fix google play services has stopped working

Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped has been one issue many a lot on Android users are suffering today. It used to be on the low-end Android devices, with an Android version lower than 5.0 Lollipop and 5.1 Oreo.

The basic idea of why this problem happens is because the android is not up-to-date. The Play Services are based on the version of Android used.

This fix google play services problem is a fatal error. You have to get rid of cause this affects the device to such an extent that it can change the phone to switch off and on at different and unknown intervals.

It also sometimes happens when the RAM of the phone used too much, and the phone doesn’t function. There might be a bug on Google’s end, and it may be fixed.

We are here to give you some of the methods on how to fix google play services stopped error. Moreover, if you own an Android, here’s a guide to getting free Google Play Gift Cards that you can check.

Methods on How to Fix Google Play Services Stopped

Update the App

Google Play Services stop functioning and errors when it is not updated. If you keep using the outdated version of Google Play Services, the device weakens. To prevent the google play services has stopped error, update the Google Play services App. To update the method is quite simple.

  • The first step, open the Play store and go to My Apps and Games.
  • Look for the Google Play Service app.
  • And then click on the update button.
  • This will start the update for your Google Play Services.
  • This might also put an end to your “Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped” problem.

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Change the Date and Time Setting on your Device

Sometimes, the error occurs if your date and time are not accurately set. Unfortunately, Google Play and Services has stopped error always irritates the mind. This may put an end to the failure.

  • Start by opening the Settings.
  • In Settings, look under System and, there is located the Date and Time.
  • If set on manual change it.
  • Always select Automatic date and time.
  • But if Automatic is already decided.
  • Manually set and the go-to automatic.
  • After this procedure, check if the Google Play Services error is resolved or not.  

If the Google Play Services keeps Stopping, then you may want to proceed towards the next fix.

Re-Install to fix Google Play Services App

Now we come to the most generic solution. If anything that doesn’t work, switch it off and then restart again.

  • Here, you need to reinstall the Google Play services app.
  • To reinstall, go to the security settings in the settings menu of your device.
  • From security, click the Device Administrator and then android device manager.
  • From here move to the application manager.
  • Now select Google Play Services and uninstall it.
  • The whole app doesn’t uninstall, only the updates uninstall.

Now you have to activate the Android Device Manager. Now the device will give you a prompt, and when you provide a full upgrade to it. It might give an end to your problem.

Clean the Google Play Services Cache

Clearing cache can reduce the pressure on the RAM and ROM. This will cut a little bit of memory of the device. This is a pretty long method but worth the try.

  • Open your device settings, and select the Apps.
  • Then search for the Google Play Services.

google play services settings

  • When you find the app, click on it.
  • The procedure is different from now in Marshmallow.
  • For Marshmallow, click storage and then click on “Clear Cache
  • For others, Just scroll a little down, and you will see a clear cache if the error is still there.
  • Then you have to remove all the data of the App. 
  • And after an update, the problem will vanish.

Re-Add your Google Account

If the problem is still persistent, try removing your Google Account.

  • Go to settings, and locate the Accounts.
  • You will see your mail accounts and other accounts.
  • On the top right corner, there you will find the option to remove the report.
  • Be very sure only to delete the Google account.
  • Now move back to the settings and add your account. And then save it.
  • Your problem might be on the end.

If not you have one more method to do.

Factory Reset your Device

This is the most effective method. Before you go for this method, I would suggest, backup your data beforehand. Your phone is going on a factory reset. You can go for this method, after the backup. Once you have backed up, follow the instructions.

  • Go to the settings, and find the backup and reset.
  • You will find an option of factory data reset.
  • As soon as you put your phone on the factory reset, your phone will automatically restart.
  • Go through all the setup again.
  • Once the step is done, there is a considerable chance that you won’t find error again.

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Final Words

These are all the methods to remove the error; You will not ever receive the message you, “your Google Play Services has stopped”, will be eradicated from your phone. Enjoy!


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