Free Clash of Clans Hack
Free Clash of Clans Hack

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Do you play Clash of Clans? Have you ever wished you had a lot more Gems, Gold, and Elixir? Sure you have. Well, you can’t be blamed. The game is addictive, but what if we have a way to get you Free Coc Gems hack using Clash of Clans Hack?

Read on, and at the end, you would be loaded Clash of Clans Cheats Hack that will make you a pro. In this article, we talk about a number of methods to get those precious Gems, Gold, and Elixir in Clash of Clans. So, we’ll talk about some legit Tricks, along with some smooth hacks. Moreover, there is more free Clash of Clans Gems Scams than you think, so stay safe.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a free mobile strategy video game. It also has a lot of in-app purchases. The game is developed by Supercell for iOS platform in August 2012 and for Android platform in October 2013.

The player in the game is the chief of a fantasy-themed village. The player has to build their towns using the resources the buy. They can also raid other players’ villages. This is done through multiplayer fighting features.

COC Hack
Clash of Clans

The towns are built through various resources such as Gems, Gold, and Elixir. Further, players can come together to form Clans. These Clans are groups of up to fifty players. These Clans partake in Clan wars together. They donate and receive troops for protection and friend-in-need Gems.

In the first two years after the game’s debut, there were a number of Clash of Clans Hacks were created. Many Players google it how to hack coc? But Supercell quickly saved its game through ingenious developments. Now it’s very difficult to find authentic Hacks if the game. We have researched a lot to compile a number of working Clash of Clans Hacks.

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Why PrizeLava?

PrizeLava is one of the most reputed sources for the latest and safest Hacks. We, at PrizeLava research our content thoroughly before letting it out. We value our readers’ trust and aim to build it stronger.

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PrizeLava also aims to alert its readers to various scams running on the internet. We believe in a healthy online environment.

Moreover, PrizeLava makes sure that no scam should be present in these methods. We aim to save as many people from various scams, and cheap tricks as we can.

Free Clash of Clans Gems, Gold, and Elixir

Finding gems in Clash of Clans is a bit difficult because the developers want you to buy gems from their cash stores. But it is not impossible to do good in the game without buying gems. You need to be patient. As you get more and more adept at the game, you’ll find it easier make gems. Following are some legitimate in-game Clash of Clans Hacks and tricks to make more gems.

Method #1 Remove Obstacles

You need to look for plants and rocks in your village. These are the obstacles. In order to build something at a spot, you need to remove the obstacles. You would find about 40 obstacles when you start the game. Plants require Elixir fir removal while you need Gold to remove rocks.

You get 0-6 Gems when you remove an obstacle. There is no value to the obstacles. Number if gems rewarded are in the following sequence:
6, 0, 4, 5, 1, 3, 2, 0, 0, 5, 1, 0, 3, 4, 0, 0, 5, 0, 1, 0

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You must leave space for plants to grow back. As they grow back, you can remove then again to get more gems.

Plants regrow every eight hours. Unless you use up all space in your village, plants will continue growing back. Rocks, however, do not come back.

Earn through achievements. This is the real method to earn free gems and don’t get folled by coc gems generator. You earn a different number of gems after completing every achievement. Clearing five obstacles earn five Gems, clearing 50 earns ten. When you remove 500 obstacles, you get 20 gems.

Method #2 Complete Achievements

When you Complete certain goals, Clash of Clans award you achievements. These achievements are upgrading buildings, winning battles, and collecting Gold. You must check out the achievement list and aim at completing them. Completing achievements earn you rewards including Gems. The more the difficulty level if the achievement, the more Gems you earn.

Clash Of Clans Mac GIF

You can earn more than 8500 Gems by completing all the achievements.

Complete less important achievements as well. The non- combat achievements don’t pay as high as Battle achievements. But still, you should complete them and make as many Gems as you can. These earn you about 20 Gems per achievement.

The most rewarding achievements are the combat-related achievements. Battles can earn you thousands of Gems. Some high-valued achievements include:

Unbreakable – When you successfully defend an attack on your village, you earn Gems. 100 Gems are won for defending against 1000 attacks.

Sweet Victory – When you win a multiplayer battle, you win 1250 trophies. This can earn you 450 Gems.

League All-Star – Achievements in Clash of Clans league earn you also earn you Gems.

Crystal League and Master League earn you 250 and 1000 Gems respectively. And you can earn 2000 Gems by becoming a champion.

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Clash of Clans Tricks

Firefighter – If you destroy the enemy’s Inferno Towers, you make 1000 Gems.
War hero – When you win battle s for your clan, you win stars. Scoring 1000 stars earn you 1000 Gems.

The Friend in Need – You can earn Gems when you provide reinforcements to your allies. Helping allies with 25000 reinforcements will earn you 250 Gems.

Spoils of WarCollecting Gold from Clan War bonuses can also earn you Gems.
You should regularly check your achievements list. Your rewards when you Complete an achievement are not automatically claimed. You need to claim them manually.

In the achievement list, just tap the Claim Reward button beside completed achievement to claim it. Though there is no time limit to claim your rewards, there is no point in letting them sit unclaimed.

Method #3 Spend Your Gems Wisely

Do not waste your Gems. You’re awarded 500 Gems at the beginning of the game. Do not waste these Gems. Do not use speedups which cost you Gems. You’ll want these Gems later. In the tutorial, you are asked to spend the Gems in Builder’s Hut, which is anyway necessary.

Do not take tutorial’s suggestions to speed up production. Save the Gems.
So, do not buy resources through Gems. You have an option buy resources with your Gems. Avoid doing this because plating the game anyway earn you all the resources.

spend your gems wisely

You’ll constantly be nagged to speed up timers. Ignore this. It might be important in a super competitive Battle. But its generally a waste of Gems. Don’t be tempted to spend your Gems to speed up timers because it’s a plot by the developers to later lure to buy Gems with real money.

Spend your Gems on Builder Huts initially. These are the most useful buildings because they provide further more Builder units. You can construct other buildings quicker with them at your disposal. Getting all of the Builder’s Huts must be your first priority.

Method #4 Google Play Rewards (for Android only)

Download the Google Opinion Rewards app from the Play Store. This app sends occasional marketing surveys. You are rewarded Google Play credit for completing these surveys. You can use this free Play Store credit to buy cheats for Clash of Clans or Clash of Clans Gems.

The surveys are not very long. You’ll only take a few seconds to complete them. You are awarded about $0.10 to $1.00 for each survey.

Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards

This app is developed by Google itself. It is safe to use. Use your Google account to sign in. Otherwise, use any other Google account to sign in to the app.

Enable location services on your Android device. Enabling location services is necessary to receive ample surveys. Most of the surveys you receive are based on your locations you visit. Allow location access when opening the Google Opinion Rewards app.

Complete the available surveys. You might immediately find surveys when you log in. But with time the number if surveys would increase.

clash of clans forum GIF

The more you visit different businesses or travel, the more surveys you’ll receive.

Your credits do not depend on your answers. You will also get notifications on your phone when a new survey is available.

Keep accumulating the Play Store Credits. When you have enough of them, use them to purchase Clash of Clans Gems. In the Gems store in Clash of Clans and buy a pack you can afford. Select Google Play Balance as the payment method.

Method #5 Clash of Clans Mod APK

It is a modified version of Clash of Clans game. This modified version allows you get a lot more Gems, Gold, and Elixir. The capacity of your army increases a lot more if use this Clash of Clans Hack. Clash of Clans, since its release, has introduced numerous updates.

Though we do not promote any Coc Hack or Mod Apk methods, it is the last option that you can try.

So, these Clash of Clans Hack Mods also needs to be updated. Here are some of the benefits of using the app:

  • You can make our own new troop.
  • In a Clash of Clans Hack APK, you don’t have to wait for long durations. The wait time in this Clash of Clans Hack is reduced to 1 second.
  • The boat that you use to connect your home village with the builder base is replaced with an awesome submarine.

Steps to Install COC Hack Mod:

Uninstall any previous version of official Clash of Clans game. You have to do it because you can’t be logged in to Clash of Clans hack without logging out of the original app.

Further, if the official app remains on your device Supercell will know you are using a coc Mod APK. Supercell may take action against you and might suspend your account.

clash of clans gold GIF

Download the Clash of Clans Hack Mod APK from a trustable source. You won’t find any Clash if Clan Hack APK on Google Play Store. So you must download the hack only from trusted sources.

Before installing, you need to give permissions to your device to Install APKs.

So it requires special permission from you to allow installation. You need to go to your phone Settings. Open Security Settings. Check “Install from Unknown Sources.” Now you can install APK.

Locate the downloaded Clash of Clans Hack Mod APK in your “Downloads” folder. Tap on it.
The Application Installer of your device will open. The installation process will require you to tap Install when prompted.

COC Hack – Using Settings

This Clash of Clans Hack is useful only for those who play the game over Wi-Fi. You can log into a hacked server of Clash of Clans through this hack. You need to follow the steps below:

  • Open Wi-Fi Settings of your device.
  • Tap the Wi-Fi network you are connecting with, and click Advanced Options.
  • Select the IP Settings, press Static.
  • Under IP Address, type You can change your network configuration to find a better internal IP address for you.
  • Navigate to gateway, type or on the home network.
  • Under both DNS type “” or “”. Remember this is not the normal server IP.

When you open Clash Of Clans you would be connected to the hacked clash of clans.

Clash of Clan Hack iOS

This Hack is similar to the previous one. The best thing about this coc Hack is this works for iOS. It works for every iOS device.

This Clash of Clans Hack require no Cydia or Jailbreak, and you don’t have bees to complete any survey. The steps are very simple as listed below:

1. Go to your Wi-Fi settings and click “i” in a circle, next to the connected Wi-Fi network.

2. Select DNS. Delete the numbers in the box and replace them with “” or “”.

3. Open Clash of Clans and you would be connected. You can easily on these tricks. PrizeLava proudly offers various game tricks such as Free Robux Roblox and Free PUBG Hack.

Clash Of Clans Hack With Jailbreak

Unlike the previous one, this Clash of Clans Hack for iOS requires the jailbreak. It also requires a text editor like ifile.


The process is explained in the following steps:

  • Jailbreak your iPhone and install Cydia.
  • Launch Cydia on your iPhone.
  • Tap “Manage” at the bottom of the screen. Then click “Sources.”
  • Click on “Edit,” then Add. You will be prompted to enter Cydia URL.
  • Search “XModGames” through the search bar. Select it in the search results. This app offers Clash of Clans Hack for iOS.
  • Follow the instructions to install the XModGames app. Once the installation is complete, launch the app.
  • Find “Clash of Clans” in the XModGames app.
  • Install the game. This is the Clash of Clans Hack. It offers unlimited gold, gems, and elixir.
  • Launch the Clash of Clans Hack for iOS and enjoy unlimited resources.

Free Clash of Clans Hacks Scams

Surely, before you ended up here, you must have come across a lot of websites claiming to provide unlimited Free Clash of Clans Gems. They offer you to download Clash of Clans Hacks. In return, they ask you to do a human verification.

This would be done by downloading and installing an app in your phone. They might also ask you to complete some surveys. Well, let us tell you the truth. They are all fakes.

clash of clans tool GIF

These kind of websites and programs are entirely FAKE FAKE FAKE!

The app installing ones most probably want to Install malware on your device. This malware would run in the background and steal all your account data and passwords. The surveyors make money by recording tour feedback to surveys and don’t care if you find your Hack or not.

There are some who have gone even beyond these two. They publicize their malware as “Clash if Clans No Human Verification.” Well, whatever they offer, you must be very careful before downloading anything. So, you should not install anything unless you are absolutely sure about it. If you really wish to get a Hack, trust only reputed sources.

FAQs for Clash of Clans Hack

Q: Why are there so many sites offering free Clash of Clans Gems even when they are fake?

A: They earn money through advertising products on their sites. So, they post any kind of content that lures visitors without checking its authenticity.

Q: Is it possible for me to get free gems?

A: It is very difficult to hack Clash Of Clans. But Clash of Clans Hacks mentioned on this page do work.

Q: I have wasted a lot of gems. Can I get them back?

A: You can’t retrieve the lost Gems. It’s part of the game to lose Gems. But you can earn more Gems by following the above Tricks.

Q: How to get more gems?

A: Obstacles can get you infinite games. Trees keep growing back. Clearing them regularly and allowing them to grow keeps Gems flowing towards you.


Clash of Clans will remain a popular game in coming years. Supercell is constantly trying to block all hacks. Meanwhile, hackers will come up with new ideas to Hack Clash of Clans. Besides the Hacks, you can obviously get the Gems and other resources by direct buying.

But this can get very expensive. Especially, if you are planning to play it for long.
Do you know any other Clash of Clans Hacks? Do tell us and will include them here. Obviously after crosschecking.


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