Unless you have been living under the rock for the past few years, or been isolated from the human civilization in a far-off island due to an aircraft accident or something, there’s a hundred percent chance that you know exactly how the number “8” goes along with the words “ball” and “pool” and you’re here to try and hunt for some free 8 ball pool coins, aren’t you? People are certainly addicted to playing Miniclip 8 Ball Pool Game more than anything, as a source of entertainment and more often, as a cause of time waste itself.

Mostly found stuck in the airport dealing a delayed flight or at the Bus Stop reading this, you people are either here due to your curiosity to know more about scoring free 8ball pool coins or because you’ve just gone through a big defeat, depriving you of about all your pool coins and now you’re too impatient to apply the math and reach that position again! Guess what? You’re in the right place, and we got the information you been searching for.

8 Ball Pool by MINICLIP

Miniclip is the world’s largest privately owned gaming website started in 2001 with a small budget. In December 2016, Miniclip crossed 1 billion downloads across its mobile games in IOS, Android, and Windows devices and with more than 350 million downloads in the past 12 months.

8 Ball Pool is a work of Miniclip released in 2008, and its most well-known creation (previously named as 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool) with many other popular games including Mini Militia, Agar.io, and Soccer Stars.  The simplicity of the game and user-friendly environment are two of the main reasons behind 8 Ball Pool’s success. The ease of playing promoted the game itself.

Everything went pretty normal and expected with the growth and audience of the game until came, what they call, “the big update.” Miniclip’s 8BallPool took an unexpected turn and flourished overnight. They “accidentally built a viral game.”

The main feature of this update was the introduction of all players to a nation-wide ranking system and most importantly, an exclusive virtual currency for the game: The Free 8 Ball Pool Coins. The players would be charged from a range of a minimum of 50 coins to as far as 250,000 coins for entering into a game room.

A win would double entry amount while losing would deduct the entry price. 8 Ball Pool had become an overly competitive game background now. To get the players interested in using and testing the worth of the Coins, they came up with the idea of a Cue Shop and introduced 39 varieties of cues of various ranges.

This update was released in the last month of 2012. By the beginning of 2013, the number of players had peaked more than double already.

Rules And Game Play

We’re only adding this section because, formality and definitely for the person from the isolated island we talked about previously. We know you’re hardly going to read it through but for the dedicated ones, here are the basic ones:

  • The objective of the game is to plot all your Pool Balls before your opponent does.
  • The 8 black pool ball goes at last. Anytime otherwise would result in your immediate loss.
  • Plotting the cue ball allows the opponent to move his/her cue call to meet their leisure and need for the next turn, and also, gives extra plotting time to the player.
  • Players are given their specific set of balls in the very beginning of the game. If one is assigned with stripes, he/she cannot plot the solid balls.
  • Hitting a different variant ball than the one assigned will also allow the opponent the freedom to move the cue ball accordingly.
  • If the cue ball goes down with the black 8 ball at the last turn, instead of winning, the player immediately loses.
  • When supposed to plot the 8 black balls, if the player hits a different variant ball and then plots the black ball, they lose.

These were some of the most important rules to keep in mind while playing any Table match on 8 Pool. The more complex rules come into play after the player reaches a specific level of experience.

In those matches, the more highlighted rules and points to keep in mind are mentioned before entering a game room, like cushion shots (ball needs to strike the table border before entering a pocket), no guideline games (after-strike direction not specified) and some more.

How Does Free 8 Ball Pool Coins Fit Into This?

As mentioned earlier, with “the big update” of 2012 came the period of competitiveness. With further updates, Pool Cash is now popular. But eventually, you can buy Pool Cash with Free 8 Ball Pool Coins too. Therefore, it is not as important and prime as Pool Coins are.

Without Free 8 Ball Pool Coins, one CANNOT survive in the game.

Cities and Tables

A player is provided with 150 Free 8 Ball Pool Coins with the first login, which he/she utilizes to play and grow later over time. The minimum entry fee to one table is 50 pool coins in the table named Downtown London Pub, which will give you 100 coins on winning, to risking 25 Million in Berlin Platz to gain 50 Million if you win.

Another table called Monaco lets you bet all the coins you have promising a double of the amount, provided you win in 2 successive games. Until any one of the players wins in 2 successive rounds, the game will keep continuing.

All of the above games are the ones played online. Apart from that, 8 Ball Pool also provides you the option to play offline with a friend or just practice with yourself. In such games, you will gain no pool coins, but have to enter such games by paying a minimum of 25 coins.

Cue and Chat Collectibles

Playing new Tables and Cities are not the only way one can spend the Pool Cash and Coins. One of the other most important aspects of the game is the ownership of Cues and Chats. A first timer is provided with a free cue called the Beginner’s Cue.

Owning good cues give players a big lead in the starting of the match itself. Cue prices at the present range from 25 Pool Coins to 100 million Coins and 40 Pool Cash at the moment, which, if you do not know yet, is a lot of money and effort ahead for any unpractised player.

Chats are more on the luxury side of the table where two players who don’t know each other get to communicate with each using a set of bought set of chats. These chats cost as high as 100k coins and 25 pool cash at the moment.

Collecting Cues and Chats more than necessary after a certain point of experience and time becomes a hobby and addiction, a pretty costly one I must say.


With each new update after 2012, 8 Ball Pool became a more and more ambitious and players got more desperate to reach the top of their particular squad. Another such update introduced the concept of ‘Squads” more formally with giving leaderboard categories like My League, Friends, Country, and World. This positioning depends on the Pool Coins won by playing against every unique opponent, highlighting the importance of Pool Coins. The Top 3 highest grosser from each category are awarded prizes as follows:

My League-(in Pool Cash)

  1. 100
  2. 25
  3. 10

Friends-(in Pool Coins)

  1. 750
  2. 250
  3. 100

Country-(in Pool Cash)

  1. 400
  2. 200
  3. 100

World-(in Pool Cash)

  1. 1.5k
  2. 750
  3. 400

The above lists show the significance of earning coins and cash even outside the winnings since the very criteria to enter elite matches is the availability of that high league amount of coins, only then can the question of earning from wins rise.

So if you’re here today searching for ways to get free Pool Coins and have big dreams and aspirations to make your name in the Miniclip gaming community, we got your back.

Why PrizeLava?

Be it Free 8 Ball Pool Coins or Free Clash of Clans Hack, as a matter of fact, we’ve all at least once tried to find a shortcut or hack or a bypass to score free 8 ball pool coins or Clash of Clan Elixirs.

Then obviously found ourselves caught inside loops of scams in the name of free 8 Ball Pool Coins Generators and 8 Ball Pool Hacks. And a few lucky ones here must have also lost their accounts and money in the hands of black hat hackers who had promised them a transfer of 1 million coins or so in a day, but that day, needless to say, never arrived and they had to restart everything from the very scratch.

To be very honest, so were we. Fooled and scammed and even got banned from Miniclip for using fake “8 ball pool guideline hack apk” because those security experts sitting in the Miniclip headquarters are way smarter than all of us and they get to know, Always!

So with all the risk taken and losses encountered, PrizeLava presents all the ways to earn free 8 ball pool coins, each one tested and used by us before providing you with the information. We also provide game tricks to get Free Robux No Survey, Free FIFA Coins, Free Avakin Life Hack, and much more. Anything other than the ones mentioned in the next topic is scams or fake generators with some advantage of their own when used.

Methods of Getting Free 8 Ball Pool Coins

Let’s start from the basic to the advanced so that everyone from an amateur to a professional gets access to these:

Free Hourly Coins

The game provides it’s for mobile players with 30 free pool coins every hour. It might seem to be a very insignificant amount at first, but if collected diligently, it can get you 21,600 coins by the end of just one month. But collecting every hour might not be possible, therefore, let’s assume you’re awake for 18 hours in a day, and if you get back every hour you still end up with 16,00 free 8 ball pool coins at the end of the month!

To make this easier, we’d suggest you set an hourly reminder on your device during the time of the day you’re awake.

Free Coins From Videos

There is no specific span of time within which the videos are available, but roughly about 20-25 videos are available each day.  Every time you come to collect your free coins, make sure you don’t miss the video button. There are some short videos ranging from 10 seconds to 30 seconds, mostly within 15 seconds though. Sometimes, even 4 videos are available to give as much as 300 Free 8 Ball Pool Coins at one go.

57,000 coins in a month, without playing or paying a cent, sounds like a good deal, if not, at least, a better deal than risking your Miniclip and other accounts getting hacked, just for the sake of a few coins.

Completing Offers

This is the most genuine and easy way to get thousands and sometimes millions of Coins by doing Nothing literally at all! These offers ask you to install some safe and verified apps in your device, and since these are provided by the game itself, there is no risk of the games/apps being virus affected or fraud. Once you download it to your phone, come back and claim the free coins provided.

If you do not get the coins or cash, you can just email or report it to the game, and they will get back in 3-5 days. Either you will get the Free 8 Ball Pool Coins/Cash or a valid explanation. The best part is, this offer needs no ongoing dedication, as the previous two. You can visit anytime each day, download and leave.

Even better is the fact that it needs no commitment. You can install or complete whatever the offer is and immediately after you get the coins, you might want to delete the application if there are space issues on your device. There is no penalty for that.

You can easily claim about 1 million in onetime without any effort. Some of these offers pay as much as 60k in one go, just keep an eye on that section.

You can see for yourself what easy money looks like. And if you manage to grab all of these, you’re a Pool Millionaire overnight!

Request Coins From Friends

Like on Snapchat, sending a streak to snap every day is a matter of habit, sending Free 8 Ball Pool Coins requests to friends is no different. Why? Because a friend of yours is playing 8 Ball Pool can never ignore a pop-up shows up highlighting your Coin request.

Even if the player minimizes the request window for once, the dashboard keeps popping up all the pending requests. This annoys the user, reminding of the unattended notifications and by the end of the day, you will get Free 8 Ball Pool Coins and a little hate.

Just a decent thing to take care of, when sending requests, make sure it’s only to your friends playing pool and not to everyone in your entire friend list. When a non-gamer receives a request notification over Facebook, or whatever social media they have connected, it tends to be agitating. Manners!

Sending Free Gifts

On the section of your game showing the people online or offline, and their game levels, you will notice a small gift-type icon beside the option to challenge. Although it’s entire purpose is to send free coins to other people, people easily take a profit out of it. You can easily create one or two IDs to send yourself Free 8 Ball Pool Coins whenever you need them.

Every time the notification is sent to someone about the free gift from your side, there shows up a button saying Accept and Return. This is the most underrated and ignored feature of getting free 8 Ball Pool Coins. Your friend in such cases has no other option but to send you back the amount you had sent him, and I hardly think there are people who do not like free gifts. So it’s a win-win for both parties!

Other Ways For Free 8 Ball Pool Coins

Nothing ever is free. But the price charged for the following ways are so less compared to the number of coins provided that they are almost negligible. So here are some more ways of getting almost free 8 ball pool coins.

8 Ball Packages

This website is famous for transferring Coins to your 8 ball pool account or they open a new account and provide it with the coins ordered for a minimal amount. Only criteria being, there have to be 250k Pool Coins already present in your account, else you have to let them provide you with a new account.

50 million Pool Coins for £4.99 the most popular package.

Link: https://dgzgold.com/8-ball-coins.html

The Free 8 Ball Pool Coin Scams

After the game earns its name and reaches its peak of popularity, people start making scams out of it. In the case of 8 Ball Pool with over 18 million monthly players, it was bound to face a series of scams all over. People like the game so much that they would do anything to get Free 8 Ball Pool Coins and hacks. Like any other game scam, thousands of people gave away their credit card and bank details to scammers and lost dollars.

Stay away from sites which offer 8 Ball Pool No Human Verification hacks or any 8 ball pool hacks as a matter of fact. Do not download any file with the .exe extension, and they’re Malware files. Not every 8 ball pool guideline hack apk is legit, most aren’t. Just stay away from things you aren’t sure about.

Free 8 Ball Pool Coins FAQs

What is Cue Recharge?

Each cue has certain specialty and powers. After a specific number of shots, the cue tends to lose its power and ability. That is when you have to recharge it with the given amount of Coins to regain its strength.

When on mobile, can you play with someone playing on his/her computer?

Unfortunately not. There is no such option yet. But you can write it to Miniclip pool proposing an update, and maybe someday they consider that.

What are the possibilities of why you’re not receiving the item already paid for?

There can be several reasons, two of the most common being—

  1. There is a delay in the transaction from the user’s bank to the game. In such cases, you need to wait for 48 hours until the deadline is over. After that, you can contact them by submitting the transaction details with the username.
  2. The transaction might be unsuccessful midway due to connectivity issues. Do check if you received the item purchase confirmation mail.

Final Words

Apart from all the methods mentioned above, you can also get 8 Ball Pool coins from the purchase options available inside the game. That definitely is neither free nor cheap either. But there are some great deals that you can use to get Free 8 Ball Pool Coins if you don’t want to take unnecessary risk. Miniclip is infamous for permanently banning its notorious user from the website and some for a lifetime from a particular game.

If you have any other methods by which one can earn free 8 Ball Pool Coins and want to share it with us, do write about it in the comments below. After crosschecking if we find that the method is legit and harmless and most importantly, legal, we will add it to our article giving you the due credits.


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