Free Instagram Followers {Full Guide up to 10K Followers}


The love and power of Social Websites is already here for the past 10-15 years, but recently, the consumption of likes, shares, and followers has risen exponentially. I know you guys are apparently here to learn how to get free Instagram Followers.

Initially, people were looking it as an app mainly for photographers. But eventually, it has grown for businesses, influencers, and trends as well. In fact, almost a 1/4 of the social media influences claim Instagram is the best network for creating influence strategies and becoming popular.

Now having nearly 800 million active users a month, Instagram is giving entrepreneurs and brands the power to grow and promote themselves more than ever before.

Why should you have free Instagram Followers?

The FAME, obviously! However, this is not the only thing people have been working. A lot of struggling models and actors are now getting their big breaks with the growing followers and exposure.

Along with popularity, you will also get tonnes of likes and comments on your photos, whether you’re a person or a brand. Gaining the fame among your group with all these likes and comments is great.

However, having the followers will also be helpful to you in ways:

• More popularity for your business, product, services, etc.
• Converting Your Followers into Customers
• Direct impact on your social media stats. (reaching celebrity status)

Get Instant Free Instagram Followers

Apart from personal long-term growth tricks, here are the few tools I also suggest if you want to get free Instagram followers within hours. Use each of the tool/services and pick the one that is the most suitable for you:

The most popular among dozens of countries is It is the one Social Media Like exchange website which I’ve been using for the last 5-6 years. (Yes I am lonely, and I get likes for my photos). It supports the services of more than a dozen social websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Vimeo, StumbleUpon, Vine, and many others.

  • Like any other like exchange website, you need to earn points here to get free Instagram followers.
  • I’ll suggest you create one more account apart from the main one that you want followers on.
  • Now register yourself and add that media profile to earn points.
  • And add your Instagram username ( in my case and start liking or following on the website.
  • For each like and follow, you usually get 9 or 10 points and deducts the same for your followers.
  • And its done! You’ll quickly get around 100-120 followers within an hour’s exchanging.

Features –

  • Get Genuine free Instagram Followers within minutes
  • The platform automatically returns the points for unsuccessful deductions.
  • Excellent support for users & Blogs
  • LikeforLike gives out weekly bonuses and rewards
  • It allows points for likes, followers, comments, shares, subscribers, and even page likes.

Cons –

  • The algorithm doesn’t work at times.
  • Too much liking on Facebook & Instagram blocks the user temporarily.

Followers Pro For Instagram

This first one in terms of the app is Followers Pro. It is exclusively on iOS, and it is still the most popular app to gain free Instagram followers in the community. This app strictly works on analytics and figures.

I read the brands and businesses use Followers Pro for behavior analytics as it can show what type of audience you mostly have, what kind of products you should promote, what designs don’t work with your followers, etc.

Using Followers Pro for free Instagram followers:

  • By understanding who your followers are, you can follow similar other people to increase your reach.
  • People whom you follow but they don’t follow you back.
  • How to convert reach into leads?
  • What kind of users are unfollowing you & why?
  • The best followers who heart and comment on your posts often
  • Followers who never like your posts
  • People who like your posts but don’t follow back


Boostgram is a 100% mobile friendly website that you can use on the go. You don’t have to download any app, and it helps to focus your photos and videos towards an audience
or a specific geographical location.

To increase Instagram followers using Boostgram, you can use it to manage a schedule of what to post. Since, there are certain times when most of your followers are active (you can check it your stats page, and user behaviour).

This helps you get the most out of your initial followers. Moreover, you can also use Boostgram to promotes your profile, successfully getting you more free Instagram followers. However, this service is premium, and you have to pay a certain amount.

But the website is also offering a 3-day trial that you can use to grow your followers. I’ll suggest you create 5-10 additional emails and sign up for each one of them after your trial expires. In a way, you’ll be using the Boostagram service for almost a month to get free Instagram followers.


I know that most of you don’t want to invest even a dime in the premium services, so we have another free website FollowLike.

It is a useful platform all the users who wish to get free Instagram followers. FollowLike supports its services in almost 200 countries and has 250,000+ members. Similar to other websites, you have to earn points for getting the followers.

FollowLike supports free Instagram followers exchange, YouTube exchange, Facebook exchange, Google exchange, VK exchange, Soundcloud exchange, Twitter exchange, Reddit exchange.

Apart from these, it also supports Delicious exchange, trade, Pinterest exchange, Stumbleupon exchange, Tumblr exchange, Website Traffic boost, Diggo exchange, Vimeo exchange, Linkedin exchange, and many more.


Another remarkable premium tool, Crowdfire is exclusively available for iOS devices. Apart from getting free Instagram followers, it supports YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and WordPress Blogs.

The app creates works to promote your account, pictures, business, blog and ultimately drives more users and exposure to your content. So, if you’re a budding designer or actor, then Crowdfire can get you the best marketing team services to promote your content.

Also, if you’re too lazy to post your photos and videos, you can use Crowdfire for the same. The platform tracks your followers’ behavior, what kind of pictures they like, and what they want.

The app taps on the followers of the business to get you freer Instagram followers as it serves the similar content in the explore feed.


Hublagraam is another excellent tool if you’re looking for free Instagram followers without any hard work. It somewhat works like Social Media Like exchange platform, but it is more of an automation bot that gives you dozens of likes and followers within seconds.

I don’t usually support automation platforms if you can try them if you’re that desperate to get free followers. Initially, you have to allow permissions for the website bot to post and like other photos and profiles. You have to get an access token to get free Instagram followers.

• Register on Hublagraam and enter your username
Allow various permissions for the website via your account
• Get the access token and paste unique it into the Redirect Link
• Wait for few seconds, and you’ll start getting notifications of free Instagram followers on your profile

Voila! That’s all.

But you should know that there’s always a setback for such simple tricks. Now, most of these auto liker websites use scripts and bots, Google’s algorithm does not promote them. Such web pages usually redirect you to third-party ads and spam links which in the end, scam you.

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I didn’t see it on Hublagraam, but I recommend you to go for other methods. Moreover, many users complain about temporary blocking or suspension for suspicious activities.

Relaxed Social

And last but not the least, Relaxed Social is a different kind of tool for your purposes. It doesn’t necessarily give out free Instagram followers like previous tricks, but it helps.

If you’re a growing startup or a brand who only wishes to get only organic reach and genuine followers, this service is for you.

It works more like a digital marketing company which understands the nature of your content, who you want to sell your products, and who shows interest in your brand.

Relaxed Social also studies you, competitors, how they are outranking your profile, and can you use the same tactics too? It is exceptionally great for users who already have around 10-11K followers.

Unfortunately, Relaxed Social is a premium app. The pricing is $99 for a month’s service, $249 for a quarter, and $399 for six months.

Most of these tricks (mainly Like Exchange websites) work effortlessly. All you have to do is to sign up on the website with your social media account (ex. Instagram) and start liking, following, and commenting on other user’s posts.

However, if you want to go with the long run, here are all the personal tricks and suggestions that I use to increase and get free Instagram followers:

14 Organic Ways to Get Free Instagram Followers

Instagram can be used to its full potential only when you have a good number of followers as it is mainly through these followers will you make contacts. It is not very difficult to earn more followers. We have it all figured out for you. Just follow these simple steps and get Free Instagram Followers.

The Follow Like-Like-Like

Not many know this trick but to get free Instagram Followers, you need to first follow him and like three of his consecutive posts. There is a good chance he will follow you back and boom. You have got another Instagram follower for free!

The idea behind this trick to work is, everyone is looking forward to increasing their followers. Mutually helping each other out would make things easier and faster.

Post Consistently

Remember, a person with average skills who uploads regularly is still more popular than a talented person who uploads something once in a blue moon. According to statistics, a good Instagram uploads at least once a day.

This way you can get Free Instagram Followers.

Learn the art of Hashtags

There are many pages on Instagram be it for traveling, cooking, fashion, etc. When you put in a hashtag in your post, your post will be featured on a page of the same hashtag.

The more hashtags you use, the more pages you feature on, obviously giving your posts more views. This is a tried and tested way to get Free Instagram followers. Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post so, make the best of it!

Promote your products

Are you camera conscious? Don’t like to upload pictures of yourself? It is okay because you can still get Free Instagram Followers by uploading photos and honest reviews about the products you own and use.

From your laptop, phone, power bank, shoes, watch to perfume, give fair and objective reviews and before you know it, you will have a steady number of Instagram Followers.

Don’t forget videos

Although people mostly upload pictures and that is what Instagram was initially known for, don’t forget how useful videos can be to get free Instagram Followers.

Those with YouTube channels put up short videos on Instagram which give a glimpse of the entire video which is available on YouTube.

Singing, dance moves, acting, cooking skills, whatever skill you possess, flaunt it by uploading videos. Instagram allows a maximum of 60 seconds for a video, make the best use of it.

Remember, good videos are an easy way to get free Instagram Followers.

Link your other social media accounts

Say you have a Facebook account where you post brilliant pictures and videos. You have got many followers as well. Now, when you link your Facebook account to that of Instagram, at least a percentage of your Facebook followers will decide to give your Instagram handle a look to see if you have uploaded something interesting here as well.

In case you have, they will start following you on Instagram as well. This was just an example, the idea being, if people like your work, they will promote you on more than one social media platform, thus getting you free Instagram Followers.

Join Discussions

Don’t shy away from people. There is no way you can get more Instagram followers if nobody knows about your online existence. Whether it is a discussion among your friends or a social conversation, first go through it thoroughly and then comment on it.

Likes and shares will do, but to establish your presence, comment. Of all the people who read your comment, at least a small percentage would want to visit your profile and follow you if they like what they see. This is a good step for getting free Instagram followers.

Become more engaging

When you go somewhere, make it a point to post it on Instagram. Letting people know where you are, what you are eating, how you are feeling is a great way to form connections with people on a personal level. This will get you free Instagram followers.

Customize your content

Go to ‘Settings‘ and Change it in such a way that your profile only shows your best posts. By doing this, you are making sure that when someone visits your profile, they see some of your best work, thus getting you Free Instagram Followers.

Make your Bio exciting

Bio is among the first things one sees when they visit your profile. It is safe to say that the bio section could make or break you. Don’t keep the same information for eternity; doing this would make you seem stagnant.

Change few aspects of your bio on a regular basis. Carefully decide what you will put in for the clickable link because this is what a potential follower will assess you on the basis of before deciding to follow you.

Descriptive captions

Although a picture is worth a thousand words, it is through the caption that you will be able to complete your story. With the photo, you can just momentarily evoke attention of your viewers.

But to keep them engaged enough for them to start following you, you need to start expressing through your captions. Remember, your captions are not effective until one comes close to experiencing how you felt in the picture.

Learn from the Celebs

Visit others’ profiles regularly. Identify people who you think are Influencers. Make a list of what works for them. See if you can apply them too.

Make your account Public

While exploring, there are chances that people might stumble on to your profile. If they happen to like something they see, you get a free Instagram follower! But, if your account is private, you just lost out on a potential Instagram follower.

Be Yourself

While you are inspired by others’ work, apply some techniques to your content, don’t lose your sense of individuality. Learn the techniques and tricks of uploading better quality posts from others. The content of the post, the idea should be all yours.

Awards and Acclaims

Dubbed as ‘one of the most influential social media platforms,’ Instagram has won many awards since its inception in 2010. As early as 2011, it was awarded the Runner-up for “Best Mobile App, 2010” at the TechCrunch ‘Crunchies’ in January 2011.

This award marked the beginning of an award-winning career for the app. It has gone on to win the Apple’s “App of the Year” for 2011, the SF Weekly Web award for the “Best Locally Made App” in September 2011 and also featured the top of the list of “The 100 best iPhone apps of all time,” by Mashable.

Along with the app, the founders also got various acclaims like “The 100 Most Creative People in Business in 2011” by Fast Company and featured in the list of “30 under 30” by Inc.

Final Words

If you don’t quite understand why one would want more followers, consider this. People don’t use Instagram only for entertainment. Some companies are looking forward to collaborating; some want people to promote their product on social media.

They only way these companies can know about you or believe that you can get their work done is by checking how many followers you have.

Remember, having a good number of followers does not always mean that your content quality is excellent. It often reflects how well you understand and engage with your audience. The idea being, if you are able to sell your content (good or bad) to so many people, you will do a fairly good job at promoting their brand as well.

This website does not promote any hack or any generator that promises to get you more Instagram Followers. All the points listed above are organic.

Follow the instructions, get free Instagram Followers and become the next Instagram sensation.


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