Free FIFA 18 Coins
Free FIFA 18 Coins

Free FIFA 18 coins are the dream of every gamer out there. Numerous FIFA enthusiasts look for free FIFA 18 hacks and free FIFA 18 coins Generator online every day but find no luck.

But does there exist some method, some generator, some hack or some magic spell that can get you those precious free FIFA 18 coins? Well, technically, there are a few legitimate tricks which can get you a lot of free FIFA 18 coins without any fear of losing your data or downloading malware or getting banned by FIFA itself. Dig into this article to find out.

FIFA 18 is the latest multi-million selling game of the FIFA franchise. This new addition is highly rated over its predecessor FIFA 17 and FIFA 17 ultimate team and has taken the gaming industry by storm. The entire gaming community is going gaga over the game’s realistic gameplay.

Even those who were never interested in football, take pride in their football skills of the virtual world. You wouldn’t be here had you not heard of it, but still, if you haven’t, you are missing something. Not that there is any judgment against you, but FIFA 18 is one the highest rated games ever produced, and we highly recommend it. You’ll love it.

FIFA 18 Overview

FIFA 18 is developed by leading game creators, Electronic Arts Sports. The game released on September 29, 2017, amidst immense hype and expectations. Though the game is mainly a refinement of the already successful FIFA 17, gamers world over consider it a breakthrough. The performance of FIFA 18 is appreciable through most of the consoles of the present.

FIFA 18 - EA Sports

The improvements and subtleties players discover through the deep gameplay are unprecedented. The pace of the game is considerably improved with individual work on quicker turns and acceleration. The game has found a new life with enhanced responsiveness.

Controls have got better with FIFA 18 with ball possession made more accessible. There are now better goal scoring opportunities thanks to upgrades in artificial intelligence(AI) making it easier to attack, though, it’s still risky. Matches are far more exciting with players opting to attack early in the game. Attack has improved, but defense suffers.

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is the most popular mode in FIFA. The most attractive aspect of FUT is that you can build your dream FIFA squad in FUT from scratch and complete with it in a variety of single player and online modes. You can even play against squads put together by your favorite players.

FUT is at the core of the enormous EA Sports community. A lot of YouTube stars and twitch streamers play FUT for their fans. Besides, players in a competitive gaming community compete with each other over this platform all around the world.

PlayStation GIF

FUT provides a number of ways to improve your squad if it doesn’t have the big names right from the start. Some ways are easy and quick, and others challenge you in exchange for better rewards. Completing the in-game objectives and playing matches earn you rewards.

The rewards include FUT coins, which we will talk about in a moment, digital packs, which have players and consumables or a combination of both. After you have earned enough coins, you can use them to buy more packs or bid on your favorite player on FUT transfer market.

Why PrizeLava?

PrizeLava brings to its readers only the most reliable information which involves little to no risk to the subscribers. We at PrizeLava understand the value of our readers and provide only the safest solutions.

Our aim at PrizeLava is not just to provide randomly compiled information from the internet, but we also crosscheck our resources and simultaneously make a conscious effort towards educating our readers about pros and cons of various popular solutions, here to acquire free FIFA 18 coins, so our readers are not left behind the trends.

Further, we carefully research all the scams on the internet fooling innocent users and alert our readers against them. In short, PrizeLava is a source of complete information providing best of both, solutions as well as precautions.

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Methods To Get Free FIFA 18 Coins

Your FUT journey begins by receiving a starter pack containing enough players to form an initial squad. Along with it, you can choose a loan player that can be used only in a limited number of matches. You also choose specific kits and badges to customize your squad.

A crucial part of the game is the FIFA 18 coins. These coins are used to buy packs and consumables and also trade players in FIFA Ultimate Team(FUT). They are used to enter tournaments and challenges like the FUT Draft mode. These FIFA 18 coins decide what players you buy and subsequently how far can you go in the game.

let's do this world cup GIF by PlayStation

Though the game has always remained fun with the right amount of adrenaline rush, the FIFA coins have always been controversial. Players and developers have attempted continuously to infiltrate the game servers and add a load of free FIFA 18 coins to players‘ accounts without having to develop them slow and steady.

If you do a simple Google search to find sources of free FIFA 18 coins, you are likely to find a number of free FIFA 18 coins generators and FIFA 18 Hacks claiming to make your account overflow with free FIFA 18 coins and points. Brace yourself for we are going to burst your bubble. These hack websites and free FIFA 18 coins generators are frauds!

Having said that, there do exist some legitimate roundabouts to acquire more and freer FIFA coins. Here, we discuss some of the methods to get free FIFA 18 coins. Moreover, PrizeLava also offers Free PUBG Hacks, Free Robux Hack, and much more.

Method #1 Competing in Squad Building Challenges(SBC)

Follow the following steps to earn free FIFA 18 coins.

1. Firstly, go into SBCs and select League and Nation Hybrid. Then click on the Puzzler.

2. Complete the SBC for around 5,000 free FIFA 18 coins. The reward for this challenge should be a 25,000 pack.

3. Every player you pick for The Puzzler costs around 500 coins.

4. Submit the squad and collect the reward. Now, unless you are fortunate, chances are you would not get anything in the 25k pack. This is where this trick comes in.

5. List your players to sell. Keep an eye on every single one that goes. Do not discard any of them.

Squad Building Challenges

6. List all the players from the 25k pack and keep track of their status.

7. Once they sell, transfer the money to your account.

8. You can do this for every SBC. Unless you have an excellent pack reward, you’re guaranteed to make more money.

9. Once you’ve done all the SBCs, you can delete the account, switch club and do it again up to five times.

Method #2 Ultimate Team Mode (4,000 – 8,000 free FIFA 18 coins per hour)

It may sound a little odd but the most obvious way to earn free FIFA 18 coins is merely playing games of football. You earn about 400 free FIFA 18 coins for a win against a human opponent in FUT’s online mode.

Continuing in such manner, you can earn significant rewards for conquering your division by winning a set number of games in online leagues. There are certain tricks by which you can earn free FIFA 18 coins more efficiently.

1. First, apply your coin boosts. You have to acquire them through the EA Football Club.
2. Head to the Online Leagues, and play. You earn at least 600 free FIFA 18 coins for a win with the boost activated in about fifteen minutes.

This also takes you further toward rewards with Division promotion and victory. Rewards there get into the low thousands, meaning that, if you play well, you can pick up several thousand coins per hour.

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Method #3 Completing in-game Challenges and Tournaments

EA Sports provides a roster of new tournaments and challenges every week in FIFA Ultimate Team. The rewards in these are a fair number of free FIFA 18 coins. You receive a few coins just for playing in such tournaments.

Standard tournaments reward winners up to 500 coins. So, this method is not as quick as the others. Completing daily and weekly in-game objectives CA get you a lot of free FIFA 18 coins over time.

Compete your team with other teams in online matches. There are rewards and free FIFA 18 coins for participating and if you make extra coins for ranking higher.
Compete with your team in “Team of the Week” tournament to win free FIFA 18 coins.

Method #4 Playing the Transfer Market (10,000+ coins per hour)

This method is already made famous by YouTube videos and blogs dedicated to it, thanks to the irresistible draw to the idea of playing the market.

If you think you understand the football market and have an eye for undervalued players who can eventually make you huge profits, then you can surely make a fortune in free FIFA 18 coins. It is undoubtedly the quickest way to make free FIFA 18 coins in Ultimate Team.

Transfer Market FIFA 18

If you don’t wish to spend time on Ultimate Team actually playing FIFA, there’s another quick way you can earn a lot more free FIFA 18 coins than any other method. Mass bidding is the best method specifically, here’s how to do it:

1. Find a player who’s in-demand, but cheap enough to buy in a pack within your current budget. Premier League or La Liga players make perfect choices in this. The player should be in demand, but not so much that you are shelling out millions for one.

2. Find their average buy-it-now price. Keep in mind the price you would sell the player to make a profit. Also, keep in mind the EA taxes.

3. Start bidding – Aim to bid below the buy-it-now price. This is what will make you a profit. Negotiate your way at a decent price. Keep in mind a profit of two hundred coins also factoring in the taxes. Look deep into the Transfer Market list to be the first bidder.

4. Sell – The moment you get a player cheap, put it up for sale. Keep in mind the profit you have in mind and let the bidding pile.

5. The more you bid, the chances of finding a cheap buy increase. So keep bidding.

Method #5 Start With The Catalog

This method can get you a few extra free FIFA 18 coins every year at the beginning of the game. Follow the following steps ad those extra coins.

You need a working Play FIFA reform, so you have a few credits. You can redeem all the items including the kits, coin boosts, etc. on Ultimate Team using this.

Get as many points as you can at the beginning itself so you can trade with more expensive players.

Having a balance of 5000 coins at the beginning of a single FIFA us a pretty good start.
Sell the 99 contracts after a couple of weeks or when you know not many agreements are selling in the market. This would get you a reasonable price.

Method #6 AppNana

AppNana rewards its users with reward points called Nanas. Also, you receive a reward of 10,000 Nanas for free on registration.

This is where it gets interesting. You can redeem the Nana’s for free FIFA 18 coins. Moreover, you can also redeem it for other stuff such as $10 Xbox cards or PSN cards as well.

AppNana - Free Gift Cards
AppNana – Free Gift Cards

You need to get credits to use this app. These credits can later be transferred to PayPal cards or Xbox Gift Cards. In the beginning, the simplest way to add credits to your account is to add the code “o23532322.” This will get you 2500 credits.

For more credits, App Nana asks you to download certain games or apps. Once you download, install and run the apps, you receive your credits.

Method #7 FeaturePoints App

Download FeaturePoints app. The app promotes a number of games within it.

Download one of the games. Install the game and play the game for about 30 seconds.

You earn a few credits for each game you install and play. These credits can be used to get free FIFA 18 coins.

In some cases, you receive Amazon gift cards, Xbox gift cards. You can redeem these gift cards for free FIFA 18 coins.

You can earn more credits quicker by linking your account to your friends’ accounts. Whenever one if the linked accounts install a game, all linked accounts receive a few credits.

All these methods are suitable in the own respects, but we prefer to employ a combination of these methods, so you enjoy the game to the fullest.

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Free FIFA 18 Coins Scams

Free FIFA 18 coins are not difficult to find. Just a Google search will find you numerous coins Generators, and FIFA coins Hack or FIFA mobile Hacks. The point is if you have ever played FIFA Ultimate Team, you must have heard of these coin Generators. Well, they are all fake. And even if you find a genuine one, chances are, using such websites will cost you very dearly.

As mentioned earlier, these free FIFA coins Generators and free FIFA hacks are just a Google such away. There are literally thousands of forums discussing some way to increase your FIFA 18 coins count magically. It’s in these forums that the scammers set up their traps.

Innocent people looking for a quick method to get pro at their favorite game go to these websites that claim to generate any amount of free FIFA 18 coins. In reality, these websites have absolutely nothing to do with FIFA. Once on these websites, these websites claim to have found a “glitch” in the game’s code enabling them to add coins through the generator endlessly.

FAKE – Free FIFA 18 Coins Generators

Then they ask you to complete a survey or download and run some application in the name if human verification. Some go a step ahead and publicize themselves legit because they claim to have “FIFA Coin Generator no human verification.”

Whatever be their approach, they ask you your account information or ask for permission to access your information on your device. Now, this is where the problem lies. These scammers can steal your account information and other data, and you can even lose your existing FIFA coins balance. So, you might be on the verge of losing it all.

Fake Free FIFA 18 Coins

Even in rarest of the rare situations, you find an ethical hacker who can get you free FIFA coins, and it won’t pay in the long run. FIFA is utterly intolerant of such malpractices. Buying coins from a third party makes the game an unfair platform.

EA Sports has strict guidelines to tackle such situations. So, buying coins from a third party source can invite penalties like confiscation of FIFA coins to the permanent ban on the player.

EA is a leader in its industry and every now and then has arrested hackers who tried conning the company. It’s better to use only legitimate sources of free FIFA coins and not fall for such traps or risk a ban.

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Q: Are the mentioned methods to acquire free FIFA 18 coins safe?

A: All the methods mentioned in this page are 100% safe. These methods are in-game methods and hence involve no risk at all.

Q: My friend has told me about a website. Also, he says if I log in through the website I will get a lot freer FIFA 18 coins if I win. Is that possible?

A: It can’t be said that the claim is entirely false. Some hackers can fool EA servers to reward more coins. But these practices are illegal and can have consequences. Your account may be banned. You may also face a hefty fine.

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So these were the few safe and legitimate ways you can get free FIFA coins. Besides these methods, there exists paid methods to get FIFA coins. You can buy FIFA points on popular and trusted platforms such as Amazon and Microsoft. These points can be used to buy FIFA coins in Ultimate Team.

So, what do you feel about these methods? Do you have any methods of your own? Share your thoughts with us, and we will crosscheck your methods and ideas and share it on our website.


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