fifa 19 career mode tips

Football is the most loved game on Earth. Either it is being played on the field or on the desktop. The EA sports introduced FIFA to the video game industry which can be played on numerous gaming consoles starting from the laptops to the PS4.

The sports company continues to add new features that drag football lovers into the trap of witnessing a real-time gaming experience in the virtual world.

The game provides you with various gaming modes; you can play any of them and also opt to switch from one mode to another. The FIFA19 is all about the career mode which the EA sports introduced in their game development platform.

Almost 80% of the people in the grid are football aspirants among which some are good watchers; some are good players while the rest turn out to be good organizers. The winning of the game relies completely on two factors.

The first is the skill and capacity of the players and the second is the team coordination and backward politics which is completely controlled by the team manager.

The team managers are the ones who are passionate enough towards the game just as the players. Having all players and managers under a single platform FIFA19 introduces their career mode into the video gaming industry.

What is Career Mode?               

How about playing the game both inside and outside the field? Career mode is the one that lets you choose between the manager and the player.

There are two doors that open inside the career mode, one that lets you in as a young player, learning and improving in a course of time, the other that awaits you as a manager controlling the whole team.

fifa 19 career mode tips

Player Mode

The career in your player mode challenges you to become the best player of the team and also provides you with an option of retiring and pursuing as a manager. As a player, you have to showcase your best skills on the field and make yourself better than the other players who serve you as competitors.

Manager Mode

On the other hand, the manager mode is innovative which provides you with a team of young and fast players. You stand in a position of controlling the whole team. Also, you can buy sell players, play tournaments according to your wish.

You are also serving as their coach coordinating them on every field they get into. As a team manager half of the game’s victory is in your hands. You have got to decide which tournament to participate and which not to.

Apart from this, the gaming industry immerses fans in their career by introducing interactive transfer negotiations, dynamic cinematic news clips in the menu, custom training presents, and new broadcast overlays. This makes the career mode experience deeper and more realistic.

Handling FIFA19 requires strategy and planning. So let’s get deep into the new features on the career mode along with the tips to start a better career mode in FIFA19.

FIFA 19 Career Mode: 10 Tips to Boost Your Game

Understand the New Interactive Transfer Method

As a team manager, you must be completely knowledgeable about the pros and cons of interactive transfer method. This new transfer hub in the career main menu keeps in track of all your transfer targets and listed players. 

This negotiation system lets you choose the players in person with opposing club and player representatives. To begin the negotiation process for a player, enter the transfer hub and select a player from your shortlist and enter the approach.

After negotiation, meet the manager or representative from the selling club and finalize the fee for the player. Once the fee is finalized make formal agreements. After this, you will negotiate directly to the player or his agent. Then you will determine the player’s wage and contract time period as in the previous career modes.

But now you can also determine his role in the squad, release clauses and newly added bonuses. This is all about the new transfer method where you interact directly to the players. This new feature gives you a real-time managing experience with direct interactions to the selling club and the player.

Choose Experienced Players

Utilize the opportunity provided by the transfer hub to choose the right players. You are allowed to choose the players by your own so, better choose players who are already on form, make sure they have good skills and experience in tournaments.

The players you choose must worth the money you spend on them. While choosing the players also decide in the position they are going to play on the field. This can also help you in shortlisting the players. Beginning a career with the experienced players can you make you confident with the career mode.

Fixing the Players on the Correct Positions

To win the match it is not enough to have a team full of legends; the skills of all the players must be coordinated properly. They must be placed in the right positions of the field.

The capacity of players vary widely, some players turn out to be fast and active but only during the initial times of the match. The fast and active players must be placed in the forward positions. The mid positions should be filled by the players who have higher stamina than the forwarders.

fifa 19 career mode tips

The defense players are the once with high tackling skills and force play. Placing the players in the inappropriate positions may also the lead the team witnessed a downward landslide.

Decide on the positions of the players beforehand so that you train accordingly. Choose play.

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Play Unpredictably 

Sticking to just one gameplay will make your team predictable. Always practice multiple formations and implement them in the games. While playing the career mode opponent teams tackle according to your formation.

If you are going to play in a single standardized form you might win the first few tournaments but you will be facing difficulties in the next as you will be covered by opponent teammates in all your positions.

Gone are the days where you have to change your entire starting 11 before a match, nowadays you can set up multiple team sheets to reflect your managerial style.

Stay unpredictable to the opponents do not place the same player in the same position at all your tournaments. Keep changing the formations from tournament to tournament without following a single managerial pattern in all of them.

The Scouting System

The scouting system in career mode has been completely changed be specific while scouting the players. Having all the legendary players in the team can make them the team out of balance at times. Maintaining the balance in a team is more important.

As discussed earlier some players might play well but they might not withstand the complete game. The skills and the stamina of the player both are equally important inside the field. There might be players whom you would have not recognized and forgotten while choosing them.

Choose players keeping the position they are going to play in mind. For instance, if you are looking for a striker then see if the player is a fast runner with good tackling skills. Be keen in selecting the players at the career mode.

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Training in the Game

With 15 and more new skill games in FIFA 19, there is more variety when you come to squad training and player development. Create preset drills and assign them to certain players or specific groups.

This allows you to model your development strategy of young players to enhance player attribute or manage a player’s return from injury. Spend some time actually in playing the training mode with your players. This can help you in shaping and improving the players by your own self.

fifa 19 career mode tips

You are provided with bronze, silver and gold drills to practice, train your players in all of them. It is also recommended to spend more time practicing the gold drill as it gives immense training in the time spent there and maximum improvements are made on this drill.

Quick Subs

This is the first time in FIFA one can easily make changes in the game without having to pause the entire match with new context based subs. There are two sets of substitutions in the game, preset substitutions, and contextual substitution.

You can manage using preset substitution before a game and during the game, you can manage with the contextual substitutions. The whole game is not going to be paused till the substitutes are placed so it is better to plan them beforehand.

You must also concentrate on training your preset substitutes and contextual substitutes in such a way that they are completely in form at the time substitutions. Respond to conceding a goal or missing a chance with a quick sub to get back on the front foot without having to leave the match.

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Complete Scan on Your Opposition

Run a complete scan over the opposition team, as a manager do not impose the burden of practicing and analyzing the opponent team to your players.

Instead, you take measures in studying the opponent team especially in case of final tournaments. Scan the statistical analysis of the opponent players sort their strengths and weaknesses. After sorting this out decide the player positions and the gameplay format.

Later train your players according to your opponents, so that they play comfortably inside the game as per practice and plan.

Keep a Good Watch on Player’s Tenure

Always have an eye on the contract situation for your best players. it is not possible for you to win a tournament with expiring have to either get the players signed or sell them wisely.

Think about it before the tenure expires and if you are going to sell them plan the replacements on beforehand. Planing after their tenure expires is worthless and pointless both you and your team will be out of track.

Playing matches with the same player is not going to help you winning frequently slight changes has to be made on the team and it’s players to stay unpredictable and a mystery to your opponents.

Have a Wide Slant on the Players

Do not concentrate on one particular player, because it’s is a team game and all of them require equal concentration. Encouraging one particular player may let the other’s down. As a manager, you need to play it fair inside the team. 

Concentrate equally on all the players under you, separate them according to their stamina and strength. You also have to sort down the weaknesses of all the players and allow them training sessions based on it. So, these were all the top 10 FIFA 19 Career Mode tips that can accelerate your game and your strategies. 


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