PlayStation VR is now top on the market. It is cheap and easy to set up, and the players always get the best games to play. Most of the VR games are exclusive and hit. PSVR was launched in 2016, since then it is a hit and gives more variety in gaming hardware. We are listing the top PSVR games.

Best PlayStation VR Games To Play Right Now

Astro Bot Rescue 

Astor Bot is in the top list, and it was launched in 2018. It won the “Best Game Award” in the last year. You can’t take eyes from this excellent game; it has a beautiful background score. The game is launched by Sony’s prestige japan studio team.

In the game, you play the role of a robot Astro to rescue his team through an adventure path. In the adventurous path, there are so many hidden secrets to discover. Each jump is filled with curiosity; you can peer around corners for safety and find a path to climb.

The game has 26 stages consist of 20 stages and 6 bosses. It gives you a friendly platform to play when the Astro gives you a look in the middle of the game or waves at you to make sure that what to do next.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is one of the trendiest physical games available on VR. It is also launched in 2018 and one of the tops right now. It is a role-playing game with some special electronic music, fast-moving neon visuals, and unique action play.

In the game, you have two sabers, one in each hand(PlayStation controllers). The player has to slash the red and blue beats coming at you with each hand. The beats are moving fast and changes according to the music.

The player gains the score the beats are destroyed, there are also obstacles like mines that should not be splashed and oncoming walls that head should not touch.

Saber includes several songs with five levels of difficulty. The player has to move according to the beats that come at you.


Moss is an action-adventure puzzle game by Polyarc American studio. The game provides with character and physical interaction. It will take the player to a beautiful fantasy world.

The player meets Quill, a young mouse and together they are starting the adventure to rescue quills uncle from a fire-breathing snake, Saffron. Quill is aware of the player and communicates with the player using sign language. They together start an incredible journey through a storybook narration to a world of magic and myth.

Players who are searching for a different game other than shooting an enemy pool, MOSS is the best VR game. At first, the player may degrade it according to the background the score, when the player reach more levels he may be fooled. The game may look like a simple one but surprisingly adventurous in unexpected ways.

Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect is a single player puzzle video game by Japanese studios Monstars Inc. It is a tile-matching puzzle with different fantasy world around it. The world reacts based on playing with special effects, music, backgrounds, and sound.

Tetris effect is more like its original game Tetris, the player places the blocks in playfield to clear complete lines. The score is gained how fast the player is clearing the lines. TE game gives the opportunity to clear sixteen or more lines at a time. The game consists of thirty different stages.

The specialty of the game is how the background plays when the player is making a move. It gives the player the effect of playing in a world full of surprises.

In the world, the block pieces seem to dance, pulse and explode in sync. The ranking is based on how fast, accurately and a number of blocks are placed, time is also a matter. The game gives you a good experience of puzzle gaming.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is an action-adventure multiplayer video game. It is the brainchild of Red Storm Entertainment in 2017. Still, it’s an excellent multiplayer game. The game puts the players in a starship from there the game begins.

The crew of the starship is captain, tactical officer, engineer and helm officer. Their mission is to search a large part of space called ‘The Trench’ and find it suitable for a new homeland. The Trench is full of mysteries, beauty, and dangers. The can also play as a single player, the captain will control the ship, and the decision of the captain keeps you moving.

In multiplayer, the captain communicates with the crew and give orders to obey. Helm officer controls the ship, he decides the path of the ship. The weapons and sensors are organized by the tactical officer. The engineer takes care of the repairs and power distribution. This game is a top pick when you are playing with friends, and it also challenges the trust and communication within players.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

You may be thinking what a decade old game is doing in this list. Well, Skyrim VR offers a grand adventure that is worth revisiting and playing in VR is like nothing else. It takes a bit of learning before getting used to but is fun absolutely mind-blowing after that.

New players will find one of the best RPG adventure available and a true sandbox experience on PSVR. Bethesda Game Studios prove yet again that they are limited only by technology, not by ideas and Skyrim is a timeless classic.

Tetris Effect

Playing Tetris in VR is a completely different experience. The visuals are dynamic and filled with robust colors. The sound effect is amazing and promises to keep you hooked forever. Gameplay is simply revolutionary. It’s just too immersive to be compared and will simply keep you playing for hours.

Superhot VR

Developed by SUPERHOT Team the concept of the game is that time flows only when your body moves. It makes for a very challenging action driven strategic gameplay. The game implements the use of strategy in gameplay and design.

A true VR experience and an entirely different take on FPS genre. Shoot, stab, punch, and evade bullets through hordes of the enemy in this action-fueled game that feels very rewarding when you pull off amazing moves.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

The SIE Japan Studios developed a solid platformer with a beautiful game world and challenging level designs. The game is so responsive that it really pushes the boundary of what platformers could achieve on VR. It is the benchmark of every upcoming platform game on PlayStation. You need to save 8 bots on each level to progress. The bosses are huge and you feel tiny little being in a big world.

Wipeout Omega Collection

EPOS Studios have absolutely carved a masterpiece with this game. It is a racing game set in futuristic settings. Filled with a lot f crazy looking vehicles that you can drive this game offer replayability and you need to spend the time to master the mechanics.

However, the learning curve is smooth; the game neither feels too easy nor too difficult (unless you want it). The multiplayer mode is available but the single player is good enough. It is also one of the best racing games out on current generation consoles.

Rez Infinite

Developed by Monstar Inc. Resonair on Unreal Engine 4 the Rez Infinite is the best game in the music genre. The gameplay is similar to the previous version on PlayStation 2 developed by Dreamcast but now in VR and more appealing visuals.

The Area X is an added bonus to the entire game and offers free gameplay without any level restrictions. Most players love it more than the rest of the game.

Ace Skies 7: Skies Unknown

Ever want to get into a fighter jet, well, it is the closest experience on your PS possible. The control scheme is amazing and you can get into action very quickly. You can learn advanced maneuvers and execute them without hassle.

Gameplay provides a variety of approaches to situations. There will be many occasions while chasing jets, locking targets, evading enemies and shooting your opponents when your skills will be tested and you will surely get an exhilarating journey.

Developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment on Unreal Engine the game offers hours of playability. There are two game modes, one offers a simplified control scheme while other is for in-depth simulation lovers.

Creed Rise to Glory

Follow the journey of Adonis Creed to become a champion in this arcade-style boxing game. Developer Servios opted for little cartoonish graphics but immersion is great. Players really need to move and be active while playing this game.

The AI is great and NPCs take a variety of approaches. They dodge well and force you to fight tactically. The slow-motion sequences look good and the game is very rewarding if you play strategically.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

This game is an absolute delight for FPS fans. The horror genre has definitely seen an increased level of immersion by use of VR headsets. Immersion in horror games is a must and plays the determining factor in mechanics and game design.

The VR remake of Resident Evil keeps the brand intact and gives a different take on gameplay. Graphics and effects are amazing while sound effects make you forget that you are actually playing a game.

Capcom chose to engage players more into horror and exploration aspect of the series than into action this time around. Still, the action sequences stand out and the gameplay is smooth.

Final Words

In the list of the PlayStation virtual reality games, astro bot is the best game. It takes the player to a whole new world. The bots action makes the player more connected with it. Other games give a good VR environment.

However, The list is not in order or ranking. The games are so unlike that saying one game to be better than others would be an unfair judgment. The list comprises of games that are best at what they offer.


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