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Okay! I know for real that most of you are already tired of all those fake Generator Scams. That’s why we’ll cut the crap and move straight directly to all the working and legal methods to get Free Steam Wallet Codes Without Survey. So, you can now stop searching for how to get Free Steam Wallet Codes 2018-2019.

However, if you’re some noob and don’t know what ‘Steam’ or ‘Steam Wallet’ is; then please read this post for a little introduction. Also, if you like gaming, then this is the best and most useful article you’re going to read on the Internet today.

About Steam

Steam is a content delivery system or software from where you can download and play premium games for PC. It is the product of the gaming giant, Valve Corporation. Yes, the company which is responsible for making us addicts of various popular game franchises like Half-Life, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, and Portal.

Free Steam Wallet Codes
Steam Store

Later on, Valve put up a feature ‘Steam Wallet’ from where you could directly purchase the games and store your money as well for later transactions.

The Steam Wallet & Free Steam Wallet Codes?

Whenever you add some money to your Wallet, the amount is ‘pre-loaded’ which means that you don’t have to add the payment details again & again for every transaction. Adding money to the wallet is similar to purchasing through Amazon.

Steam Gift Cards
Steam Gift Card Free

Now, Steam also has their Steam Wallet Gift Cards (just like the Google Play or iTunes Gift Cards) worth $5, $10, $20, etc. which you can use to gift or purchase games in the marketplace.

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You can also purchase these Gift Cards online from different sites and use them to redeem balance in your Steam Wallet.

14 Untapped Ways to Get Free Steam Wallet Codes in 2019

So, let’s learn how can you get these Steam Wallet Free Codes online using all the working and legal tricks! Also, it will answer all the questions rolling in your mind such as:

how to get free Steam money?

how to get Steam Codes free?

And, how to get Free money on Steam?

Method #1 100% Working Free Steam Wallet Codes Generator

Just click on the “Generate” button mentioned below to get Steam wallet codes for free. Copy & redeem the code once it generates. However, the process will take a few minutes to load code from the database. Till then have patience & avail benefit from the Steam wallet code generator no survey tool.

Free Steam Wallet Codes Generator

NOTE: – If the code is not working then generate it again. As we’re having a limited number of codes so it might be in use by other users.

Method #2 Swagbucks – Using Reward Points Website

If you aren’t already aware of what Swagbucks is, then you must be living a rock! Just kidding, it is a reward point website which has been ruling the Internet for almost a decade now. In fact, Swagbucks is the biggest and most popular platform among the GPT websites. No doubt, it can help you regarding the Steam Code codes.

Swagbucks hosts various methods to earn “Swags” (the in-platform currency or reward points) which you can exchange for free Steam Wallet Codes no human verification. These ways are usually like signing up for promotions, completing survey forms, and some other fun ideas which I’ll describe thoroughly.

Register on Swagbucks

For all the teenagers who use smartphones, Swagbucks has apps for Android and iPhones apart from their standard website platform to get steam wallet codes free 2018.

Swagbucks Login
Swagbucks Login

So, now you can quickly make the most out Swagbucks to earn free Steam Wallet Codes and other rewards. Below are some of my personal tricks and tips that you can use.

Method #3 

Another remarkable source to earn free steam wallet codes is to registering on It is a daily rewards program which you should sign up with. You can shop, deal, take surveys and even play games to get the Steam Gift Cards.

MyPoints – Free iTunes Gift Cards

Like any other rewards program, you need to collect enough points that you redeem the gift cards from your account. The best thing about is that you complete the offers for the most popular brands across different categories.

So if you like fashion, then you can earn points for Sephora, Etsy, and dozens of other brands are available too.

Sign Up on MyPoints

Method #4 Using InboxDollars

By far, InboxDollars has always been our favorite platform who wish to do a little work for the Steam Wallet Codes. So, what you need to is just register on InboxDollars and you need to complete some tasks.

Sign up on InboxDollars

The cool tasks are like taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and even read emails to get earn rewards. These can be real cash which you can transfer to your Bank account or just avail them for free Steam Wallet Digital Gift Cards.

Method #5 Gift Cards on PrizeHog

PrizeHog offers its users to get free Steam Wallet Codes by installing and downloading different games and applications on your device. You can even get extra points by keeping the apps for more time. PrizeHog also offers other standard gift cards that you can avail.

Method #6 Free Steam Wallet Codes in Sweep-stake/Giveaway sites

There’s a pretty efficient method to do so, all you need to do to try it out the Google searches and have a tad of patience. For digital giveaways such as game codes, free steam cards or digital gift cards, location doesn’t matter as most of these products can be given away globally.

On the other hand, most of the active readers and community moderators on Steam Forums and even on the Reddit subs, we get to see a lot of hatred towards the giveaway websites.

Sweepstakes Reddit
Sweepstakes Reddit

Users are usually found cursing such websites because they were scammed once they entered their email address. They are usually freeware scripts without any authority so that you can get fooled easily.

Moreover, we’ve talked enough about the scams already in most recent articles, so here is a quick guide on all the good alternatives that you can opt. The best option and what we recommend gamers and desperate teenagers to stop chasing the ‘free’ dilemma. Not too sure how to keep telling people you get what you pay for. This doesn’t mean that you cannot get good prices for all the free Steam Wallet codes, however! Here’s the solution:

Head to a website that sells Wallet Codes, Free PSN Codes, eBay & Amazon will do just fine, and try looking into their combination deals. Most subscribers will purchase something like a cheap 13-month subscription.

Method #7 Surfing the Internet for Free Swags

It looks like Swagbucks wants to take over Google. In fact, they have their Search Engine, Swag Search which does the same thing. And Yes! You can start using it to earn points which would give you around 4-5 to up to 100 Swags. Once you stack up enough points, you can then redeem them for free Steam Wallet Codes.

Surf Internet for Free Swags
Surf Internet for Free Swags

Swagbucks won’t pay you for each search as you have some daily limit for each user. A couple of things that I found about the Swags Search is that it’s a bit slow ( No Engine can match the Google Search), but it is pretty useful. However, there are more ads than any other search engine.

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Method #8 Using Referrals and Invitations

The best thing about earning points through GPT websites is that most of them support referral systems. You can quickly get your referral link after registering on Swagbucks and invite your friends and family through Social Media to join Swagbucks for free points.

Swagbucks Referral Earn
Swagbucks Referral Earn

Moreover, if you have a working Blog or an excellent YouTube channel, then you can quickly earn free Steam Wallet Codes by writing an article about it. Also, when any of your friends register through your link, you will get a total 10% of what they earn for a lifetime on Swagbucks.

If you don’t trust me, then you can search out for the reviews of Swagbucks Online. There are tonnes of good reviews and genuine payment proofs. So, what are you waiting for? Go, Register! Here’s my referral link for an instant bonus.

Method #9 AppNana Download Apps for Free Steam Wallet Codes

AppNana is a free app-based platform which you can start using to earn free Steam Wallet codes. It works on a similar idea like mCent where you have to download the third-party apps from their sponsors in order to make points.

AppNana - Free Gift Cards
AppNana – Free Gift Cards

After installing and using the apps for some time, AppNana would automatically reward you with points in your wallet. You can save and collect enough to redeem yourself free Steam Wallet Codes worth $10, $20 or more.

I don’t know much about AppNana but heard a few great reviews about the App from my co-workers. Unlike other apps, AppNana is exclusively available for Android & iOS devices.

Method #10 PointsPrizes – The Most Popular GPT Website

PointsPrizes provides some unique and handy methods to get free Steam Wallet Codes within a few days of time killing. So, let’s shed a little light on the platform as well.

How to Use PointsPrizes for Steam Wallet Codes?

Similar to its competitor, PointsPrizes works on Point & Reward system, and you can earn points by completing various offers that feature on the platform.

They could be either task like completing surveys, signing up for newsletters, and much more. Exchange your collected points for free Steam Wallet Codes, Free Google Play Money Codes!

When Will You Get Free Steam Wallet Codes?

As I have already told about the offers and basic working in the Swagbucks section, the main question that arises is that when would you get the rewards? Since most of the offers are exclusively available in the United States (USA) or Europe, you can redeem the points instantly once you collect the threshold amount.

PointsPrizes for Free Steam Wallet Codes

A lot of people were asking in the subreddits that whether you need to download anything in PointsPrizes? Is it even trustworthy? So, to make it more simple for all the readers, PointsPrizes is completely free, safe, and legal.

You don’t have to download or install anything. Just register on the website and start completing the offers. You won’t even have to enter your Credit Card details to get the Free Steam Wallet Codes or other rewards. The website directly sends the unique codes via mail after confirmation.

PointsPrizes partners up with online advertisers for the best offers, and you wouldn’t find any suspicious offer going on. Moreover, it has some great reviews all over the freeload forums.

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Method #11 Selling Various Items on Steam Marketplace

A lot of active users on Quora and Steam Community confirm that they sell various items in the Steam Marketplace in exchange for free Steam Wallet Codes or real money.

Though it is not as easy as it sounds like selling something in the community market, it is still a way to increase your Steam Wallet balance. In fact, one of my friends claims that he got bought the NBA 2K17 game entirely from the money by selling items.

Selling Items on Steam for Free Steam Wallet Codes
Selling Items on Steam

You can start by searching and reading the requirements of other gamers in Community Forums. The most famous games in which you can trade items and cards are TF2, Dota 2, and the infamous CS: GO. The stuff sells really quick if you put them at market value.

For example, Someone was selling the Tomb Raider stuff and was also telling that is making about $15-$20 on trading cards. Moreover, you can sell your personal game tricks and whatnot! It’s a free world after all.

Method #12 Watching Online Videos for Free Steam Wallet Codes

While you are busy working, eating or even watching Black Mirror on Netflix, you can earn some Swag Points by watching videos in the background.

The payout for this is fairly low (around 5-10 Swags) for watching each video but, Hey! Something is better than nothing. The smartphone apps from Swagbucks are exclusive for videos. So, you can play third-party videos and get Free Steam Wallet Codes no survey ultimately.

Method #13 Free Steam Wallet Codes List

For your inconvenience, we’re updating this section daily with 5 free codes. So hurry up as they might get used by other users as soon as they are available on our website.

  • TM2K9-MVKB5-3JC
  • ZBAKZ-7X9XF-84R
  • 5NSWL-4EE45-TR3
  • T27YV-T62RG-JQF

This Free Steam Wallet Codes List 2019 gets updated daily by one of our editors. Make sure to utilize it first as other readers might redeem it.

Method #14 Free Steam Wallet Codes Giveaway

And finally, your last option to get Free Steam Wallet Codes is through a Giveaway website. However, it is not the most reliable method. In fact, most of the scams regarding Free Steam Money happens on these giveaway websites.

So, here are a few important points that you can consider to find the appropriate giveaway for Free Steam Wallet Gift Cards. All you need to do is just use the Advanced Search feature of Google.

Start by searching “Free Steam Wallet Codes Giveaway,” and you’ll see hundreds of different websites with giveaways.

But to find the authentic ones, you have to filter out the searches. The first one is to look out for all the latest giveaway (not more than 2-3 weeks old). After all, you don’t wish to end up on a 6-month-old giveaway, do you?

The Infinite loop of Giveaway Websites

Personally, we don’t recommend you to particularly take part in those giveaways as you’re on the very verge of getting spammed because you over-excitedly submitted your personal information on the website organizing the giveaway. However, original free giveaway sites are the best if you sport some good fortune in your pocket.

Typically, you wouldn’t find such websites promoting too much about the giveaways as it is for user traction only. Apart from the free Steam Gift Cards codes, these sites also offer free Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and Xbox Live Gold codes to the users who participate. So, let’s shed a little light on how to find these websites.

Swagbucks Discover Offers

First things first, let’s find the websites that like to give away gift cards to the users. For this, we’ll use the advanced search results for keywords. You can start by searching Google “gamer giveaways” which would refine the results to a detailed list of website and communities that have a high chance of having exactly what we seek: Free Steam Wallet Codes.

NOTE: – If you want to specify a country to do your search, i.e., you only wish to results/websites from a particular location/region to show up. You need to alter the search to include the advanced search command sites, TLD.

Fortunately, we spent enough time with the search engines to search some of the legit and working giveaway websites for gamers. The quick list: –


Watch Out! The Steam Wallet Codes Generators {Big Scam, Read Why}

Think that for what reason should I read all these long, tedious methods to get Free Steam Wallet Code. Is there any valid reason why you shouldn’t go to a Gift Card Generator website to get yourself a $10, $20 or $50 Steam Wallet Gift Codes within seconds?

All things considered, does it at any point struck your psyche that these generators are really genuine? Maybe a SCAM!

Free Steam Wallet Codes Generator
Free Steam Wallet Codes Generator

The one simple answer is NO! There are hundreds of fake sites on the Internet that cases to produce free Steam Wallet codes and gift vouchers. Furthermore, they guarantee that there would be no hack, glitch, or cheat at all. And, they will give you free codes because they have a big heart. Here’s a Fake video developed by someone to attract & fool the visitors.

Note: – Notice the video & the link added in the description carefully. The video is faked just to attract the visitors on that link. Further, that web-page will contain fake generator just to earn some bucks from you.

Such websites are entirely scam based and influence desperate users to do some mini-tasks. You can also complete offers while the site magically generates free Steam Gift Card codes out of thin air. Well! Don’t, under any circumstances, believe that such a website would give your Free Steam Gift Card Generators or a guide on How to get Free Steam Money 2019. 

Reality #1 It is impossible to “Create” free Steam Wallet Gift Codes

Free Steam Wallet Codes or free Steam games codes are one of a kind IDs that reference to a secure database of legal codes. In our case, Valve Corporation. They are protected by passwords, with a 10,000 billion possible combination. So, you can do the math that generating such codes is not even close to possible.

Reality #2 Steam Wallet Gift Codes Generators are Illegal

None of these websites has joined forces or tied up with Steam. Also, even the Survey and Reward website that offers free Steam wallet codes. Websites like SwagBucks are usually partnered up with outsider sponsorship. At that point how might you anticipate that the Generator websites will get the authority?

Fake Free Steam Wallet Codes
Fake Free Steam Wallet Codes

Reality #3 Gift Card “Generator” websites are ILLEGAL

These websites are fake and illegal to operate. Don’t worry yet! You won’t be charged with any crime, but you can instantly report such phony generator websites. Contact DMCA or the Steam Community for Copyright issues. There are possibilities that the company might reward you (maybe real free Steam Card codes as well).

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How to Redeem Free Steam Wallet Codes?

Although we have a dedicated step-by-step guide on how to redeem free Steam Wallet Codes/How to add funds to Steam Wallet, here’s a short process on how you can proceed:

1. We guess you already have a Steam Account by now.
2. Click on the username in the upper right-hand corner and click on your account details.

steam wallet
3. Find the option of “Add funds” to your Steam wallet on the right side of the screen.
4. Now, you will find an option of using Gift Cards.

digital gift cards5. Enter the unique code which you get from the above methods
6. Once you add it successfully, you will get the equivalent amount if your Wallet Balance.

IMPORTANT: – If you want to use free Steam Wallet Codes during a purchase, then enter them during the checkout process.

There is no ongoing method or trick to verify the amount of your Steam Wallet Code by the Valve Corporation. You have to redeem them and check your wallet for the amount directly.

Final Words

So, these are all the legal and working methods to earn Free Steam Codes no survey. Remember that there’s no short way or any hack that you save your time.

Recently, one of you guys helped us posting the best guide for Free NETFLIX Accounts & Passwords. It’s live now! Do check it out as well along with the Free Fortnite V Bucks Guide.

Either work hard to buy the Gift Cards directly or follow these tricks for saving your money.

Do share your thoughts and let me know if you guys want more. Also, hit me up if you know other tricks to get free Steam Wallet Codes. I’ll be sure to feature it on our guide here for all the Gamers. Till then, Enjoy!


  1. It’s going to be the end of my subscription. However, this post helped me get all the possible tricks to increase my Xbox Gold Membership.

  2. As the name suggests, the SwagBucks method is a charm. I earned a few hundred swags to exchange it for Steam Gift Cards yesterday.


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