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If you are a teenager or an individual looking for things like Free iTunes Gift Cards, then there is a 100% chance that you will end up a lot of your precious hours just to end up with nothing at all. As we know, all that glitters is not gold.

This platform is going to bring to you the right amount of data and information that you will need to avail Free iTunes Gift Cards for real without being cheated at all.

Free iTunes Gift Card Generator Tool

Just click on the “Generate” button mentioned below to get iTunes Gift card free. Copy & redeem the code once it generates. However, the process will take a few minutes to load code from the database. Till then have patience & avail benefit from the iTunes gift card generator no survey tool.

Free iTunes Codes Generator

NOTE: – If the code is not working then generate it again. As we’re having a limited number of codes so it might be in use by other users.

How to Get Free iTunes Gift Cards?

There is a big secret that lies behind large technology and companies involving the concept of media. The databases of iTunes bring forward the whole developed range of free iTunes Gift Cards with codes.

The codes that are extracted out of these free iTunes gift cards are completely free to use and are safe. The safety is ensured by iTunes itself as they register the codes as legitimate working codes.

Further, it is the jobs of the generator to process the codes are put in front of you so that one can make easy use of it.

Free iTunes Gift Cards
Apple iTunes Home

There is hardly a soul that exists who wouldn’t want free iTunes Gift cards. You can easily redeem the free iTunes card codes for yourself or even to gift it to your family and friends. Is it so that you always have a hard time to select your genre in music?

Use your free iTunes Gift Cards to get the music which your ears have been craving for. Be a part of every song, listen to it more than zillion time, watch the movies that you have always wanted to or follow the current and the latest trends that are happening all around you.

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{6 Ways} How to Get Free iTunes Gift Cards?

How bad does it feel when you’ve spent enough dollars to upgrade to an iPhone X or 8 Plus but couldn’t get all the best apps? Free apps are good, but all the great and amazing things come with premium versions.

Let me be honest, and no one likes to spend some extra cash on the paid version. Thank God for all the free iTunes Gift Cards, you can use them to get all the premium Apps, Apple Music, Books, and what not!

Free iTunes Gift Cards
Various Amounts

But, But, But! Since iTunes gift cards so much in demand, scammers and hoax websites fool all the people by promising users to give them ‘Free iTunes Gift Cards’ by just entering your details. These are all just theft and fooling methods to loot people by scamming them.

If you are a music lover or just use too much into apps, then you must’ve tried to search free iTunes Gift Cards online in the hope that you’ll be able to get some of your favorite music or apps.

So, let’s get started with the legal and working methods on how to get free iTunes Gift Cards:

Method #1 Signing up an Online Rewards Program

Online Rewards Programs are the biggest and most popular caterers of gift cards no matter which one. All you have to do is to register yourself on the website and complete some simple tasks that the platforms provide you.

The reward programs usually work on gig basis, so all you have to do is to complete some tasks online which I’ll describe later on. But first, here are some of the best and most popular reward points based websites where you can get started:

  1. My Points
  2. InboxDollars
  3. My Coke Rewards

Let’s clear this out that you can never get anything for free online unless you’re getting fooled or scammed or if its Christmas! However, these methods are great because you don’t need to pay anything for the free iTunes Gift Cards.

Register on InboxDollars

All you need to do is to fill and complete some surveys, watch featured videos, download sponsored apps, and even play games, etc. All of these tasks would reward you some points which you can collect and once you have the needed, exchange it for your free iTunes Gift Cards.

What is the Payout on Reward Points Websites?

The reward system is pretty competitive, and the usual rewards are for like 1000 & 2000 points for a $10-$20 iTunes Gift Cards. You can earn some fancy amount of these gift cards if you’re dedicated and free enough daily.

The one reason that I don’t prefer such websites is that of the scam. These sites send a lot of spams and promotion email links. Well, this happens mostly because this is how their business model works. But as mentioned previously, you can create a separate email address specifically to join such reward programs.

Most of these companies partner up with other brands and startups to feature their ads, services, and apps on their websites. To receive prizes, users need to see or tasks to complete in order to generate reward points.

MyPoints - Free iTunes Gift Cards

Within a few days of indulgence on the website and you can find yourself some free iTunes Gift Cards.

Signup on MyPoints

The websites also give bonus reward points when you shop online. If your Sister or Mother is looking to buy a new purse online, make sure that you get them to purchase from affiliate links.

You’ll get your free iTunes Gift Cards, and they’ll get their purse!

The basic tasks are either filling out some survey forms, write your opinions or feedback about some products or services online. Moreover, this gets all boring so the platform put up some cool jobs like playing a game online or just surf the Internet in the background for all the reward points.

You can easily earn some FREE iTunes Gift Cards by sharing your ideas. Register up with some quirky local survey websites, and they’ll reward you for each time you complete a form or an offer.

Method #2 Use Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one such popular service that lets you earn reward points and works like Bing Rewards, except Swagbucks offers much wider tasks to complete. It also has far more prizes than just free iTunes Gift Cards.

You can just do web searches through SwagBucks, a simple and effortless way to earn the point in the background. Moreover, there is a lot of variety on the table for users.

Register on Swagbucks

You can directly complete survey forms and do jobs like giving feedback. Also, indulge in taking quizzes, visit affiliated websites, even watch videos online and much more. Every activity rewards you with some points.

Free iTunes Gift Cards - SwagBucks

The fastest way to earn free iTunes Gift Cards is by registering up for an Audible subscription for only $1.

So, when you sign up using Swagbucks for one month, you immediately get 800 points. That’s enough to get $5 free iTunes Gift Card and one $3 gift card.

All you need to is to invest 1$ and get 7$ as profit. This certainly is a fast way, but you can stick to the free methods if you’re tight on a budget.

Method #3 Trying InboxPounds

If you’ve recently tired InboxDollars, let us aware of its sibling, InboxPounds. This rapidly growing platform is going crazy in Europe & the UK. InboxPounds is like any other GPT website that offers various tasks in exchange for rewards.

InboxPounds (Free $5)

You can start by signing up on InboxPounds through our link. The website is offering a $5 signup bonus for our exclusive PrizeLava readers.

Once you’re done with the setup, you can start taking surveys, watching videos online & playing various games online. After racking up enough points, you can exchange it for rewards like free iTunes gift cards and cash prizes.

Method #4 Try PrizeHog

PrizeHog is a rapidly growing platform that is quite popular in Europe & the UK. PrizeHog is like any other GPT website that offers various tasks in exchange for rewards.

You can start by signing up on PrizeHog through to get free iTunes Gift Cards. The website is offering a $5 signup bonus for our exclusive PrizeLava readers.

Method #4 Using Gather for free iTunes Gift Cards

Create an account of Gather. This website allows you to earn points by writing blogs and articles, and guess what! You can write about your favorite subject or interests of your choice.

You can use it as social media to earn some extra points. Upload some pictures or videos, comment on other user’s articles on Gather and what not!

Topics for the posts and videos are up to the author. Also, there are multiple groups that users can join to discuss queries. You can discuss queries and doubts with other members who have similar interests.

Writing Article For Money

Start writing the articles and the more viewership your articles receive, the more reward points you will get per post. Writing good quality content certainly helps you to stand out and draw attention. And a good amount of time and effort is required if you want to see fast results.

However, I would recommend you to do freelance work on another platform for some real & free iTunes money. The pay is much more than you expect and you can then easily purchase the iTunes Gift Cards.

Coming back to Gather, you can redeem all of your earned points once you’ve racked enough points for the requirements. Apart from the free iTunes Gift Cards, it also offers Free Google Play Promo Codes.

Method #5 Stay Away From Scams!

Many people even jailbreak their devices to use some illegal apps which initially help you to achieve your goal but harm you in the long run.

We’ll talk all about these fake websites, Generator scams, but first, we’re going to help you on how to get these free iTunes Gift Cards online using all the legal and 100% working methods without any fake generator or scam trick. All you have to do is to do follow our simple guide.

Fake Generator - Free iTunes Gift Cards

Now to start with, there are some rewards programs that you can register with to earn free iTunes Gift Cards in an uncomplicated way. Most of them are through online platforms and websites where you’ll need to participate actively or passively to earn points and get these gift cards which is the closest to what you can call “Free.”

Do make sure that you use your alternative email ID because these companies send a lot of spam and promotional emails to its users and readers. So, if you still want to get those free iTunes Gift Cards without getting dirty, create another email of yours if you don’t already have one.

Keep a check on few other things like if any of the websites ask you to provide your Credit Cards information like card number and DOB, it’s theft if you don’t find any authority on the site.

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Method #6 Social Media Freebies (No Survey or Human Verification Required)

One other alternative method that we’d like to mention is more an experimental rather than solid results.

You need to start following all the Gift Card Companies initially. You can also follow reward sites for free iTunes Gift Cards on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

These companies usually host free giveaways and contests where specific users or followers that “Like” or Retweet some specific posts. In exchange, they get prizes such as Free iTunes Gift Cards or PSN Codes as a token of appreciation.

Free iTunes Gift Cards Deals
Social Media Deals

Also, you should start following deal hunters on Facebook and Instagram, and Twitter. The profit is that these people or groups are always on the hunt for all the ongoing deals. Usually, they share them with their followers in closed community groups. These deals can sometimes be for Gift cards as well.

You can start by searching “deals,” “bargains,” “deal hunters,” “gift cards,” on Facebook or Twitter. Many deal hunting accounts would pop up as per your location. They mostly specialize in Amazon, Steam Wallet Codes, Google, and free iTunes Gift Cards deals.

Method #7 Bing Rewards

Use as much as Google Search right now because you’re never going to use it again. The new internet companion is Bing Search. We’ve been using Bing along with other search engines for several years ( for analytics purposes), and we can testify that it’s just as good as Google.

If you’re not a heavy user like us and only search the Internet 50-60 times daily, then this method is perfect for you.

Bing Rewards is a subsidiary of Bing, and you must’ve discovered it if you use it enough. Just use your Microsoft account to sign up for the Bing Rewards program (totally free). You can then start collecting points, and all you have to do is to search.

Bing Rewards - Free iTunes Gift Cards
Bing Rewards Program

For every two searches, Bing rewards you with 1 point, and you can earn up to 15 points per day from your PC and up to 10 per day from your smartphone. Wait! Did we forget to mention that you can use it on your mobile as well? Nevertheless, you could also complete some quick search quizzes daily to earn an additional three points per quiz and do other minor tasks for bonuses.

When you stack up enough points, you can use them to redeem prizes. A $5 iTunes Gift card is around 500 points, though if you level up by doing enough searches, the amount drops down to 475 points.

Other gift cards and prizes are available on their website. Starbucks Gift cards, Xbox Live Gold membership. Other impressive things like ad-free, GameStop gift cards, Hulu Gift Cards and much more.

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What are the Advantages of Free iTunes Gift Cards?

There are countless benefits that come forward with the free iTunes Gift Cards. Here is a list of some of it that might force you to go and grab the free iTunes Gift Card codes that always work.

  • The free iTunes Gift Cards work on all devices like mobile phones, desktops, iPods, tablets and so on. You will not have to face any difficulty in running the free iTunes Gift Cards.
  • Every code is tested. Before they are delivered to the respective holders, all the cards are cross-checked to ensure if they are working properly. That is why the success rate is 100%.
  • The free iTunes Gift Cards don’t have any date of expiry as a result of which, things become a lot easier and accessible. Either use the free iTunes cards today, or after a week, or even a year. There will be no problem and no tension of thinking about the expiration of your favorite iTunes Gift Card.
  • You don’t need to download these gift cards. They automatically come to you. So, there are no hassles of going through all that either.
  • There is no limitation for one to download a card in a day. You will have access to download unlimited codes to make use of it whenever you wish. You will also have the facility and the advantage to share the cards with your friends and family.
  • The free iTunes Gift Cards are also very easy to use and take only up to three minutes to be taken up and used.

Final Words

So, this is all about free iTunes Gift Cards online using all the methods in this guide. I’d love to hear from you if you won free iTunes Codes using my methods.

You can use these Gift Cards to get yourself a free Apple Music Subscription, premium apps, games and what not!

Don’t fall for the scam websites and Fake iTunes Generators that lure people. They are just hoaxes and online scams to get the personal information of innocent users. Be Safe!



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