best ps4 emulator for mac

Are you looking for a PS4 Emulator for Mac? Not everyone can afford a PS4. Most of the population is more comfortable on computer gaming.  

There are a lot of games that are PS4 exclusive and are not available for Mac. Emulators are created to play such games on Mac. There are people who prefer to play games on the emulator than buying a proper gaming console.

Gaming is now slowly becoming a profession, and people are getting more and more engrossed into gaming. Everyone loves gaming, some do it for pleasure, some are addicted, and some see a future in gaming.

Apple is known for being a very closed system, and there are a very few games you can play on Mac. To play those games on Mac, you either need to find the dmg file format for the game, which is hard to find. You can also install windows in your Mac to continue gaming.

Gaming also enhances our senses, out motor sensory can be increased while gaming. We can learn from a game. A person who has played any first player shooter game knows how to use a gun.

In this article, you will learn about what emulator is and how it functions, and the best PS4 emulator for Mac. You can also check out our guide on how to earn Free PSN Codes if you own a PlayStation Console. 

What is an Emulator?

Before downloading an emulator, first, let’s study what an emulator is.

An emulator is a software or hardware, which allows a computer to behave and respond like any other computer or console, in our case similar to PS4. The emulator enables us to play PS4 games on our Mac. This means that we don’t need to buy a PS4 console.

The issue is that if you need to play PS4 games, then you have to get the Sony DualShock 4 controller to play games on Mac. You can assign tasks of controllers to keys on the keyboard.

PS4 is the console for all the upcoming game and the best games, till date. Mac allows us to play games, but the emulator enables us to play those games that are a PS4 exclusive. The games such as God of War, Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn, Red Dead Redemption, Marvel’s Spiderman PS4 and many more can be played.

The best thing about emulator is that it only takes a few minutes to set up, and is very easy to use. The system is created very user-friendly and very fun.

Shockingly, where Mac is famous for not allowing to play games properly, Emulator makes it possible. In the emulator, there is no need to download any game, but the thing that is important is that you need to burn an ISO file to a virtual disk.

The pre-requisite components for any emulator are, PS4 dual shock 4 controllers, a USB cable, an account on Sony Entertainment Network and a high-speed internet with wide bandwidth and at least 12 Mbps speed for download and upload.

Best PS4 emulator for Mac

The Best PS4 Emulator currently is under development but is out for functioning. Only a few numbers of PS4 games are available to play, such as Uncharted 4, Gravity Rush 2, Horizon Zero Dawn and few more. If you own a Windows PC, then definitely check out our exclusive guide for PS4 Emulator for PC.

The best PS4 emulator for Mac is PSCX 4. You can download this emulator with the following link.


PSCX4 is a semi-open source software, which just means you might have to pay some amount. This was created with the aim to emulate PS4/pro on Mac. The program runs on the C++ language. It even works with an Xbox controller, and for a first-person shooter, you can go with your mouse.

As said before that it is really hard to play games on Mac,  and most of the games are paid for no reason. The PSCX4 allows a Mac user to enter the realm of gaming, with the best games in the market.

You can play all the PS4 games, and this is what makes an Emulator a for Mac users to play games onto. PSCX4 allows you to play the best games, the console games. This is the reason that PSCX4 is the best PS4 emulator for Mac.

The Minimum System Requirements

The current requirements for this emulator are as following

  • Operating System: OS Yosemite or OS El Capitan
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 560M
  • Processor Speed: 2.67 GHz or faster
  • ROM: 100 MB
  • RAM: 4 GB DDR3 1600Mhz
  • Resolution: minimum 1024×768 dpi

When a user has all the following requirements, he/she should run the download file and follow the instruction for the installation of the MacSX4 after installation select ‘remote play’, from the settings then Remote Play settings.

How to use PS4 emulator on Mac

  • First, Download PS4 emulator, the PSCX4 from online and run it.
  • Download your favorite PS4 game, or you can run the disc in the disc drive.
  • If you are running the ROM file, transfer it in ‘C:/Desktop/PS4 Emulator/XYZ game’ folder.
  • Now run the pre-downloaded PS4 emulator.
  • Verify Audio, Graphics, and Controller.
  • Save and then continue.  
  • Click on controls and move towards customize controls.
  • Head over the file => Run file => Auto scan folder
  • After all this, your game will start automatically, on your system.
  • The emulator is here in the market for the love of gaming, for those who either can’t afford a PlayStation or who don’t want to buy a PlayStation.

Final Words 

The PSCX4 is the best emulator for Mac in the town right now, and it allows to function in the same way. You get the PS4 experience on the Mac. The world of gaming is filled with games, and it is in a constant battle between Mac gaming and PS gaming.

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The PS gaming always wins at the end which puts people who love gaming and wants to create a setup of PS games; this emulator does the trick. Even though many games are still under development, but many PS games which are there can be played and one of the best games.

There are a lot of PS games that doesn’t function on PSCX4, cause the games are for PS3-2. For those games, you have to download, PSCX3 or PSCX2. For PS4 you have PSCX4 the best Ps4 emulator in town.


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