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Apart from modern computer games, mobile games are become famous nowadays more popular because of its graphics, controls and for many other features. The games like Pubg or Coc have high craze around its users. Let’s discuss the best iOS games that we can play in 2019.

#1 Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is the iOS game getting popular among iOS and Android users for ages now. It’s an endless running game that has gained fame since 2012. Grabbing gold coins along with power-ups and other materials while running and trying to escape from the inspector and his dog is the theme of the game.

The background has been made on the basis of railway scenes (railway track) until the character collides with any object or train to lose its Life. It became the first game to cross billions of downloads in Google play store in May 2018.

#2 Tesla vs. Lovecraft

Tesla vs. Lovecraft is a twin-stick shooter game that allows the main character Tesla to fight with Lovecraft and his monsters. Lovecraft damages Nikola Tesla’s invention. Tesla is ignoring Lovecraft’s warnings, fight with Lovecraft using a shooter.

Lovecraft also steals Tesla’s inventions and uses them for his own work. Players becoming protagonist that is Tesla fights with monsters given with power of conventional arms and a teleporter.

Gradually as the players fight with monsters, they are given more weapons and Power-ups to fight. When a player is able to kill large numbers of monsters he allowed to select perks, which provides special abilities during the fight.

#3 Black Paradox

The main character is Black Paradox, a bounty hunter. In the game, he has abilities to travel in time by controlling Black holes’ energy. HeHe has to defeat the Hellraisers, known for being the cruelest criminal organization in space, with its 7 leaders.

Black Paradox is a fast-paced rogue-lite shoot game having a fantastic pixel art and graphics as well as the synth-wave soundtrack. The game featuring both single player and local Co-op, to double the fun while fighting with hellraisers. Different weapons are used up along with upgrades and drones to get success in the quest.

#4 Tree Men Games

PAKO 2 is a driving game with twin-stick shooter and heist game mechanics. Exploring the vast extensive cities being the protagonist as a getaway driver and making robberies with the crew.

Escaping laws through driving and fighting in the game. Money is rewarded through successful getaways which are used to buy more upgrades, guns, items, new rides, and locations.

PAKO 2 is an exceptional car chase simulator and an impressive sequel. It got its popularity through fantastic gameplay. PAKO 2 is fun and an outstanding game which builds upon it without losing its original charm.

#5 Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is released for iOS in February. Alto’s Odyssey is a simple continuous runner game that has a main character dashing down desert dunes, wall riding rock formations, and exploring ancient ruins.

Atlo's Odyssey

And the gorgeous sound design, soothing soundtrack, and shifting color palettes keep the player busy and interested.

Furthermore, we have also categorized iOS games into different ways like-

  1. Trivia Games
  2. Strategy Games
  3. Sports Games
  4. Racing Games
  5. Adventure Games
  6. Action Games
  7. Puzzle and Word Games
  8. Casino and Dice Games

Top iOS Games in Categories

Best iOS Trivia Game

HQ Trivia is the best game for playing in IOS in 2019. In this game, every player gets the chances to win a daily prize( cash prize) which makes it more interesting and popular to apple users. The game is a daily and live contest which starts at a particular time ( like online KBC).

Best Strategy Game

One of the best strategy game among all the IOS games is “Sid Meier Civilization VI.” Once there is a time this game is only playable in iPad, but after having a huge response and reviews of this games, developers now make the game playable in iPhone, just you should have iphone7 or later.

In this game, you have to explore your world, develop your science and culture by exploiting the resources and you also have to maintain your military and all other needs. It has a local multiplayer mode and 60 free, but this game is not free, you have to purchase it from the store.

Best Sports Game

Madden NFL Overdrive Football game is the best IOS game in the sports category. The game is basically developed in a player vs. player mode, where you can challenge anyone for 3 minutes.

Exciting competition with excellent graphics. Most interesting is that you can apply your strategies against your rivals like FIFA or PES computer games,

Best Racing Games

Asphalt 9: Legends give goosebumps to its users. This game is the latest game of asphalt series having excellent controlling features of acceleration and turnings with eye-popping graphics quality.

You will get your dream cars like Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and others, but you have to unlock them by completing your daily tasks or missions. Nitro boosts are amazing here, and you’ll totally lose yourself in this game.

Best Adventure Games

One of the best adventure IOS games is Oxenfree. This game is totally like a story where two main characters Alex and his stepbrother Jonas and their friends take an overnight trip to a military abandoned islands, where they will investigate some paranormal activities, strange sounds in radio. This is totally a horror and adventure game which costs $ 4.99.

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Best iOS Action Games

Alto’s Odyssey is assumed to be the best action game among all iOS Game, which is followed by alto’s adventure through some series of beautiful landscape, desert, and snow covered areas. Difficulties like a storm (tornado), cliff edges make the game more interesting to iPhone users throughout the world.

Best Puzzle & Word Game

Monument Valley 2 is considered one of the best iOS games in this category. It is totally different from the Monument Valley. It is very much interesting in stimulating puzzles.

Best Casino & Card Game

Zynga Poker permits you to play Texas hold’em poker with any random players worldwide from your touch screen.

A user here can play normal games or can play a tournament like shootouts or Sit –n – Go. Players receive a fixed amount of free chips daily and can receive more chips against real money.

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In Verdict

All in All, these were the best iOS games that you can get your hands on in 2019. We haven’t featured the cliched Fortnite & PUBG because technically, you’re hearing about them everywhere. We wanted a fresh approach and that’s why we have this list.

Moreover, if you think we’ve missed any other amazing ones, then you can surely comment below and let us know. Also, we have an amazing list for best android games in 2019, as well as, best PS4 Games that you can also check out at PrizeLava.


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