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Looking for the Best Racing Games for PS4? We’ve got you covered! Gaming has been a source of entertainment for years now. Little did Nintendo and Sega realize, they would be creating gaming history when they launched their flagship consoles so many years ago.

Gaming today is all about immersion: what can transport you to an era, a space that is away from where you currently are, even if it’s only for a couple of hours. A genre that has stood the test of time since forever are the racing games.

Top Racing Games for PS4 to Play 

Be it PC, PlayStation, Xbox or Switch, everyone gamer has played a form of the racing game at least once in their life. With over 1.2 Billion people playing video games currently, it’s important for video game houses to create games that are top notch and above the rest.

Here are top picks from what’s trending in the racing genre currently:

Gran Turismo Sport

Coming first on the list of best racing games for PS4, is Gran Turismo Sport. The benchmark for sim hustling dating right back to the times of the first PlayStation, Gran Turismo, at last, landed on Sony’s most recent equipment the previous fall as GT Sport.

While past titles in the arrangement received a vehicle PG approach, GT Sport is a progressively current encounter fixated on aggressive online multiplayer.

best racing games for ps4

Saying this doesn’t imply that it’s any less outwardly shocking or fulfilling in the driver’s seat — Gran Turismo has for some time been an innovative visit de constrain for Sony’s equipment, and GT Sport carries on the brand’s inheritance for meticulous authenticity and tender loving care.


A surge is a group situated battle racer that obtains as much from present-day legend shooters like Overwatch as it does from any semblance of Burnout and Blur. Be that as it may, there’s no traditional dashing in OnRush. Or maybe, your obligation is to score focuses, convey savage takedowns and drive through checkpoints for your squad.

The point varies relying upon the diversion mode. Switch, for instance, begins all contenders on bicycles with various lives, before moving them up to heavier vehicles each time they’re wrecked. The last group was standing successes.

Another mode, Lockdown, is somewhat similar to Domination in Call of Duty or Battlefield. With all drivers endeavoring to involve a zone for whatever length of time that conceivable to agree with it for their position.

The surge was created by the group in charge of Driveclub and Motorstorm. Now, the studio moved house to Codemasters. That implies you can expect stunning visuals and taking care of with pinpoint accuracy. Also, it is a standout amongst the most exciting multiplayer dashing encounters you’re probably going to discover this age.

Ride 3

There is no lack of hustling diversions including cars and even go-karts, however far less gave to our two-wheel toting companions. Enter Ride 3.

Charged as Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo for bicycles, and reminiscent of clique great bike sim Tourist Trophy, Ride 3 flaunts in excess of 230 rides and 30 tracks that run the array from reason fabricated circuits like Japan’s Sugo and Italy’s Imola.

To cherished strips of landing area like California’s Snake mountain go, to sacrosanct grounds of bike hustling like the Isle of Man’s Billown Circuit and England’s incredible Cadwell Park.

There’s a rich vocation mode that welcomes players to investigate changed riding orders and styles, just as a full determination of customization parts and alternatives enabling you to plan your fantasy bicycle. Riders: your heaven has arrived.

Skyline Chase Turbo

On the off chance that you grew up with sprite-scaling joyrides like Out Run and Top Gear, you’re going to adore Horizon Chase Turbo. This is the most recent manifestation of a retro-motivated racer that initially appeared on iOS and Android, yet has quite recently advanced toward PS4 and PC.

The Turbo discharge tosses in considerably more send-ups of incredible vehicles, just as a modernized interface and improved low-poly illustrations that would take a gander at home in the arcades beside Sega’s Virtua Racing.

There’s even a four-player mode to transport you and your companions to the prime of love seat multiplayer. Yet, you could contend Horizon Chase’s best component is really its soundtrack, which was formed by Barry Leitch — a similar man behind the first Top Gear’s score over 25 years back.

Forza Motorsport 7

As far as the extension, no other dashing amusement does what Microsoft keeps on doing with its Forza Motorsport arrangement. With 700 autos, Forza 7 contains the biggest list of any racer of this age.

Add to that a clothing rundown of customization includes, an upgraded vocation mode, and 32 tracks going from anecdotal fan top picks like Maple Valley to noteworthy districts like Monza and Le Mans, and there just is definitely not a greater dashing background on the planet at the present time. Did we notice it looks totally dazzling in 4K on Xbox One X?

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

There’s a reason Mario Kart 8 Deluxe set a record a year ago for the quickest selling diversion in the establishment. The first Mario Kart 8 appeared on the Wii U, where it was hailed as an untouched incredible kart racer, despite the fact that it found an exceptionally little group of onlookers on Nintendo’s destined last-gen comfort.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch continues the majority of the prior variant’s DLC and brings back Battle Mode, a backbone of past amusements in the arrangement.

Between its surprising track structure, rich, smooth interactivity at 60 outlines for every second and 1080p (when docked) and a definitive test of the F-Zero-quick 200cc mode, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the most stunning rush ride Nintendo has ever created.

Sega Ages: OutRun

Yu Suzuki’s milestone driving title made ready for all intents and purposes each racer on this rundown and now Switch proprietors can appreciate its best form on account of M2’s fundamental Sega Ages arrangement.

The most recent arrival of OutRun is in excess of a negligible part of 1985 exemplary, including on the web leaderboards, a revamped world guide, variable time and trouble levels and discretionary tuning parts that can make your ride considerably more exciting to drive.

There are additionally a bunch of new melodies motivated by the unbelievable score of the first, composed utilizing a similar innovation that fueled Sega’s arcade sheets more than 30 years prior. Sega Ages OutRun is an affection letter to a racer that enlivened a reiteration of actors, that is still just as addictive today.

Venture Cars 2

Created by a similar group that gave us Need for Speed: Shift, Project Cars 2 is a sim with an emphasis on genuine motorsports and an assortment of controls, from open-wheel to sports vehicles, to great visiting autos.

With the largest determination of genuine circuits out there, a variable climate framework that can really reenact the majority of the amusement’s tracks in various seasons, and a solitary player battle mode that pursues the movement of a genuine driver’s location.

Project Cars 2 is the racer of decision for the individuals who long for transforming their energy into a full-time calling.

Crash Omega Collection

Crash Omega Collection consolidates Wipeout HD from the PS3 (alongside the Fury extension). Wipeout 2048 from the PS Vita into one bundle and tops it off with a refreshed soundtrack.

While a genuinely new section — or if nothing else a redo of one of the more adored PS1 portions — would clearly be better, Omega Collection is absolutely desirable over no Wipeout by any stretch of the imagination.

Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa — at first created by a little group of only five individuals at Italian outfit Kunos Simulazioni — is likely the one most prestigious for its exactness. Regardless it guarantees the benchmark for taking care of, even four years on from its underlying PC discharge.

Tie yourself in with a legitimate hustling wheel, and no test system feels increasingly common or compensating for driving. Some gamers may be put off by the constrained substance.

Assetto Corsa landed on consoles in 2016 with less than 100 vehicles before DLC. However, for the individuals who organize quality over the amount, and possibly wish to improve their driving, in actuality, it remains the final say regarding credibility.

Gran Turismo Sport (GT Sport)

GT Sport combines the nostalgia of the original PlayStation format with the modern, technological advancement of the PS4 system. With the most recent updates, you can expect your favorite circuits back on the map. Moreover, you can have cars equipped with special features like unconventional wheels, for the ultimate experience!

The graphics are curated to make you feel the rush, coupled with the shrill scraping roars of the cars. GT Sport offers a thrill of racing like none of the updates of this game before. If you’re looking for a good, engaging racing game, Gran Turismo Sport is the purchase.

DiRT 4.0

Not all racing games have to be the same old, circuit-based high-performance races. Off-Road Racing is a challenge that presents unique obstacles, that classic circuit racing games may not have in their arena. DiRT 1.0, was a classic in the off-road game genre certainly, but what 4.0 offers is so much more.

It offers more cars, obstacles and better visual updates than the first version. The graphics are crisper and visually more appealing than the 1.0. So if you’re up for a true racing challenge this year, DiRT 4.0 awaits you.

Project Cars 2

Imagine a playground where old school BMWs and high spec cars were racing on the same circuit. This image is a reality in Project Cars 2. Its vast list of cars that include all the popular vintage car options as well as modern cars makes it a treat for anyone who is obsessed with racing games and cars.

What’s more? Project Cars 2 offers interesting circuits where you can race the car of your choice to your heart’s galore. It’s also one of the few games in our lists that can cross platforms: so you can enjoy it on your PS4 or Xbox 1.

The only problem is that you can’t play alongside those who are not on the same platform as you. Nonetheless, if you’re a fan of the classics, this is one game you shouldn’t miss.

Drive Club

Drive Club promises you more than just detailed graphics and immersive gameplay. It offers you a narrative in addition to the racing. In the game, you’ll be required to either join an existing club or create one of your own. Then, you need to race with competitors until your hearts’ desire!

In addition to this, the game comes with an immense collection of cars and bikes. So, you can now customize your club based on your tastes. With over 114 options available in cars and 24 options in bikes, you must consider Drive Club as one of the games to play this year.

F1 2018

No Racing game collection is complete without a Formula 1 game. F1, in its 2018 version promises you the classic-feel of a Codemasters game, with an edge. They’ve upped the ante in the Career Mode version of this game. So, by fixing all the minor discrepancies from the previous version, the game has more immersive gameplay.

With an expanded menu of cars to choose from and magnetic circuits for competition, you’ll love it. So, if you’re a fan of Formula 1 and the classics, you’ll love this game. Or if you haven’t experienced a Formula 1 game yet, this is the one to start with.

Trackmania: Turbo

We would be missing out on a lot if we didn’t mention an arcade-style racing game in this list. TrackMania Turbo offers the classic arcade style animation, racing game but with a whole new PS4 twist. This game offers complex tracks, that are tight and crazy, keeping you on edge till the end.

This game is extremely addictive with its quick in-a-flash, style animation, and challenging levels. So, it’ll keep you hooked until the last second. If you’re a fan of adrenaline-inducing games, Trackmania Turbo might be one for you.

Final Words

All in All, this is our list of best racing games for PS4 you should be playing in 2019. You should definitely start playing them because what’s the best way to live fast without the consequences? Playing racing games of course!

If you think we’re missing out on something? Let us know in the comment section below.


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