Free Amazon Prime Account
Free Amazon Prime Account

Who doesn’t like receiving something that is free? Let me rephrase. Who doesn’t love scoring free stuff that too with priority advantages and all of it, out of turn?! You know exactly what we’re talking about here. If you’re here today searching for Free Amazon Prime Account, we know what you need and are ready to share our knowledge with you.

About Amazon and its Prime Features

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, quit his job as vice-president of D.E. Shaw & Co. to work on his dream business plan. This eventually did come to life. They went online at in 1995. Interestingly, he went through the dictionary to find a name “cool enough” for his website.

He settled for the name it goes by today because the Amazon is a place “exotic and different” and noting the fact that it is the biggest river in the world, showing his determination to make the biggest bookstore in the world.

Very soon after its success in the department dealing with books and e-books, Amazon increased its reach by tying up with DC Comics (with exclusive digits rights to many favorite comics), Nike, Benefit Cosmetics’ the UK and so on. Today sells items ranging from Kitchen utensils and jewelry to Online Games and exclusive movies.

Services available by Amazon include:

  • AmazonFresh
  • Alexa
  • FireTV
  • Kindle Store
  • Amazon Digital Gaming Zone
  • Amazon Prime
  • Amazon Drive
  • App Store

And the list goes on.

The most prominent and accessed service among all of the above, without doubt, is the Amazon Prime. Who even does not know about Amazon Prime anyway?

The Amazon Prime Subscription

Amazon Prime is a premium service provided by Amazon from monthly or yearly subscriptions. As of April 2018, Amazon claimed to have over 100 million subscribers worldwide.

Canada, UK, India, Germany and the United Kingdom get the additional access to Amazon Videos which allows its users to stream any selected TV Show or movie immediately, without paying any extra price for the same. It has also recently started its exclusive series and shows to binge watch from.

Access to Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, allowing subscribers to lend certain Kindle e-books once per month among the list of given e-books on the Kindle hardware device, with no due dates.


In 2014, with the sudden hike in its subscription amount from $79 to $99 came the launch of Amazon Music. Prime users were given unlimited access to the playlists ad-free and an option among thousands of categories and over 10 million songs to choose from.

Prime Photos allows subscribers to store unlimited raw pictures in the Amazon Drive.
In areas of Germany, Prime also allows subscribers to get direct deliveries into Audi cars. It is still under trial in other places and only allows users connected with Audi services to access the same.

Advantages For Free Amazon Prime Accounts

  • Restaurant delivery for Prime members in London, giving a total discount on delivery charges on orders above £15.
  • Now it provides a guaranteed 24 hours delivery in India, Mexico, Germany, Japan, and the UK.
  • The very beginning of Amazon Prime started off with the Amazon guaranteed 2-day delivery in and around The States.
  • Prime lets its members try on clothes as a trial before paying for it.
  • Prime Exclusive Phone program allows users to buy Smartphones of companies like LG, Motorola and Nokia at a much lower rate, provided Amazon is given the permission to display ads on the lock screen on the user’s device as well as the devices given away at a discount.

Now, if all of the above-stated Premium advantages do not breed the greed in you, you’ve either adopted sainthood or an already existing Prime member. And there can never be an in-between!

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If you’re here, you too, like any of us belong from a mediocre family for whom, affording the Prime membership sounds like quite a pocket pinch. Therefore, we’d say you’re in the right place. We show you all the ways to get free Amazon Prime account access.

Why PrizeLava?

Because, as usual, we’ve got our homework done sincerely for our audiences. Every point and Amazon prime hack stated below has been tested well and verified by our team. Not only that, each of us here has been using one of the Amazon free subscription tricks.

Proper images are available for each step. And since you’re a first-time reader of our website, chances are you probably will not trust us yet, naturally.

We are well equipped to prove to you that you can come back here next time with full faith as well.

So here are the most useful and easy tricks to get your free Amazon Prime account. Any other file promising Amazon prime video app for free are either scams or click baits.

How To Get Free Amazon Prime Account?

We here are going from the most apparent amazon prime hacks to the more hidden ones. Wait! Hold On! If you also want to get Free Amazon Gift Cards and a full guide on to redeem them, then you can also check the bold link above.

Free Amazon Prime Membership provided by Amazon

Whichever country you are from, if this feature is available there, all you need to do is download the Amazon app from your Play Store or App Store. Then sign up for the Amazon Prime free 30-day trial membership provided after verifying your email id or phone number you signed up using.

This is the most well-known method to enjoy all the Prime features without paying for it. It is officially provided to anyone and everybody in the country where it is in service, which is almost about all the countries that have access to the internet.

The following tricks are for getting free Amazon Prime accounts and membership in the USA and around zones ONLY.

Amazon Prime for Students

If you’re someone living or studying or teaching in America, this trick gives you free Amazon Prime Subscription for as long as six long months. All you need for this is a sign up using the email id provided by your high school, college or university and fill up a few more details asking for your institution name, year of graduation and some more relevant information.

It is a one-time sign-up, so even if you’re graduating in a few weeks, it can be bypassed. In the information fill-up area, you need to adjust your graduation year to a year later. Using this trick, although your institution email id gets deleted after the interval of time it is supposed to, Amazon does not get to know about it since one can set his/her phone number for contact and order details verification instead.

The same applies to institution staff as well and whosoever it may be owning an institution email id or with .edu address. If there is trouble while signing up for free Amazon Prime Students’ trial, make the information slightly out of line, and you are in! You can also check our website for Free Instagram Followers.

Additional Benefits for Changing Institutions

Instead of going ahead and changing your email id while in the six months free Amazon Prime trial, sit back, relax and let it expire. You do not need to be over enthusiastic to make the Amazon authority know that you got into a better high school or university, share it with your peers instead!

After the six months are over with, open another Amazon Prime Students’ account with your new institution’s email address and BAM, you get to experience the Free Amazon Prime hack for one whole year! Why would anybody want to let go of such a deal?

Good luck bypassing the sign-up. Make sure your details like Birth Year, graduation and joining date match and you do not get the Security’s eyes upon you. Let us know in the comments below if you faced any issues and how you successfully got through it (or not).

Creating a Student Email Address

This hack is kind of a continuation of the previous one, except in this you do not need to be a student or a citizen of The States or both of it combined. Also, there are a few educational institutions that do not provide their students with their email id.

They give the staff a unique number and a preferred password to log into a site. In these cases, being honest will not land you up anywhere either.

But if you are reading this with high hopes, then let’s break the news. No, it’s not free! But giving away an amount as minimum like $6 to get access to a Free 6 months trial of Amazon Prime which otherwise would cost you $99 and $1099 from July 2018 sounds like the best auction ever.

Selly” charges only $6 to provide you with a legit and ratified student email id. All you need to do is get yourself one of these emails which hardly take 3 days to be yours and sign up the usual way. You can either pay it through PayPal or Bitcoins.

For nonresidents of The States, everything remains the same but for the additional usage of a VPN like CyberGhost while signing up for the Free Amazon Prime Students’ account.

Recently Amazon has started making sure through device location that the ones accessing Prime Students are a resident of USA as well in addition to having a student’s ID. Through VPNs like CyberGhost, you can quickly change your location to the place needed and get the free Amazon Prime to account for students.

Link for Selly—

Free Plan with Sprint Cell plan

Another extraordinarily underrated and less advertised way of getting free Amazon Prime account membership is by checking out the Sprint wireless phone plans. Sprint has a cell phone plan that allows you access to a free 12 months long Free Amazon Prime Account.

The particular plan being talked about is called the Amazon Better Choice XXL plan. The best part is it is available to both old customers and the new joining Sprint users as well.
You can start reconsidering your cell phone plans because once you get hold of free Amazon Prime account for a year; you probably won’t need anything else a lot.

To get hold of this Amazon Account hack, all you need to do is get yourself a Sprint cell phone plan and sign up for the “Amazon Better Choice XXL.”

Then you need to wait till they send you the activated plan confirmation SMS and with it, attached the direct link to complete the Prime registration. In no time will you be eligible to enjoy all the Free Amazon Prime Account Membership benefits for 1 year.

American Express Cards with Free Amazon Prime Accounts

This is no permanent offer, but if you keep an eye and keep asking the Customer Care about offers which come along with an American Express card, you will once a while notice that with it comes a free one year free Amazon Prime membership.

If you’re already an Amazon Prime subscriber, the offer starts as soon as your subscription expires and this lasts for another year. Once you get the appropriate offer, they will send you the promo code. Then sign up the link with the promo code link is here.

Second month Trail

This is a comparatively more straightforward free Amazon Prime hack and offers for the least period. Just a couple of days before your first loose ends, cancel the membership.
To do that you need to go to the settings and click “cancel Prime.” Amazon will give you an option asking if you’re willing to take another free 30 days trial. Go for the “Yes,” and you’re all set for another month.

Applicable to all countries with Amazon service

Changing Email ID

In a live chat with Amazon, we confirmed that the criterion for free Amazon Prime account is one email id per trial. You probably have already figured out what we are suggesting here. But we’d say it anyway— after the expiry of each free one month trial, open another Amazon Prime account using another new email address. This shouldn’t be a lot of problem for most of us.

But in case you have only one address and not aware of how to create another, Google it up. Many sites provide free temporary and fake email addresses for these purposes.

The screenshot of the live chat with Amazon proves that even they are aware of this loophole. However, if they are okay with it, why not take advantage?

Late delivery of the package

This is a Primetime period extension and works only if you are a member. In some other cases, if you’re lucky enough, it also works if you are not a Prime member but opted for the Amazon 1 day delivery and the same was not delivered on the day or time it was supposed to be.

Just be polite and have a talk or chat with the Customer Care and in most cases, they extend the Prime service by a month or so as a peace talk. The offer starts after your current Prime membership expires or immediately after if you are not a member.

12 months Gap offer

Amazon lets you take another new free one month trial after 12 months from your expiry of the first trial. This can be considered as many times as possible provided there’s a gap of a year in between.

Amazon Prime India EXCLUSIVE

Since Amazon is quite popular in the Asian country India, here is an exclusive deal which can get you Free Amazon Prime India Account in 2018.

Airtel Postpaid and V-Fiber offers

Currently, Airtel is providing one year free Amazon Prime membership to all its users and new subscribers who have—

  • Postpaid plans of and above 499 INR.
  • V-Fiber Broadband users of and above the plan of 1000 INR.

The eligible user needs to download the Airtel TV app from App Store or Play Store first. Then avail the offer from the Offer Zone. The users get a mail and an SMS confirming 365 days free Amazon Prime Trail.

Additional 🙁 half price Amazon Prime)

After the free Amazon Student’s account expiry, you will get an offer to subscribe to Free Amazon Prime Account in half. So, you can get it for $49. You will find the option to do the same once your Student’s Membership expires.

Scams of Free Amazon Prime Account Subscription

With popularity comes scam. Same goes for Amazon and its cool Prime features. Like any other online scams, Amazon Prime account scam is no different.

Click-bait and Survey website loops; Sites promising “Free Amazon Prime Subscription” and free Amazon Prime Video app; Amazon prime Video hack and Amazon Prime hack. These are some of the many things you need to stay away from.

Stay away from anything method that is not verified on our website.

FAQs For Free Amazon Prime Accounts

Can I get a refund after I cancel my Prime subscription?

Yes but only if you haven’t used any of the Premium features. You can get a refund of the whole amount, whenever you want to. However, it needs to be within 12 months of the subscription.

Does the Prime Student’s Membership let you stream unlimited free music?

NO. The 6 months Students’ Free Amazon Premium Account membership provides you will all premium facilities. But sadly it does not support Prime music and has a restriction on usage of some Prime Reading books.

Is my Amazon Prime subscription worth the amount of money?

Nobody can answer this question better than you users can. Every person has a different need that Amazon is trying to meet in every way possible.

Therefore, to know if it’s worth it or not, Amazon provides the free trials. So you can decide if you want to get it or not.

Final Words

In our opinion, Free Amazon Prime Account is a pretty good deal. But why pay for it when you can get it for free? The amazon prime video hack and free amazon prime account hacks in the article are volatile. These tricks will and only work until Amazon finds them.

We will try our best to keep testing these methods now and then. Till then, tell us if you have some more free Amazon Prime Account hacks in mind. You can write to use or let us know in the comments below.


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