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Are you a movie buff? Yes? Then you must know about Redbox rentals. Do you want to rent movies using Free Redbox Codes?

If you’re a movie lover, you must have rented a movie from Redbox. But for a movie buff you are, you must have felt your pocket seem lighter because of renting your favorite flicks.

What if you knew a way by which you could rent a movie from Redbox without paying anything at all? What if we tell you there are not one but many ways you could get a free movie rental from Redbox?

And no, we aren’t talking about magic. In this article, we talk about a lot of such methods which are going to make your day. We also share a lot of free Redbox codes for you to try and get a free rental. Read on, and we are sure you would love it.

A Brief Information About Redbox

You must have seen those red boxes in front of those local stores like Walgreen’s. Or those at restaurants like McDonald’s. If you don’t know, those are the Redbox kiosks. Redbox rentals DVDs, Blu-ray, and video games through a staggering 42000 automated retail kiosks.

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Redbox Machine

These kiosks are spread over 34000 locations. So, if you are in a city, Redbox kiosks are probably just a few blocks away. The signature red-colored kiosks of Redbox can be found at convenience stores to grocery stores, and fast food restaurants to even pharmacies.

Begun in 2004, Redbox used re-branded kiosks manufactured by other companies. Initially, Redbox faced a lot of competition. But eventually, because of the numerous offers and discounts and a wonderful service, Redbox managed to buy off its own competitor. It emerged as the biggest player in automated rental services.

Also, the Redbox kiosks are fairly innovative. The kiosks allow Redbox to remotely monitor and manage inventory at all kiosks throughout the country.

As mentioned earlier, Redbox promotes its rental kiosks through a wide range of discount codes. Customers can use these free Redbox codes to get a discount on rentals or even get a free rental.

In this article, we talk about a number of ways you can get those free Redbox codes that actually work.

Why PrizeLava?

The methods to get free Redbox codes listed and explained here on PrizeLava are all legit. These have been tried and tested by our team. There is absolutely no scam in these methods as all methods are approved by Redbox. Moreover, all the methods are perfectly safe and legal.

We also talk here about several scams on the internet claiming to get you a lot of free Redbox codes. Our publishing platform always tries to understand the legitimacy of any procedure, and then tell our readers about it. We strongly discourage websites that claim to get your promo codes or anything for that matter out of thin air, purely by magic.

PrizeLava, on the other hand, shares only the 100% genuine working methods and tricks regarding various Gift Cards, Games, etc. In the present case of free Redbox codes, all methods shared here are legal and can be used without any fear.

We have also compiled a list of working Redbox promo codes. These promo codes are all functional as of June 2018. Redbox regularly updated the Free Redbox codes. So, it is possible some of the codes in the list may not work later. But the methods are evergreen.

These methods, however, are here to stay and users can continue to use them to get the “latest free Redbox codes.”

9 Ways to Get Free Redbox Codes

Free Redbox codes are difficult to find. That is unless you where exactly to look for them.

Method #1 Using Our Free Online Redbox Codes Generator Tool

Just click on the “Generate” button mentioned below to get Redbox codes for free. Copy & redeem the code once it generates. However, the process will take a few minutes to load code from the database. Till then have patience & avail benefit from the Redbox code generator no survey tool.

Free Redbox Codes Generator (Hurry! Only 11 Left)

CODE-1 :

CODE-2 :



NOTE: – If the code is not working then generate it again. As we’re having a limited number of codes so it might be in use by other users.

Method #2 Using the Redbox App

Redbox has an app for both Android and iOS. And it’s free.

You will receive exclusive, exciting deals once you install the app. You will find numerous promo and discount codes on the app. These codes can get you free rentals or get you a wonderful discount.

Redbox App iOS.jpg

The services of the app are not limited to offering deals. It offers you a glimpse of the content at Redbox too. You can watch movie trailers within the app. Further, you can also order movies, pay for them and pick them up right away. There is a lot more you can do with the app.

The app is available for both Android as well as iOS platforms. You can download the app for your device from the links below.

Method #3 Free Redbox Code Sharing Websites

Well, this one is the easiest. You just to lookup on the internet for various websites that share the latest Redbox Promo Codes.

There are a number of websites that offer these free Redbox codes. These include sites like Inside Redbox and Thrifty Moment to name a few.

You can find a number of free Redbox codes on these websites. You can use these promo codes for Redbox once for every credit/debit Card you use.

Though you use your credit/Debit Card, you are not charged any money unless you keep your keep your rental movie for more than one night.

If you have more than one credit/debit cards, then you can use a free Redbox Code multiple times.

Method #4 Free Redbox Codes through Online Reservations

Now whenever you make an online reservation, you can get a free Redbox Code as a benefit. You just need to pay for the first rental from Redbox and you are hooked for the offer. You can follow the steps below to avail of this offer:

  • Create an account at It is absolutely free.
  • Book your first rental movie online. You need to pay the first time.
  • Pick up your rental movie once you have paid for it. You can pick it up at any of the nearest “Redbox kiosks.”
  • When you return the rental, the company will apply a free credit to your account, which you can use to get your next rental for free.

Method #5 Free Promo Codes at Redbox locations

You need to keep a check on specific Redbox promo codes for your local Redbox kiosks.

Next time, when you are at a local convenience store or a restaurant or a grocery store, you can get some free Redbox promo codes. You have to keep an eye on what these locations have for you to offer.

Also, the venue where the Redbox kiosk is located offers you free Redbox codes themselves.

So, look around the fliers, the receipts, and the signs at the places you visit. There is a thick chance you would find a great Redbox deal.

Method #6 Play Pass

Registering at Play Pass program pays off well if you frequently use Redbox rental services.

Play Pass program is a reward program. Within this program, you receive a free rental on your birthday and on your Play Pass anniversary.


In addition to that, you receive points for every item you rent. When tour points tally reaches a total of 100 points, you receive credit for a free DVD or Blu-ray rental.

The program has a lot of benefits for frequent users. It’s very simple to sign up and equally rewarding too.

Method #7 Redbox Text Club Membership

If you are not a prude, then you can subscribe to receive text message updates from Redbox. You just need to sign up for the Redbox Text Club.

This club’s members are no less than the elites. Members of this club receive the benefit of a free movie rental every month.

Yes, every month. On top of that, members are regularly notified about a lot of special offers. The lucky chaps are also eligible for a lot of freebies meant for members only. Our website also offers tricks to get Free Robux in Roblox, and Free PUBG Hacks as well.

Method #8 Following Redbox on Facebook

You will be amazed to know a simple follow on Facebook can get you a lot of free Redbox codes. If you are on Facebook, then you should immediately start following Redbox on Facebook.

You will be amazed to know a simple follow can get a range of deals and discounts, and obviously free Redbox codes. Redbox releases new free Redbox codes every now and then to attract customers.


These Redbox codes for night’s rental are posted on the company’s Facebook page regularly.

Also, you need to keep a check on the page, and you would find a number of free Redbox codes at your disposal.

Method #9 Redbox Email Newsletter

Sign up to the Redbox Email Newsletter and get a free DVD rental. It’s that simple. We are not kidding. You just need to subscribe to Redbox newsletter. As you sign up, you are prompted to confirm your E-mail. That’s it. Once you do that, you receive a free Redbox Code.

If you don’t mind Redbox sending you some Emails, you can easily get a free

Exclusive List of Free Redbox Codes (2019 Updated)

The above methods work wonderfully to get you free Redbox codes. We recommend you try at least a few of them if not all.

Free Redbox Codes

Having listed wonderful methods above, we also suggest you try the Redbox promo codes listed below.

  1. FREEBIE: Text FREEBIE to 727272. Shortly, you’ll receive a Redbox coupon code.
  2. PUSH: Text PUSH to 727272. And you will find yourself a free one-night rental.
  3. APP NOW: You can get a wonderful deal by texting APPNOW to 727272. You can get a free rental when you book through the Redbox app.
  4. MOVIE NIGHT: Text MOVIENIGHT to 727272 and get the Rent One, Get One Free offer. Using this, if you rent one movie, you get a second movie without paying anything extra. This code works once every week.
  5. H99976F2: Use this code through the Redbox app, and you can get a free rental.
  6. MOVIETIME: Text in the keyword MOVIETIME. You can get a free movie rental every week.
  7. DVDATWAG: Try the code DVDATWAG at your local kiosk in Walgreen’s. You will get free rentals. This code is not always active and might not work for all users.
  8. REDBOXHEB: Use this promo code to get a free rental at Redbox kiosks at any HEB locations.
  9. DVDATMAC: Using the code DVDATMAC at McDonald’s Redbox locations will earn you a free rental. This code doesn’t work at all locations, but you need to try it know if it works or not. So, do try it.
  10. DVDKROG: Get a free rental at some Kroger stores by using the promo code DVDKROG. You can also try the code DVDATKROGER.
  11. DVDATWEG: You can get a free movie by using the code DVDATWEG at Wegman’s grocery stores. Not all locations support this code, but it’s worth a try.
  12. REDBOX: If you’re a new customer, then text the word to 727272, and you’ll receive a free rental.
  13. REDBOX: New users can get free rentals by texting REDBOX to 727272.
  14. MOVIE: Get a free rental simply by texting MOVIE to 727272. This code is an old one but is functional sometimes.
  15. EMAIL: Text the word EMAIL to 727272. Respond to the message with your email address. And you can get a free DVD rental. The free Redbox Code for the rental will be sent to your E-mail address. You have two weeks to use the code after you receive it.
  16. DRIVEIN: Use this code at Sonic Redbox locations. You can possibly get a free rental. This code does not work at all locations. Give it a try anyway. Further, you can try the code DVDATSONI also.
  17. RENTONME: You can get a free DVD rental using RENTONME code.
  18. BREAKROOM: Use the code BREAKROOM to get free rentals. This code is not always active. But do give it a try. You might get lucky.
  19. WALGREENS: Use the code WALGREENS. You will get a free rental at Walgreen’s Redbox locations. Try the code Breakdown to the same offer.
  20. DVDONME: The new users can use the code DVDONME to get free rentals at certain locations.
  21. GAMEKIDS: Text the code GAMEKIDS to 727272. You will get a free 1-day video game rental.
  22. DVDNIGHT: Use the code DVDNIGHT to get a free DVD rental.
  23. DVDNIGHT: To get a free DVD rental, just use the code DVDNIGHT and text it to 727272.

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How to Use Free Redbox Codes?

Using these promo codes is incredibly simple. You just need to follow the steps below:

  1. Find a local Redbox kiosk.
  2. Now, visit the kiosk where your free Redbox code is applicable.
  3. Enter the Redbox coupon code from the main screen of the kiosk. You can also enter the Redbox promo code while checking out.
  4. Once you enter the code, you receive a free one-day rental.
  5. You are charged if you keep the movie for more than one day. You are charged one dollar for every extra day you keep the movie.

The Free Redbox Codes Scam

PrizeLava cautions its readers against the running free Redbox Code scam. A lot of websites claiming to give you a lot of free Redbox codes in return for personal information. Do not fall for such scams.

Redbox promo codes are generated exclusively by Redbox marketing. No third party websites have access to all the coupon codes and Redbox free codes. If any websites claim such a thing, then they are lying.

Never trust Emails from random sources giving you methods to claim a promo code for Redbox. Also, do not give out your personal information like E-mail and cell phone number on any website. These websites cannot get you free Redbox codes.

Beware of such scams and share the knowledge with your friends too. Moreover, only share legitimate and safe sources of information like PrizeLava. Do not use any Hacks or Tricks unless you are really sure about the security.


Q: Do all the Free Redbox Codes work?

A: All promo code might not work. Redbox updates the Redbox codes every month. Also, you can find the Redbox codes if you follow a few methods mentioned in this article.

Q: How to use the promo codes?

A: Visit a kiosk. Select the rental you want. Click Add Promo Code button. Enter the Redbox Code. Swipe your card. Also, collect your rental and return it within the time limit to get security amount back.

Q: I received a mail that says I would receive unlimited Redbox codes if I share my cell phone number and credit card details. Is this legit?

A: A big NO! It is a scam. Never share any of your personal information to strangers on the internet. Also, Redbox asks for credit cards only at the designated kiosks.

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These were the “Redbox promo codes.” With these codes and Tricks, you can at least get 2-3 movie rentals for free every month.

You must always keep your deadlines in mind. Always remember to return your rentals by 9 pm the next day. A delay can cost you a day’s fee. So do remember to return the rental on time. Otherwise, you are charged a dollar for every extra day you keep the rental.

These Redbox codes, although free, do require a security fee. The security fee is a meager $1 for every rental. When you return your free rental, your money is refunded back to your account.


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