Do you want to get TikTok followers for free? Are you still struggling to get a fan base on TikTok? If you fall in such categories, then this article has been written especially for you. In this article, we have discussed various methods of gaining free followers on TikTok.

What is TikTok?

Many people have an impression that the TikTok app is a mere lip sync application which is used to create videos. But this belief is totally wrong. Using the TikTok App, you can share music, videos, comedy clips, fun stories, silly but cool moments and many more things. All such things can be a great source of entertainment and a good reflection of your creativity.

Free TikTok Followers Generator / Hack Tools

If you are one of those aspiring video creators on TikTok who want to show their skills to millions of users of TikTok, then you should definitely read this article till the end because it will give you an insight of how to get free TikTok followers.

There are various websites which tell you that they will generate free followers for your TikTok account, but in reality, they just sit and enjoy how you fall into their trap. I’m not saying that every single website is a scam, but most of them are. They just want to steal your personal data by luring you for free TikTok followers. Stay away from such websites as they have a huge security risk.

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To be honest, getting famous on any social media is not at all easy. This holds true for TikTok as well. The Follow Me and Please Follow type comments do nothing because nobody gives a damn to your follower count if you are not famous. Hence, we have discussed a few methods which can help you to get free TikTok followers easily.

What is the Upper Limit?

It is essential to have a target of how many followers you want to have. Once you have a count of your expected followers, you can easily follow a method to achieve that mark. The time that you would need to increase your TikTok followers depends a lot on what method you use to get free TikTok followers.

For example, if you want to add about 100 followers per day, then by the end of the month you will cross the 3000 followers mark. If everything goes well and as per your plans, then by the end of six months, you would already have about 15k to 20k TikTok followers. All this will happen only after you are consistent in uploading videos and follow other TikTok users as well.

You need to show a lot of patience here because you will be followed by random people only after you get famous. Hence, wait and watch while you upload videos.

How to get free TikTok Followers and Fans?

Uploading great videos and maintaining consistency is one method to get free TikTok followers. But using the right approach is equally important because a lot many factors also play an essential role in increasing or decreasing your followers count. The various methods that you could use to get free TikTok followers are:

Get More Fans

This might seem to be a herculean task, but in reality getting free TikTok followers is very easy. The easiest way is to tap the leaderboard button and start following every famous person you see there. However, you may add a lot of the following lists which you may want to remove. So, open the profile of those famous users and tap the “Following” button.

Now, repeat this process a number of times, and you would experience how your followers have increased drastically. Many Instagram users do it and receive tons of followers, and it works well on the TikTok app as well.

Use Your Whole Body to Create Videos

You should get crazy while shooting a few videos because this attracts the audience. The people love to watch the craziness instilled in you that you depict in your videos. They notice you and then finally follow you. Hence, you should use a tripod or any other thing which can hold your phone while you shoot a video.

Also, you can use the “Shoot First” button on the application to record your videos ahead of time. There is a little button on the right side of the redirected page which allows you to shoot videos without even holding your phone. So, use all the features available, and you can make great content for your fans, who in turn add more fans, and eventually free TikTok followers.

Don’t be All Alone – Use the Duet Feature

It is said that if you want to walk fast, walk alone but if you aspire to walk far, walk together. Hence, you should use the duet feature of the app and create videos with your friends as well. It is not at all necessary to be together with the friends at the same place. The duet feature allows you to create videos with friends who are far away.

To create a duet video, just select the video and then tap on the hamburger button. Afterward, you need to choose the “Start New Duet” option. Now you can quickly gain followers with the help of your friends on TikTok.

Edit Your TikTok Videos before Posting

A video with some added effects is well received and can help you get a lot of followers as well. While a lot of apps are available for editing videos on various app stores, choose the one that suits you best. The videos can be made more attractive by using such apps.

Hence, always try to use the other apps as well which can prove out to be an excellent factor for increasing the number of free TikTok followers. Apart from that, you can also promote the videos on other platforms as well such as Facebook and Instagram. To get more followers for your Insta account, try our Free Instagram Followers Generator.

Use Short Videos

Not many people are interested in watching long videos on TikTok. They can easily do so on other platforms such as YouTube. Hence, a better idea to hook the viewers to your videos is to make short videos which are almost a minute long. That length of the video is sufficient to make an impact.

The scissors button has been provided to enhance the cropping up of videos and music after you have selected your preferred music using the “Pick Music” button. The start and stop buttons also allow you to choose when to start and end the music.

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Take the Viral Challenges

Whenever you use the trending songs or trending hashtags on your videos, there are higher chances that people get to know you and watch your videos. The more people discover you, the more TikTok followers you can get. The trending features give you a lot of exposure, and you should never ever miss that chance.

Take as many challenges as you can, and people will notice you for sure. This feature has been used by many celebrities as well, and many unknown people have become famous by using this technique.

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Watch the Time

Have you ever noticed that videos at a particular time get more views and followers than most others? This is very true due to the Magic TikTok Hours, which generally fall between 11 AM and 5 PM. This is the time when everyone is almost active with internet and has a high chance that your videos will get more views.

It has been proven that during these hours, TikTok app has the highest number of active users at every part of the earth so you should make the best of this thing as well.

If you want to gain a huge number of followers, you will have to post more than two videos per day because two videos per day will not be enough to gather exposure on the TikTok app. Also, posting the video at around 3-4PM will be great for the teenage audience.

Similarly, you can find the optimum time slot for your target audience and post your videos in that same slot to get the maximum number of TikTok followers in a natural way.


This was all about the real and totally genuine methods of getting free TikTok followers. If you know about other methods that we may have left out, then you are free to share them as well. We shall update this article accordingly, but please stay away from the websites which claim to add thousands of followers to your TikTok account.

These are a total scam and are not even worthy of your time. They will take up your personal data and then annoy you in a number of ways, so it’s better to keep them at bay.


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