eBay is a reputed online retail store around the world and is definitely one of the most sought-after stores when it comes to holiday shopping. Due to increased demands of products, the prices might go up and there comes the need for free gift cards on eBay.

6 Best Methods to Get Free eBay Gift Cards in 2019

If you have to spend money from your own wallet to get free eBay gift cards, it is useless and redundant.

Hence, many people look out for various methods to get free eBay gift cards. Thus, in this article, we shall discuss the different methods in which you can get free eBay gift cards.

Method #1 Use Swagbucks

If you’re one of those people whose most of the time is spent online on the internet, you can use Swagbucks for getting the most of the benefits.

Register on Swagbucks

It is a platform which pays you to do stuff online, for example, watch videos, takes opinions and complete surveys. You can also try some websites or install some games as required by the website.

All you need to do is to gain a lot of Swagbucks which can be later on redeemed for different gift cards. However, you always need to have a minimum threshold of Swagbucks in order to redeem your Swag points or Swagbucks.

Method #2 Sign Up for MyPoints

MyPoints is a website which offers you a great platform to earn free gift cards and cash back by completing shirt and simple tasks which take only 2 to 3 minutes on an average. When you do a lot of work online, you won’t find any issues earning reward points on MyPoints. It is also known to get free Xbox Live Codes Online.

Register on MyPoints

All you have to do is to complete the tasks as asked such as watching videos, playing games, giving opinions, providing reviews, etc.

Once you have successfully completed the tasks, you can get your reward points, and on reaching a minimum threshold amount, your earnings can be redeemed for different gift cards.

Method #3 Use InboxDollars

Inbox Dollars is again an exciting platform which can help you in earning free eBay gift cards only by spending a few minutes online but regularly. All you have to do is to complete their tasks which are very simple after signing up for their account.

So, once you have signed up for an Inboxdollars account, you can easily earn points by completing the tasks which include playing games online, taking online surveys, watching videos and even installing some apps.

InboxDollars ($5 Bonus)

You can always redeem your reward points for free gift cards as soon as you cross the minimum threshold points requirements.

However, if you don’t want to get a gift card, they will send you real cash or even cheques as per your choices. Hence, don’t miss this golden chance to get free gift cards or money.

Head towards earning points in the form of rewards for completing surveys, playing games, installing apps, watching videos and many more such tasks which takes hardly a few minutes.

On successful completion of these tasks, you get reward points which can later be redeemed for gift cards and other rewards.

Method #4 Ebates to Get the Highest Cashback

Ebates is an online platform which has made a big claim of being the highest cashback payers to their customers. This holiday season, you should surely use this platform to seal an excellent deal for yourself.

Free eBay Gift Cards

When you purchase a product via Ebates, you are rewarded with some reward points based on the amount of the purchase made by you.

Once you reach a minimum threshold of reward points, you can redeem your reward points for real cash in your account. This cash can now be used to get free eBay gift cards which are now relatively free.

Method #5 Complete Tasks on PrizeHog

PrizeHog is again a great website that can help you to get free eBay gift cards in this holiday time. All that you need to do is to complete various tasks such as take surveys, watch videos, give feedback, try products and sign up for some brands, etc.

After completing the asked task, you get some rewards in the form of points, and when you reach a minimum threshold amount, you can get the real money in your PayPal account, or you can also redeem it for free eBay gift cards. This is up to you, and you can always make some great deals on this website.

Method #6 Earn Cash on Ibotta and Get Gift Cards on eBay

Using the Ibotta app provides you great flexibility in purchasing free eBay gift cards. It is because the Ibotta app pays you directly into your real account money and not any predefined gift card code.

All you have to do is to create an Ibotta account and make purchases at the partner sites of Ibotta. Once you upload the bills and they verify your purchases, you will be entitled to get a lot of cash back into your account.

You can now use this cashback to buy free eBay gift cards and also some other gift cards as well. Now you can spend more time thinking about what to get instead of how to get.


These were the various methods to get free eBay gift cards, and we have listed only the legit ways. Thus you shouldn’t worry about any other thing except shopping this holiday season.


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