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Are you looking for the best PSP Games To Play in 2019? We are here! The gaming world rose from the Magnavox Odyssey to High-dynamic-range video PlayStation.

During this course of time, PlayStation Portable (PSP) swayed the generation. It became the most successful handheld Sony ever had. The 3D-rendering console with color and widescreen hovered as the most ubiquitous gaming device for years.

PlayStation Portable sold over 80 million units, the only non-Nintendo console to be worth. However, it detracted from the puissant fame of Nintendo.

Best PSP Games to Play in 2019

The reason for the hindrance of glory for console includes bizarre design like spinning UMD discs and tedious performance. But PSP left a substantial trace in the industry.

The games that made it happen were. So here are the best PSP games that you can play if you want that kick of nostalgia again.


This game is our personal favorite. We all have our fantasies; being a don is one of mine, this game takes on a ride of how an ordinary guy end up being a gangster.

And trust me, the game connects with you as if your part of it, the story is set in the 1900s and gives you an opportunity to explore that life, driving vintage cars, firing Thomson machine guns, beautiful countryside and most importantly the story with unexpected twists.

best psp games

Max Payne

Coming 2nd on our list of the best PSP games is a reminder of the famous matrix movie. All the slow-motion stunts and the user can experience the dynamics of the particles flying around, Max Payne packs it all.

A game which inspired a film with the same name, gamers can experience the life of a cop with action pact plots in a bar, with solid characters which make you keep seated and finish the game in a binge.

Need for Speed

The name says it all, guys with high adrenaline who can’t break traffic rules, drift on the road, have a drag race in the real world here is the chance to break free without getting hurt or paying fine. And the best part is there is always a rematch.

With plenty of cars to choose from as you unlock levels and also an option to modify vehicles with the money, you won from racing with different shops in the city. This game is a car lover’s paradise.


A famous LAN based game which makes you be a good team player, one can choose to be a terrorist or military personnel with weapons specific to the role you play, Strategy is the key, and blind spots can be your haven.

The game provides with different modes like the last one to survive will be the winner or a time bomb defusing can make you a winner. CS gives a realistic feel of gameplay with body armor just as effective with headshots to do a single bullet kill. In short words “A legend in games.”

Rocket League

Personally, the Rocket League is one of our favorite games in the world. The credit goes to the team which could think out of the box and went on to fuse cars with football.

We have rocket league, an arena with cars and a giant ball to find a goal, won’t be an easy start initially, need to practice to at least touch the ball, after that a head-on challenge and loads of fun though you lose some matches.

Rainbow Six Siege

Reminds me of call of duty, a team on a mission. This game does not disappoint as per the predecessor are concerned, and it manages to hold on its audience to have a great experience in hunting down enemies.

The graphics look good; the weapon reloads as far as real, health could have been more realistic. A high-end graphics unit will make it a visual treat, but developers have made it run on lower processing power for the masses.

Arma 3

The first word that rings in the head is “WOW”; the realistic battleground just makes you feel there with tanks and choppers flying around, it’s not only you but the environment which comes alive.

Snipers under the grass ready to take on the shot, well-designed terrains to show depth and view. Rendering is flawless with active motion blur. This game is worth the try.


One of the most famous strategy games in the history of gaming, Warcraft is definitely in our list of best PSP games. The player can choose the character of his/her choice the leech king, panda the introduction videos of the characters are awe-inspiring and sets the stage for the next action-packed encounter.

The area is exposed as we command the characters to move ahead in land mass, plan strategy to attack other territories and gain various types of weapons and powers.

Titan Fall

For those who like space odyssey and futuristic layout in multiplayer, this thing is designed for you. The game supports multiplayer modes with various options to choose from, like basic weapons to advanced, fly aircraft, land vehicles like bikes and tanks of the future:

Huge monstrous creatures and gigantic robots. Graphics are just admirable, the game developer team well crafts smoke and damage dynamics.

Unreal Tournament

This game is like Mario of action games, one just starts the game and does not feel how the time passed by, the location is well designed to make a loop, and use of portals to move from one end to another is way ahead of its time.

The weapons are huge, but that is what guys want it right. A fully enjoyable game to make your time with friends count. They are waiting for the latest edition with high graphic content.


Lumines was the most popular block-dropping puzzle video game developed by Q Entertainment. It is often regarded as analogous to Columns and Tetris. The purpose is to rotate and adjust the blocks thus and thus to create colored squares. The player loses when the blocks heighten to the top of the grid.

Apparently, it was the most addictive game that most of the PSP owners played for hours. The astonishing gameplay and mesmerizing puzzle gathered every puzzle enthusiasts back in its prime time, and maybe its addiction is still renowned

In March 2018 Lumines was rebooted to Lumines Remastered, not for PSP but the game will feature elevated visuals and better graphical interface.

GTA: Liberty City Stories

Who doesn’t like the staggering GTA? Every kid and adult now and back then have loved the action-adventure open world gameplay. One can roam around the city, drive vehicles, engage in crimes, complete missions and play cat and mouse with the cops.

This freestyle mayhem looked like the 2001’s GTA III. A player portrays the role of Toni Cipriani who works for Salvatore Leone. You accomplish missions killing mafias and involving in gang wars ultimately to become the right hand of Leone.

There is a multiplayer mode for up to six players through ad-hoc mode or Wi-Fi. Liberty Cities features seven different modes of wireless gaming. This game was paradise for the PSP users back way then.

God of War: Chains of Olympus

Developed by Ready at Dawn and Santa Monica Studio, this game was based on Greek mythology in which player battles for retribution. It was first issued for the PlayStation Portable console on March 4, 2008. The third person single player game is played at a steady camera angle.

The player plays and handles the character of Kratos, an ex-Spartan warrior who is on the quest to sabotage Ares, the God of War. Kratos unleashes the power of Olympian gods and is goddess Athena advises him to find The God of Sun, Helius. In another way, Kratos has to prevent God of Dream to turn pillar of World into Olympus.

The game received the highest conglomerate score from Metacritic and GameRankings.


From the dazzling graphics, solid control of gameplay to the plotting and sound production, Daxter is one of the best PSP games everyone savors for. Developers Ready at Dawn raise the bars of Jak & Daxter so high that its spinoff is not far in bringing down all the elements for original series.

The adorable orange ottsel, the sidekick of Jak, is the main protagonist of the game. The story stretches out after the time gap of two years as Daxter begins in the pursuit of Jak who is imprisoned by Krimzon Guard. An old man, Osmo hires Daxter to eventually provide a job of pest exterminator.

On the way to cast out the contagion of metal bugs, Daxter discovers the parts of Haven City and clues to lead him into Jak. A player involves in squashing an army of bugs with a spray gun and access to many upgrades along the way. Sony Computer Entertainment published it on the PlayStation Portable on March 14, 2006.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Metal Gear was the new dawn for PSP based games. The gratifying visuals and enchanting gameplay by Kojima Productions for a console like PSP was something beyond the line.

There is so much to contend, and pleasing narrative makes the Peace Walker a top game in every sense. The gameplay consists of two modes often known as ‘Mission’ and ‘Mother Base.’

In the mission, the player permeates into the foe area and fight the traducer. While the in the Mother Base, the gameplay is often like Army management with players bestowing medical help to ally, sharing torpedoes, or giving cover for each other.

Peace Sentinels have acquired the land in Costa Rica equipped with modern weapons to plan the domination of the world and the threat is looming in the balance of power between East and West.

Now, the protagonist, Big Boss, has left the US after the formation of FoxHound in Portable Ops. He is operating his legionnaire in Columbia and now must fight against the PS to maintain global security.

The game depicts the actual Metal Gear tradition and gives the player real taste of what it meant by its tagline Tactical Espionage Operations.

Final Words

So, this is all about the best PSP games that you can play in 2019. Most of them are evergreen games, so it doesn’t matter what rank they are. Now, if you think we are missing some of the other classic ones, we’re listening. You can comment below your favorite games or contribute us. Kudos!


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