a woman with a pickaxe that will kill you by obliterating your genital area.

The story is complicated sometimes, and its ending is somewhat satisfying. The areas are darker and dangerous now. More people to hunt you and more maze-like levels are seen. If you feel like creeping yourself out, this game is the choice for you.

3. Dead Space

Horror gamers rejoice! Dead Space is not only an excellent example of the genre but also a great beginning to their franchise. You play Isaac Clarke, an ordinary engineer who has been sent with a crew to investigate the USG Ishimura.

Communications have been cut off with the starship, and something is obviously not right. The story is quite good with actual twists and turns during the course of the narrative, and the conclusion ties things together. It’s an over the shoulder third person action game developed by EA Redwood Shores.

From the aesthetic point of view, Dead Space is superb, it is very atmospheric, and fans of horror will not be disappointed. When this game isn’t busy freaking you out, it’s at least causing you to feel unsettled. The graphics are very sharp, there is careful attention to detail to both to the environment and monsters, and the gore is undoubtedly gruesome. This game fully deserves your attention.

4. Resident Evil 7

This game has been developed by Capcom and is available for Windows, PlayStation 4, XBOX 1 and Nintendo Switch. The first person takes on the formula wisely remembers that it’s survival for adventure and not action that makes the series memorable.

With one of the creepiest single settings in the Resident Evil games, and an entirely bizarre mystery to unravel, it’s the most fun you’ll have in this series.

best horror games on steam

The atmosphere is strongest the series has ever seen in a long time, and that’s owed entirely to the eerie plantation. Most of the tension comes from finding yourself in tough situations since it’s all about scavenging for items and conserving what little ammunition and resources you do have.

You can also find exciting references to classic resident evil, throughout the game. For someone who loves horror games, this is one of the best recommendations to play.

5. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Amnesia seems to psychoanalyze you and preys on the fears and regrets that cause restless nights of sleep. During the course of its six-hour campaign, you’ll feel immersed in the ever-growing sense of sheer horror, the likes of which few games have ever been able to accomplish. The journey of Oswald Mandus in search of his missing children during the final hours of the 19th century unfolds with a wonderful sense of dread and mystery.

Through the use of enigmatic diaries, amazingly creepy audio logs and a great sense of environmental storytelling, A Machine for Pigs makes Mandus’ narrative arch a fantastic trip. It is an interesting and welcome experience in the world of gaming. Developed by The Chinese Room and published by Frictional Games, it is a must play.

6. Alan Wake

All of those who like psychological thrillers, Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake should satisfy you. The graphics in the game play a big part in establishing the tone, reinforcing the notion that you’re trapped in insane isolation. Your main enemy in the game is the dark, and it will force the world to assault you. All the locations are packed with lots of small details.

Your flashlight plays an important role in this, not only are the lighting effects beautiful to look at but the light is also a vital tool for combat and finding hidden locations and items.

Set against the inky blackness of the forest and the haunted valleys around bright falls, it can be particularly effective in generating tension and evoking a sense of dread as you step into the light to escape the dangers beyond the shadows.

Alan Wake is frightening, funny and entirely self-aware. It has a great foundation of gameplay to make the experience just as fun to play as it is to watch.

7. Alien: Isolation

Isolation impresses out of the gate because its art direction and sound design dutifully nail the vibe of Ridley Scott’s original 1979 film. The atmospheric use of fog is one of the best aspects of the game. The wisps of smoke and clouds of mist look great.

The alien’s unpredictability since the actions are not scripted is Isolation’s biggest strength. The alien’s footsteps, its angry shrieks, and hisses having to hold back your breath as it sniffs for you while you hide in a locker, they all make isolation very good and ensure that you’re never comfortable. It seems like the perfect alien game developed by Creative Assembly, and it is worth playing.

8. The Evil Within

The game starts by you being a detective and having two partners investigating a mental asylum where soon you realize the thing is not very normal.

This game offers you guns to shoot, but that doesn’t make it less horror. Because you will be brutally murdered several times over and over again by nightmarish enemies.

The narrative and story are nice at first, but the ending is disappointing by crushing over its own ambition. Still, the horror maintains ever so. Even the clichés had been twisted granting a new life to themselves. Interiors and areas in the game are creepy and disturbing. It has some of the most incredible moments in any video game so far.

9. Resident Evil 2

With guns and zombies making you feel vulnerable, Capcom again delivers yet another amazing Resident Evil game.

Reliving familiar places can be a less horrific experience but to counter that Capcom pulled a noticeable gameplay upgrade while respecting the original classic. This shows that the series still offers a terrifying experience like none other. The pressure consistently mounts as the plot progresses due to more terrifying and harder to kill zombies.

After the first playthrough, you can follow up the second scenario to see the story from the other side. You will rarely feel safe, even when you are. It also has some impressive performance writing and plot. This game is a must play for all Resident Evil fans. And if you haven’t played any of the Resident Evil games, this is a good place to start the series.

10. The Evil Within 2

Evil within 2 delivers as per its expectations. It is more brutally difficult than the predecessor and more terrifying; it is sure to make you feel exhilarated. The game does not maintain a consistent tone and convincing dialogue but makes its mark as a pure survival horror game.

You are sent to rescue your thought dead daughter. The protagonist is dull and wider cast doesn’t fit, but it makes up with all that with its gameplay and creepy enemies that will give you nightmares. The horror tone is maintained throughout the game. It is not as good as the first part of storytelling but is still an amazing and worth playing experience.

Final Words

So, this is our list of the best horror games on Steam that you can download and play on your system. We’ll be constantly updating our list of these games. So if you want to contribute to it, you can comment below your favorite ones. You can also mention any other best horror games on Steam for PC that are not here.


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