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So, here’s the dedicated guide on how to get Free Robux in Roblox Game without verification. No Fake Scam or any kind of illegal Hack is mentioned in the post. So, Let’s get started.

If you have played the Roblox game (which probably you have since you’re here), you will obviously know what Robux is and that’s exactly what you’re chasing, landing upon this website. Getting hold of Free Robux in Roblox is one of the biggest dreams of any avid Roblox gamer.

Let’s assume you have no clue of what Roblox is and almost unaware of why would any free Robux hack be so important for any gamer. Roblox is one of the largest online multiplayer game creation platforms which gives the stage to its users to showcase their creativity and game developing talent in the virtual world.

Apart from game development, Roblox is a game engine which allows one to play a wide range of games created and published by its own users and developers.

Now that was all you needed to know about Roblox for the time being. So what exactly is Robux? From Online Board to Open World, a major part of the gaming world comprises the options of exchanging good like ammo, outfit, armor et cetera.

For instance Assassin’s Creed has UAR Coins or 8 Ball Pool exchanges cues and skills in exchange of Pool Cash, the prime currency for Roblox game is Robux, usually used for upgrading tools, customizing a character and many more purposes you will come to know about once you start playing the game.

Free Roblox Card Generator Tool

Just click on the “Generate” button mentioned below to get Free Robux and Roblox card for free. Copy & redeem the code once it generates. However, the process will take a few minutes to load code from the database. Till then have patience.

Free Robux Generator

NOTE: – If the code is not working then generate it again. As we’re having the limited number of codes so it might be in use by other users.

About Roblox

Roblox is the largest user-generated online gaming platform, with more than 15 million games created by users. On Roblox, you can play any game from their collection created by the developers and other users. You can also create your own game exactly the way you want! Robux is the primary in-game currency of Roblox.

Roblox Logo
Roblox Logo

There are multiple uses of the Robux in the game. You could customize your characters and up your look, upgrade your tools and even unlock new resources with your Robux. Considering how useful Robux are, there is no easy way to earn them.

Whenever you have been low on Robux, you have searched the net for Free Roblox hacks, haven’t you? I’m sure you came across hundreds of websites that guarantee you Free Robux. Hope you realize that all these Free Roblox Codes Sites are fake.

Are you wondering how in the world you can get Free Robux if all the websites you have checked are fake?

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How to Earn Endless Free Robux?

Earning Robux all the time isn’t everyone’s cup of tea though. On the game, there are particularly only three ways of scoring Robux:

  • Being an active part of the game and crossing different levels and missions
  • Purchasing Robux with cash
  • Buying Tickets with cash

You might have several questions in your mind such as:

how to get Robux?

how to get Robux for free?

how to get free Robux on Roblox?

how to get free robux no survey?

how to get free robux no human verification?

But being the ambitious, flawed and impatient species that humans are, we often tend to get frustrated and restless after a point of time at a particular level in the game. As the difficulty increases with the increase of levels, there comes a phase when each level might start taking hours or even days to be accomplished by the player.

Builders Club Marketplace
This is Entirely FAKE

That is the time when the users start looking up on the web for free Roblox Robux codes and Robux hacks, hoping that if not them, someone else might have found a backdoor/shortcut to hack Roblox and to find free robux.

{12 Ways} How to Get Free Robux in Roblox?

Now that you are on this page, it is clear that you are looking for ways by which you can get Free Robux. There are some tricks that you could use. Let’s start with the basics of Builder’s Club membership and how you can buy Robux separately from this membership.

Games in Roblox
Games in Roblox

Later, we will discuss all the third party ways by which you can get Free Robux.
Before you get your hopes up too high, remember that nothing is free!

With our tricks, you won’t have to spend a single penny. However, you need to complete a few tasks. That is the closest you will get to earning Robux.

Method #1 Reward Programs on Swagbucks

Most of the reputed media websites don’t tell you that but Swagbucks is one of the most reliable sources to get Free Robux Gift Cards. Now you might be wondering how Swagbucks is related to Roblox?

Free Robux on Swagbucks

If you already know what Swagbucks is then you probably know that you can easily earn Swags on Swagbucks by watching videos, doing surveys, playing games, shopping online, and even surfing the Internet. Swagbucks would let you enjoy everything while you can make points in the background, and ultimately Free Robux.

Method #2 Rewards Points on MyPoints

Another remarkable GPT website that you can count on is MyPoints. For more than 5 years now, this rewards point website has been serving hundreds of desperate users to get Free Robux for Roblox in exchange for doing simple tasks and whatnot.

You can easily register on MyPoints by clicking on the button below. Once you verify your email ID, you can start earning points on the platform. You know the drill, take surveys for points, watch videos, use coupons and deals, play games and collect enough points that you can exchange for Free Robux Gift Cards worth $10, $25, and $50. So what are you waiting for? Sign Up Now!

Free Robux on MyPoints

Method #3 Developing a Popular Game in Roblox

The best thing about Roblox free robux is the freedom you get as a player. In-game power-ups called Game passes which get you specific benefits such as Free Robux. However, players need to pay for these passes, and 10% of this payment goes to the creator of the game.

Build Games for Free Robux
Build Games for Free Robux

If you created a popular game, many people are likely to buy its passes. Imagine the number of Robux points you earn by creating one game. You will be a Robux millionaire overnight!

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Method #4 Buying the Builders Club Membership

Builders Club now and get lots of rewards, including Free Robux, of course. Don’t know much about the Builders Club? Start by checking their official site. So there’s something called the Premium Club. Be its member, and you need to do nothing more.

You will get Free Robux simply for being its member. The Robux you receive will not be plenty though. The number of Robux you receive every day varies. However, considering that you are doing absolutely nothing and still getting Robux every day, it is a good deal.

Roblox Builders Club
Roblox Builders Club

Sounds too good to be true? You are right. To avail of this privilege, you need first to buy the Builders’ Club. This would guarantee you many benefits one of them being complimentary Free Robux every day.

When you think about it, in a way, you are getting benefits when you aren’t even paying for it. Moreover, the first time you upgrade your membership, you will be granted an extra 100 Free Robux.

Purchase now and upgrade to a Classic Builders’ Club for $5.95 per month. This gives you 15 Free Robux daily. The Turbo Membership comes for $11.95 per month and gives 35 Free Robux. The last offer, the Outrageous membership is $19.95 monthly. You earn 60 Free Robux a day with this offer.

Roblox has launched two kits – the Starter Kit and the Super Value Kit. While the Starter Kit is especially for Builders’ Club Members, for the Super Value Kit, you need to pay $49.95 for 4500 Free Robux. Once you are done with that, you will get 1500 Free Robux as a bonus if you have been an active member of Builders’ Club Member.

Method #5 Free Robux Courses in Roblox University

For this, you might want to go ahead and follow the Official Roblox YouTube channel first, especially if you are pretty serious about developing games and different elements in Roblox. Why? Once you do, you will notice a series of videos tagged as “Roblox University” there. You could either check the written intro/bio of the channel to end up confused about Roblox University or we could simplify stuff for you so that you don’t waste time on scam free robux generator websites or YouTube Channels.

Roblox University

Since the games are open to development by not only the paid developers in Roblox but also the builders themselves, each video shows you an aspect of the Roblox Studio by creating live elements from Scripting a Net Gun or a Sword to designing an in-game map. All you have to do is follow a Series of 35 videos and practice until you start creating premium items of your own like an absolute pro in no time.

You can then start selling your premium items at high prices as collectibles in the catalog. Some of them are even priced as much as 17K Robux and having more than 70K reviews, proving you the demand for creativity and a little bit of investment of your time.

All you need is a little share of your imagination and a Mac or PC that you most probably already own, and you can be a Robux millionaire overnight too. Since the game is online you cannot really use Free PSN Codes or any Free Google Play Gift Card Codes from our website.

Method #6 The Builders Club Marketplace

Apparently, no smart person would buy the Premium Builders Club Membership just for Free Robux! It has many other interesting features. To begin with, there is a dedicated marketplace for collectibles in the Builders Club. Here you can get a free Robux simulator and other cool stuff that you can trade for not the just minimal amount but good quality as well.

With the Trade System feature, you can purchase collectible items. These items already pack some extra Free Robux in the treasure.

Builders Club Marketplace
Builders Club Marketplace

In case someone is willing to pay you more Robux in exchange, you can then sell them at the Builders Club. Additionally, the Club Dashboard will notify you if somebody wishes to buy the collectible.

Moreover, just like it works in bidding and auctions, you can set the price yourself. Quote your price wisely! Since you haven’t got the hang of the Roblox trading culture it might seem complicated to you, just try it. Once you get the hang of it, you will realise that it’s so much fun. While you are having, you will also be adding more Free Robux to your account. If any user wants to purchase your high-value collectibles, decide a fair price that suits you.

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Method #7 Using PrizeHog for Free Robux

The first website we are going to mention is 100% authentic and legal. PrizeHog is an online platform that gives you free robux if you complete small tasks. The tasks are simple – you will have to fill survey forms, sign up your email with different companies, etc.

Downloading their app and featured games could get you extra Free Robux. Whenever you complete a task, you earn some points. Once you have collected a sufficient number of points, you could exchange them for Free Robux. Roblox Points isn’t the only thing you get in exchange for your points. You could also get Gift Cards such as Amazon, iTunes, Builder’s Club memberships and much more.

free robux prizehog

If you are still looking for more ways to get Free Robux, invite your friends to sign up on PrizeHog. Once your friends sign up, they earn points, right? You will get 10% of what they earn as a commission for life!

We have tried and tested PrizeHog. Check online, and you will find lots of positive reviews on the site. If you still aren’t sure you can read more about them in our official Points prize section.

Method #8 Selling Your Creations to Builders Club

If you are good at creating art, make use of your skill to get Free Robux. You can sell your creations in the Builders’ Club for Free Robux. If somebody thinks you are good, they could hire you to build or script their account. You can promote your content on the Group Recruiting Plaza.

Here’s a quick tip. Create your own clothing collection, and it sells the most. Design crisp, chic outfits. You could also get quirky with the hats and wings! Technically, you are creating designs for free and getting Free & easy Robux today for selling them.

Expensive Items for Selling
Expensive Items for Selling

Don’t think this is a waste of time and neglect it. With excellent designs, you could be getting up to 2000 Free Robux for a creation. Well, apparently you won’t be getting that many of them for your initial designs. Keep trying, and once you build authority and fan base, even 2000 Free Robux won’t be a big deal for you. Here’s the link to Group Recruiting Plaza.

Method #9 Free Robux Exchange Rate

If you’re here before the 1st of May,2018, you’re lucky to get the news before you see it yourself and figure out your strategy beforehand. If not, it’s still okay, good news for everyone! Robux exchange rate has now increased to $.0025/R$ to $.0035/R$ for all Robux earned. This means there’s a 40% increase in the value of each Robux you earn.

The best part is that the buying charges are still the same. It’s just the exchanging back to real currency rate that has increased. All of this happens through the DevEx Program.

The Roblox Team has also increased the current exchange rate from 20 million to 40 million, which, if you don’t know, at the current market price sums up to $140,000 US DOLLARS as per DevEx.

But to become a part of this program, there are some criteria:

  • The user must be 13 years or above.
  • Must already have at least 100K Robux stacked in his/her account to start with.
  • Existing Member of Roblox Outrageous Builders Club.

…and some others you’ll get to know from the official website.

Method #10 Earn Free Rixty Codes

Rixty is yet another pompous website that hasn’t been getting a lot of attention these days. Thought it provides game credits for many popular games such as 8 Ball Pool, Clash Of Clans, Roblox, Clash Royal and much more. But Rixty Codes is not much famous among the reviewers.

I have seen people claiming it to be a bit of scam in some of the gaming forums but it has positive reviews too. Starting with Rixty Codes, all you have to do is complete some surveys, register for various newsletters, download and install apps, and same stuff.

In exchange, you’ll get Rixty codes which you can trade in for (as per the article) for Free Robux in Roblox.

Rixty Codes - Free Robux

The website mostly sends the codes via emails for full privacy. Also, if you’re a newsletter subscriber to Rixty, chances are, you might win some free points as well.

You don’t need to download anything since its an online platform. Other popular game titles available on Rixty Codes are CSGO, World of Tanks, CrossFire, Warframe, and your favorite – Roblox.

This is a pretty genuine way to get Free Robux for Roblox if you’re tired enough of all those fake generators online.

How to Redeem Free Robux Points via Rixty Codes:-

1. Start by opening and log in to your Roblox account.

2. Select Robux from the top right corner and click on ‘Buy Now.’ You can select the ‘Upgrade Now‘ option on the left menu to get the Builders Club Membership. Now, choose Rixty Codes as the form of payment in the next steps.

3. If you haven’t verified your Rixty Points yet, all you have to do is enter your PIN, click redeem, and that’s it.

4. But if you’ve already verified your Rixty PIN for code redeeming, then select the “Have a Rixty account?” option, and wait for the next page.

5. This will point you to towards a new Buy Now page, choose the amount of Free Robux that you wish to get via Rixty.

6. Now, login to your Rixty Account and confirm your balance before proceeding further.

7. You’ll see all the hard-earned points which you can exchange for Free Robux for Roblox.

What I’ve cross-checked on some authority websites that if Rixty is a certified method or not! And believe me, it is as good as PointsPrizes to get free Robux in Roblox.

Since you can directly pay by your Rixty Codes Balance, it saves you a lot more time.

Method #11: Oprewards (New)

This one’s a little new website that you can try if you’re still not happy with the Free Robux methods. So, Oprewards, which is also RBXrewards is a great looking website. However, I am nowhere sure of its authenticity or functionality.

Though the working process is pretty straightforward. All you need to fill out the forms, take surveys, similar to most of the GPT and Survey sites.

But the surveys are pretty simple and short, so it would take a little less time for you to do it. Performing the tasks would end up you having Free Robux in Roblox.

oprewards Free Robux

You can also do other gigs such as downloading apps, taking quick surveys, watching videos, and a lot more to get free Robux for Roblox. Now here comes the tricky part. We don’t know how genuine is this website because we haven’t cashed out the Free Robux credits yet.

Therefore, I am suggesting you try the other methods before you open up OPRewards on your smartphone.

Method #12 – Free Robux on RBX Points

And finally, the last one on our list RBX Points, a website that claims to resolve your problem of lack of free Robux.

RBX Points is also a GPT website like PointPrizes, and its program offers you to earn Free Robux Points by taking simple surveys about tech. Not only this, you can also stack more points via software testing options, downloading games, apps, listening to new music or watching videos.

All of these simple tasks will take just a little of your time. However, the most important point is you’ll satisfy your hunger for Free Robux. So what are you waiting for? Go Sign up on RBX Points now!

Watch Out! Free Robux Generator or Roblox Hack Tool (SCAM)

Before reaching this site, you probably have spent a lot of time coming across and getting through various “Free Robux codes Generator” or sites’ saying “Free Robux No Survey,” “Free Robux Hack” and Heaven knows what not. You might even still be thinking that one of those have been a successful discovery and will be fruitfully mailing you free robux codes in some time. Then we have a piece of news for you! All of your efforts have been futile.

Robux Online Generator
Robux Online Generator

There is no one-time application that can free hack Roblox. There is no way one can find a backdoor to free robux codes, even if they did, the game would shut down within a few hours stating security reasons and the users, if found guilty, will be banned from Roblox too.

But instead if you get into one of those websites which ask you to Verify Yourself as Human first, then take a survey, then install two irrelevant applications and so on and so forth until you find yourself stuck in a never-ending loophole of click baits and spam sites and maybe if you’re extremely fortunate, might have already ended your password in some phishing site too.

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Do You Want to Save Yourself from Roblox Scams?

Well, the first thing to keep in mind that you don’t have to dive into all those scam websites traps really. There’s nothing such as a Free Robux Generator that will give you instant Free Robux in Roblox. Mostly, they con and scam players in the name of this. And most of the time, Roblox players lose their account while using the Free Robux Hack.

Free Robux Fake Generator

Therefore, we have some guidelines here that we can use to keep the Roblox Account Safe.

How to Keep Your Roblox Account Safe?

Sharing your Passwords (and Cookies)

No legit customer service will EVER ask you to share your password with them however bad the issue with your account is, definitely not a Roblox employee. The Only time you would want to enter your password should be while logging into your Gaming account.  

Account Security in Roblox
Account Security in Roblox

If someone claims to be a part of Roblox and asks your password in exchange of free Robux coupon, you can take a proof, call recording or screen capture and report it to the moderators under the “Report Abuse” section.

Once you give away your personal data to these scams, say, for survey or some unnoticed phishing site or even cookies, they sell the information in the Black Market and Deep Web.

Logging in through a pop-up

In-game UI or pop-ups leading to external sites or pop-ups even from the official website, asking for passwords are pretty usual as well. Again, you only need to enter your username and password Only and Only in the official website and mobile app.

You can report such external links under the “Legal Abuse” category of the website.

Keeping or logging into your account from public devices

Unless you’re an absolute noob, here’s us stating the obvious-not keeping your account logged in anyone else’s device but your own. Ironically, a major population of the troubled gamers seem to be making this mistake and losing access to their account since its kept open to anyone and everyone using the device after you.

There’s also a possibility of an active keylogger, an application which steals data on the basis of all the keys punched by the users, being pre-installed in the device waiting to give away your personal information. Therefore, it is suggested to take the advice and trust no device.

Don’t download any Software that needs Permission to access Roblox

Software that supposedly promise to deliver freeRobux or free Robux codes are either Malware files or click bait scams. With each download you allow and every survey you complete, they make $0.50 to $2.50, and they keep redirecting you to new offers and objectives to complete, not long before you know you have been played.

Fake Free Robux Android App
Fake Android App

Especially stay away from files with extensions “.exe.” They are mostly malware programs. Moreover, they’re not any apps for Android or iOS that provide Free Robux.

N.B.: – If you can identify any duplicate scam website or any application claiming to be a direct connection to Roblox, then do report it to the Roblox Community, and if your discovery is new or poses an actual threat, then you’re almost sure to be rewarded.

Facts About Roblox and Earning Free Robux

Baszucki, CEO of Roblox, told Forbes that some of their developers get more than $50,000 or more a month, and some developers are even forming their own studios to make games on Roblox.

Developer Gus Dubetz paid for his tuition at Dakota State University and bought a house for $120,000 by selling and developing various products at Roblox ( you might be the next, read: “Developing a Popular Game” and “The Builder’s Club Marketplace”).

Roblox is reputed to be unhackable now, after years of improving and strengthening security.

The most unforgettable hack had happened on April 1st of 2012 when two users with pseudo names Pheedy and are17 bypassed into one of the administrator’s account and made themselves moderators of the forums. They first made the popular smiley prank face and the only person that had bought it was StickMasterLuke.

They are serving behind bars for breaking various US Laws now. Some guys also tried hack Steam to avail Free Steam Wallet Codes and did jail time for this as well.

Free Roblox Robux Generator sites are ILLEGAL.

Final Words

So, here it is, to all the licit free Robux earning tricks and hacks we came to a conclusion with, after hours of research and experimentation and getting stuck in scam loops just to save our readers the time and a lot of pointless effort.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, PLEASE DO NOT TRY SOMETHING THAT YOU KNOW IS ILLEGAL, just for the sake of it. Robux code generators are illegal, but people are not arrested for using or trying to use those at the moment. But policies change and so do peoples’ mind. They don’t, now, doesn’t mean that they will not participate in the near future either, just not worth the risk.

Hope this article has been an informative one. Do share your thoughts and free Robux earning experiences with us in the comments below. Also, let us know if you have any other ways of earning Robux free in mind and we will add it here if we find your method to be a legit one.

One last time, stay away from scam Roblox hacks and free Robux code generators.


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