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Nobody needs an introduction to everyone’s favorite thing nowadays, Netflix. However, it is not as affordable as it looks for everyone. This post is all about how to get Netflix Premium Subscription or simply, how to get a Free Netflix Accounts.

About Netflix

As of today, Netflix is the most popular Online Streaming Service across the globe. Founded in 1997 and led by Reed Hastings, it provides the services to the majority of the continents and their countries.

Netflix is the one-stop destination for people who love to watch live streaming of amazing TV shows, dramas, music & movie on the internet. In fact, Netflix is just ‘Game of Thrones‘ away to take over the whole TV Series Industry.

Providing so much entertainment and an amazing line up of content, Netflix works on Subscriptions. They charge monthly for the Netflix Premium Subscription which allows you to watch anything available on Netflix.

Free Netflix Accounts
Netflix Homepage

Why People Love Netflix?

  • Binge watch thousands of Movies and TV shows and Cancel anytime you want.
  • Whether you are on your Laptop or watching a movie through the new device, you would able to see resuming mode.
  • The awesome algorithm of Netflix features and recommends you content on the basis of your taste and previous watches.
  • Netflix exclusively supports HD Video format. Also, the support is now extended to Ultra HD and 4K Option that can use on your smart TVs.
  • Watch it on various platforms and devices like laptop, TVs, Tablets, and Smartphone.
  • When you get the Premium Netflix Accounts with Passwords, you can then browse unlimited movies, TV Shows, Documentaries etc.

Why Free Netflix Premium Subscription?

Despite being a premium service, Netflix attracts millions of users who use it to stream content online. The primary reason for their success is the on-demand access to one’s favorite shows and movies.

All you need is an active internet connection on a device. They have apps for smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptops, smart cards and smart TVs. Some people who cannot afford to pay for the Netflix Premium Membership, and those searching for a free Netflix account, today’s your lucky day.

A lot of people ask me in the emails if they could also get Netflix Account Free login trick by any means.

Well, YES! Today, you’re going to get one!

First of all, we would advise everyone who’s looking for Free Netflix account generators online, STOP. You’re never going to find one as they are all scams and fake websites.

Free Netflix Accounts - Recommended Shows
Netflix Homepage 2018

The only thing which would genuinely work for you is the free Netflix accounts and passwords that you get from someone. This would also keep you away from all those harmful malware and scams which you might encounter. On the other hand, we are here to share your tricks and working Netflix Free accounts for you. You can use them to log in to Netflix without paying a single penny.

Here, in this article, you will get all the tricks to Free Netflix Accounts and Passwords which are working in 2018. You can use these to watch your favorite TV Show or movies.

Features of Netflix Premium Subscription

  • Netflix has a section that offers you some really amazing award-winning television shows and movies. If you are one of those who loves to see the “critically acclaimed movies “, then you definitely lookout for Free Netflix hack Accounts.
  • Apart from the majority of the shows in English, Netflix is also famous to provide International content with proper subtitles. Be it a French Drama, A Russian Gangwar tale, Netflix has it all.
  • A great feature you get with Free Netflix hacked Account is the access to see movies or even TV Series in other languages. So now you can watch a Japanese Anime with English Subtitles.
  • It’s great for people with kids and you want to watch new cartoons with appropriate content. Premium Netflix Accounts have a mechanism where you can choose the movies or shows that your children can watch. It filters out all the other unnecessary inappropriate content.

This is not a hoax and neither we are going to ask you for money. Netflix is trying to increase its market to reach out to as many people as possible. So, they are giving out the monthly subscriptions of Free Netflix Account to users in different ways.

Free Netflix Accounts

Now, we did a full-research and these tricks are currently the only available and working ways to get Free Netflix Accounts.

For this, you will have a minimum of $1 or $2 for a monthly subscription. Don’t worry, it would be the last option as we a list of more than 400 working Free Netflix Accounts registered for PrizeLava.

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How to Get Free Netflix Premium Accounts?

Update on 18 March: We found the best tricks to use Free Netflix Accounts in 2018. You do not have to download anything, neither you have to submit any kind of personal information. There’s a step by step guide for each of the method and you can start right away. This is the way how to get Netflix for free.

Update On 25th March: We are continuously updating the list of new working Free Netflix accounts and passwords after 8 hours. Keep visiting PrizeLava to get working Free Netflix Accounts and Premium Netflix Subscriptions. The one trick is to exchange any of your gift card such free eShop codes but we’ll focus on other important ones.

Important Note: It is a firm request to every user to not change the login details (email or passwords) of these accounts. This is a request from my side. I hope that all of you can easily watch content through these accounts without needing to change the credentials.

We are very strict about rules and believe everyone should be able to use our services regularly. But, the users keep changing the passwords every time.

Therefore, we now track all the Free Netflix Accounts with the respective emails. So, if you dare to change details of any of these Premium Netflix Subscriptions, we’re going to Block your IP ( ex or I hope you will co-operate with the guidelines. Thanks.

Free Netflix Account with Passwords (March 2018)

Using the Free Netflix Accounts for a Month Trick

If you know don’t know, Netflix also offers a trial membership for one month. So, if nothing above mentioned works you can at least Free Netflix Accounts for one month. And trust me on this, you would even convince yourself for actually buying it. The Premium Netflix Subscriptions are so good.

However, an important note here is that you would need a credit card for the same. You have to submit your credit card information in order to avail the trial for the Premium Netflix Subscriptions.

Free Netflix Accounts
Netlfix Signup – Step 1

Step 1 – Go to the Official Netflix Homepage and Click on “Join Free For a Month“.

Free Netflix Accounts
Netflix Signup – Step 2

Step 2 – Now, select from all the three different plans that you wish to opt for. If you’re sure about which one to go with, Try the Premium Plan. (You’re not gonna pay for it anyway)

Free Netflix Accounts
Netflix Signup – Step 3

Step 3 – Confirm the Plan and Create an Account on Netflix. Don’t worry, Netflix won’t charge you until your month completes.

Free Netflix Accounts
Netflix Signup – Step 4

Step 4 – Enter your email and password, Fill your Credit Card details, and you’re ready to rock.

That’s it! You can now watch as many TV Shows and Movies you want using this Free Netflix Accounts trick.

Very Important – Don’t forget to cancel your subscription just before the month ends. If you don’t cancel your Free Netflix Accounts Subscription, the automatic deduction will occur.

Extend the Free Trial

If it’s your lucky day, Netflix can extend your existing free trial. Though the company states that it only offers one trial per user, Netflix can allow you to stream movies & favorite TV series for some extra time on their platform.

Mainly, there are two ways by which you can get an extra free trial from Netflix, without even breaking the terms of service.

Wait a month or so between free 30-Day Trials

The first thing is to wait for a month or two between free 30-day trials. During this time, Netflix might invite you to try another free trial period, meaning that, you can again stream content online for free.

This happens rarely so you can cross your fingers and believe in your lucky stars.

So, if you’re in no hurry to stream Netflix, then you can wait for a month or two after your trial is over after 30 days of usage. Who knows, you can get a chance to try the free subscription for another month.


PrizeHog is a remarkable website that offers you points that you can redeem for Free Netflix Gift Cards. You’ll need to complete the tasks like on any other standard GPT website and then redeem.

The website is pretty reliable and has hundreds of positive feedbacks from users.

Free Netflix Accounts using Chrome Extension

The next trick that I’m to tell is pretty interesting and works if you have a little knowledge.

Step 1 – To start with, open up the Chrome Browser in your PC/Laptop.

Free Netflix Accounts - Extension
EditThisCookie Chrome

Step 2 – Open the Google Chrome Store and search for ‘EditThisCookie‘.

Step 3 – Install the Extension and then, Open Netflix.

Finally, Step 4 – Tap EditThisCookie Icon and Click on Import. Copy the code that you see, Paste it, and click on the Hit button. Remember to bookmark PrizeLava’s Post as the Cookies change daily.

Free NETFLIX Account Cookies 2018

Using Flikover Group Buy

And lastly, there is an option to purchase Netflix Monthly Subscription for $2 per month instead of the basic $7.99 subscription. You can do so by purchasing Free Netflix Accounts from Flikover.

Flikover - Free Netflix Accounts 2
Flikover Homepage Group Buy

It is an independent online platform that mainly provides SEO Tools for Bloggers. Apart from the tools like Grammarly and Ahrefs, Flikover also provides Premium Netflix Subscriptions. The prices are pretty low because that’s how all the group-buy platforms work.

Free Netflix Accounts - Flikover
Flikover Netflix Group-buy

However, unlike the standard Netflix Premium Accounts, you cannot share your account details with other users. Flikover strictly tracks your IP through their plugins and block if you violate their guidelines. However, there’s also a trick that you can use to get Netflix Credentials, Free Xbox Live Codes, Free Google Play Gift Codes No Human Verification.

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Final Words

So, this was all about Premium Free Netflix Accounts in 2018. Get access to Netflix without paying even a single dollar for it. So, you can watch all the amazing Movies, TV Shows online from Netflix.

However, we can’t guarantee that all of these Free Netflix Accounts username and passwords in future. Some mean and selfish guys keep changing the credentials. So, there is No 100% Chance that all those user information would work.

Editor’s NOTE: If the above Username and Password do not work, then please respond and contact us. You can either comment below or mail us with the details of the Free Netflix Accounts which are not working. We’ll make sure to fix that and help you in any way possible. So, Enjoy Live Streaming with Free Netflix Accounts and Premium Subscriptions. You have plenty of methods to get Free Netflix accounts to start with.



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