Walmart Gift Card Balance
Walmart Gift Card Balance

Walmart Gift Cards have now become the most flexible and valuable spending tools. They had always been a close second to cash. But as the digital wallets become more and more prevalent, gift cards are emerging as the best mode of spending for shopping. In this article, we have discussed numerous ways to increase your Walmart gift card balance.

We also talk about various scams prevalent on the internet. These scams target innocent customers looking for easy means to get Walmart gift cards. We talk about ways to identify them. However, there are the most important, all the legit ways to get Walmart gift card balance.
Walmart Store

Gift cards, ever since their arrival, have revolutionized the way people exchange gifts. Gift cards are an easy solution to an age-old problem of choosing a gift for a friend.
Whether you know them well or are just acquainted, gift cards always make for fulfilling gifts. One of the leading gift cards ruling the market with their variety and services are the Walmart gift cards.

Walmart has made their gift cards easily accessible. You can choose a plastic gift card or an eGift card. Either can be redeemed at Walmart or Sam’s club stores or or

You can follow the steps below to add Walmart Gift Cards and eGift cards in your account-

  • Sign in to Your Account.
  • Select “My Account.”
  • Next, select Gift Cards under “Manage Account.”
  • Select “Add a new Gift Card.”
  • Enter the information like gift card number, PIN, and a gift card nickname
  • Click Save.
  • You can check Walmart gift card balance anytime with your 16-digit card number and PIN.
  • Also, You can check your balance online. You can check your balance by calling 1-888-537-5503.

Over the past few years, gift cards have evolved. Now they are not just a means to gift but also an efficient and frugal method for shopping.

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We also aim at educating our readers about various scams. We caution readers against such scams and tell them how to identify the scams.

How to get free Walmart Gift Card Balance?

Method #1 Swagbucks

One of the most accommodating rewards program available on the internet is Swagbucks. You can Swagbucks Points in so many ways.

You earn Swagbucks Points by taking simple surveys, watching interesting videos online, playing fun games among other ways. The number of Swagbucks Points you receive has nothing to do with how you answer the survey’s questions or perform in games.

Swagbucks Login
Swagbucks Login

You are awarded simply when you complete tasks. 500 points can get you $5 Walmart gift card. You can continue using Swagbucks whenever you are free. By following this, it is easy to get decent Walmart gift card balance every month.

Register on Swagbucks

Further, Swagbucks allows you to opt for PayPal payments if you don’t need free Walmart gift cards. Besides free Walmart gift cards, you may get gift cards for other businesses as well. Also, Swagbucks sells discount cards with discounts as much as 20%.

Swagbucks is immensely popular. It is currently giving out 7000 gift cards including numerous free Walmart gift cards, every day. On top of that, Swagbucks has till date provided a large 195 million gift cards. We say it is one of the best sources of free Walmart gift cards.

Method #2 MyPoints

Sign up for MyPoints. You can earn points by completing surveys. It’s a great way to get a free Walmart gift card balance.

Sign Up on MyPoints

Surveys are one of the best and easiest ways to earn Walmart gift card balance. Add to that a name like MyPoints, and you’ll get your Walmart gift card balance in no time.

The surveys are enjoyable. And anytime you are headed to the store, redeem your points the Walmart gift card balance and enjoy shopping.

Method #3 InboxDollars

InboxDollars offers you to earn reward points in many ways. It is very flexible in the sense.

You make reward points for watching videos, viewing advertisements, downloading paid apps or games, etc. You can also take surveys, complete some micro tasks, try and win certain contests or take some mobile offers to get a lot of reward points.

Sign Up on InboxDollars

In a way, InboxDollars rewards you points for stuff you already must be doing on your smartphone. You can do these tasks now for points.

You can redeem the points for Walmart gift card balance or other gift cards. Besides Walmart Gift Card Balance, you can redeem points for Amazon and GameStop gift cards as well.

Method #4 Ebates

Another popular method to make money while you spend it is Ebates. Ebates can get you Walmart gift card balance quite easily. But Ebates is a lot more than that.

As soon you are signed up in Ebates, you receive a $10 Walmart gift card balance. You can also get a $10 Ebates cash bonus which you receive only after you purchase $25. So Walmart gift card balance is the better option.


Though that is about it on Walmart gift card balance, you still get a lot of benefits from Ebates. Ebates gets you cashback deals almost every time make an online purchase.

Apart from the initial Walmart gift card balance, Ebates gets you cashback from over 2000 online stores. Add to that over 30 offline retailers you can buy from. You can get cash back every time you shop from

Method #5 Gift Card Granny

Now, GiftCardGranny is not technically a source for a free Walmart gift card balance. This is a website where you can buy discounted Walmart gift card balance. But before you reject it as an option, you must consider that Gift Card Granny has a rewards program of itself.

Yes, every time you buy a discounted Walmart gift card balance, you receive reward points. In no time, you accumulate enough reward points to redeem them for more Walmart gift card balance.

Gift Card Granny – Walmart

You don’t always need to spend money to earn rewards points. You can make a decent amount of points simply by reading their daily newsletter and downloading their Google Chrome extension.

Also if you share a decent deal with Gift Card Granny, you can earn several more points. It lists the price of discounted Walmart gift card balance on several websites. This makes the website a portal for comparing different other sources of deals on Walmart gift card balance. This way Gift Card Granny is unique.

Method #6 PointsPrizes

PointsPrizes is another cool website you can use to make a lot of reward points simply by doing stuff you already do on your phone.

You can take surveys, test products, complete some offers to make reward points. You can also download apps and games if you wish. They can get you a load of points at once. PointsPrizes is safe. The app takes the utmost care in choosing offers for its users.

PointsPrizes Free eShop Codes

The redemption of points is done through a digital code. The digital code is sent to you via E-mail. This code can be used for Walmart gift card balance. You may also redeem the digital code for cash.

Moreover, you can visit any Walmart retail store and redeem the code for Walmart gift card balance. You may also choose other stores and sites like Apple, Amazon, Facebook or even PlayStation, XBOX Live or Steam.

Method #7 Credit Card Rewards

A credit card which can earn you rewards is truly a luxury. If your credit card earns you points every time you shop, you can redeem your points for Walmart gift card balance.

Credit cards these days earn you rewards points every time purchase the cards. You need to find a card that can get you maximum reward points within tour purchasing habits. You can start by searching your own Credit Card Companies.

Here’s mine – American Express.

Credit Card Offers

Choosing an ideal credit card is important. There exist credit cards that give a benefit of just one reward point per dollar you spend and others that give even three. Choosing a card wisely can accumulate your reward points a lot quicker.

Further, choose a card that gives you a variety of points of redemption options. Though there are some redemption options, Walmart gift card balance is the best. Walmart gift card balance is the most efficient way to use your credit card reward points.

It is an industry standard for reward points to be worth one cent each. Avoid credit cards or reward programs which offer less.

Also, you can opt for a different redemption choice such as a holiday package or a free airline ticket.

Method #8 Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos i-Say is an old and seasoned player in the market of Walmart gift card balance. This website also rewards points for taking surveys.

Ipsos-i-Say enjoys a very loyal user base with members affiliated for more than ten years. It is quite simple too. You take an easy and quick survey. For each survey, you are rewarded with points.


You can try products and give feedback. A lot of users sample shampoos and conditioners or dog food and other stuff. They receive a lot of quick reward points in return.
You can cash your reward points for Walmart gift card balance. It can’t get easier than this.

Method #9 Ibotta

Ibotta is another app to get easy cashback deals. But we mention Ibotta for the awesome deal on free Walmart gift card balance.

As soon as you Sign up with Ibotta, you receive a $10 bonus. You can cash this bonus for Walmart gift card balance immediately. Here is a quick guide to get you free $10 bonus.

Ibotta App
Ibotta app

Sign Up Here with Ibotta + Get a Free $10 Bonus!

Further, you can consistently earn cashback through Ibotta. Every time you shop at Walmart, you can earn a cashback.

Whenever you are headed to Walmart, take a few minutes to check on Ibotta various offers and download them. You can win a lot of free cashback with this simple trick.

Method #10 Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie allows you to earn points from surveys. You have to share your opinions about various products and services.

When you accumulate 1000 points, you can cash them for $10 worth of Walmart gift card balance. Survey Junkie has very large rewarding surveys. The surveys are not very short ones. But they are reasonably long for the reward points they offer.

Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie

As you spend more and more time on survey Junkie, you receive a lot more surveys. You should try and be as honest as you can with the surveys. With honesty, you keep on receiving more and more surveys.

With more surveys and more points, you can get a lot of Walmart gift card balance. Some users claim to have redeemed points for Walmart gift card balance almost every day.

Method #11 Walmart Savings Catcher

Using Walmart Savings Catcher is rewarding in multiple ways. You can follow the steps below to reap its benefits to the fullest.


Download the Walmart App or Open Up the website.

Every time you shop at Walmart, scan your receipts using the Savings Catcher feature in Walmart App.

The Walmart Savings Catcher checks local stores for lower prices than what you were charged.

Then the best part. If it finds a price lower than what you paid, it gives a refund immediately.

You can redeem your savings from the Walmart Savings Catcher by selecting “Auto-Redeem to Walmart Pay.”

This transfers your savings to Walmart Pay in the form of Walmart gift card balance or the Walmart Pay Shopping Card.

Now every time you checkout from Walmart, choose Walmart Pay on the Walmart App as the payment method. Now while billing, your Walmart gift card balance would be used first.

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Method #12 Test Drive a Vehicle

If you are looking to buy a new car, you can get a few Walmart gift card balance. You would be amazed to know that there are dealers who give out free Walmart gift card balance for a test drive without actually buying the car.

You can find such offers on dealer websites, radio ads or you might even receive an offer by E-mail.

Free Walmart Gift Card Scams

Numerous websites on the internet claim to be free Walmart gift card Generators. There are others with a lot of free Walmart gift cards codes and free Walmart card numbers. Well, they are all fake.

These websites ask you to take some surveys to unlock Walmart gift cards. But in reality, they don’t care if you get a gift after completing their endless surveys. It is imperative that you stay away from such sites.

These websites are known to download malware in systems. The malware steal users’ passwords and other account details.

There are others who claim to have Walmart gift card balance no survey. These sites are also the same. They would ask you to run an online Generator. As the generator runs, a malware sends your private data to hackers. They might also ask you to download an app or a game. Also, they receive money for such fake promotion. They do not have any gift cards for you.

Walmart now and then alerts its customers against such scams. We too caution readers against them. Never trust an unknown source of freebies. They are mostly scams. Do not download anything unless you are sure about it.


Q: I have forgotten my Walmart gift card PIN. What should I do?

A: You can’t use the Walmart gift card online without the PIN. But you can still use it at tWalmart store. You can also exchange it for a new Gift Card with a known PIN.

Q: Why are there so many fake Walmart gift card Generators online?

A: Hackers earn a lot of money by stealing data of users when they use such fake generators. Better stay away from them.

Q: I received a link on SMS to free Walmart gift cards. Is it legit?

A: Most probably no. Whenever you receive such SMSes, do not give out your information blindly. Quickly check on Walmart website for the details of the offer.


So these were some of the methods we found to add Free Walmart gift card balance to your account. Do check them out and tell us how they worked for you.

Besides these, you can buy gift cards with real money. That is beneficial if you have certain offers on using gift cards. Walmart also offers cash back and various discount coupons as well. They can get you a nice deal as well.

If you know any methods to get free Walmart gift card balance that we missed, do tell us. We’ll crosscheck them and include them here. Also, check out our amazing guide on how to get Free Instagram Followers.


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