get paid to play games

Agree or not, we all grew up playing video games, isn’t it!? This package isn’t complete if ‘scoldings’ are not mentioned. Whether be it online, offline, rented them, downloaded them, going to those video game hubs, night-outs at friend’s, etc., we somehow managed to play them and enjoy it. Also succeeded at being lambasted for playing instead of studying!

So, how to make money playing video games? How is it even possible!? Read on. You need not go and put in hundreds of dollars in purchasing the Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, or any other gaming setup.

All you got to do is go through this page, through the companies mentioned, register yourselves for free and get paid to play games.

make money playing games

Basically, a little gaming experience, a good internet connection and of course a PC (computer) will do good! Let us now hunt for those companies (or games) where you can make money playing games.

40 Websites That Will Pay You to Play Games for Free


Being around since the year 2000, InboxDollars is similar to Swagbucks. Besides helping you with earning online through different ways, gaming is one of them, and you get paid to play games and complete tasks. Start playing games and earn right away by simply signing up for free and earning $5 initially.

This site provides you with a huge range of real free games to play and earn. You have to log in to the Inbox Dollars account to access the games. To earn credits, you required to complete or finish the game first. If left in the middle then there are no credits awarded to you.

Register on InboxDollars ($5 Bonus)

When you earn enough credits, up to $40, again the same procedure, convert the points to cash and send them to your PayPal account. To increase your earnings, scratch-off cards help you progress more. The more scratch-off cards and progress you earn, the more is your earning potential.

Since the games on this site are powered by GSN Games, you can earn extra cash as 18% cash back if you spend money on token packs of the games. You can also make money by playing games which are free.


One of the classic GPT sites running since 1996 is MyPoints. When you join, you get $10 for free. The tasks are very diverse from each other such as read e-mails, take surveys, etc., with cash as rewards in return.

Register on MyPoints!

In your spare time, you can earn a few more dollars, whether it is through MyPoints app or its website. There are various games too, one of them being the casino games. Also referring this site is profitable to you as you get 25 points for eas sign-up through referral and 10% share of the referral candidates lifelong earning.

You can download the MyPoints app onto your smartphone through their site. MyPoints pays you either through gift cards or PayPal. To start receiving payment into the PayPal account (of about $25), you need to have 3,970 points.

You need not worry about having thousands of points for gift cards. They are available once you have about 480 points with you. Burger King, Amazon, eBay, and 70+ more retailers provide you the gift cards! You can choose to encash points or to receive digital or physical gift cards.


Swagbucks is one of those sites which is famous for providing various ways of making money online since 2008. One of them is playing video games and earning. If anyone asks you ‘How to make money playing video games!?’, please share with them this very page and site of course.

Sign Up on Swagbucks

This site provides you with a wide range of games, and you are awarded Swagbucks Credit or SB each time you complete a task or level. You play games, earn credit from them, transfer them to your PayPal account, or convert them to gift vouchers of Starbucks, Amazon, Target, etc. It is your choice completely!

If you feel this site is a scam then just so you should know that Swagbucks has paid out more than $250 million in rewards or awards to the players. Also, as per the website, it gives out over 7,000 gift cards every day, which is huge money we talk about here! This is much and enough to believe that Swagbucks has a swag of being real! Isn’t it!?

You get paid to play games in points which can be converted into cash provided the points are 2500 or above. To do so, all you have to do is become a swag member of Swagbucks! And it is absolutely for free! People residing in Canada, US, UK, Ireland, India, or Australia can register provided they are 13 years and above.

Point Club

This site helps in earning cash by various means and ways, including gaming. Point Club is a popular survey platform which awards you money when tasks are completed. To register, the minimum age requirement is 13 years. The members who will be joining or registering should have a valid email id. Point club awards you $5 just for signing up.


Cashcrate is very similar to Swagbucks, and you earn through completing diverse tasks. It also helps you get paid to play games. You can get yourselves registered for free on their website or can use their Facebook login link to access. It has many free games online, and it helps you earn points when you succeed in playing the level or game.

These points should be equivalent to a minimum of $20 to encash them. They also send out gift vouchers. Payments will be processed the following month.

It means that if you play and complete the tasks for the month of March, you receive its payment in April. Besides the fact that you get paid to play games, contests, tournaments and referring to a friend increase your chances of getting extra money.

If you are 18 years or more the Paid Game Player site has a wide range of over 600 games for you to get paid to play games! The registration is absolutely free, and as mentioned, you have to be 18 years or above. This site has games for all age groups.

Like InboxDollars, Swagbucks, Cashcrate, etc., Paid Game Player also provides various tasks such as taking surveys, referring friends, etc., to earn money. With user-friendly features, this site is a good choice to make decent earning through playing games. It has two types of memberships.

One is the free membership, and the other is paid or premium membership. Free membership enables you to play over 500 games, take part in tournaments and also make money.

Premium membership costs you $4.99 per month and has its own advantages. It rewards you a sign-up bonus of 1000+ points, access to more games and a 2x points multiplier.

Bingo! Zone

As the name goes, the games here are all about bingo. Bingo! The zone needs you to register yourselves first (for free of course) then start playing and earn money. You get paid to play games based on the bingo logic every day for free.

The minimum prize starts at $1 and keeps increasing until a final winner is declared. Gamesville makers came up with Bingo! Zone and it is operated by them.

GSN Cash Games

When matched according to your skills, you get to play with your suitable competitors. This feature of GSN Cash Games helps you win the games more easily and fairly. Of course, you are signing up for free (required you are above 13 years) and in turn, rewarded a sign-up bonus of 12,500 tokens!

To earn more tokens, you can watch GSN ads, purchase them, visit site consecutively, etc. the best feature of this site is that it lets you play the game first, just like a trial, that helps you practice the game. This results in the evaluation of your capability to play that game well.

Also, as mentioned earlier, you are matched with your opponent who has similar skills to yours. To do so, it uses it’s Fair Matching System’ to help you match with suitable opponents or competitors.

You are awarded either cash or tokens, and for the daily rewards, there is a prize of $100. It has games based on casinos, strategy, puzzles, etc. and you get paid to play games as such.

Second Life

Second Life site provides a vast range of activities through which you can make money online. It is whole another virtual world rather than calling it a gaming site. It is said to have over 2 million active users.

Second Life is one of the most popular and biggest gaming websites which is running since 2003. It is an imitation of the real world, and the users represent themselves using avatars.

Besides gaming, this site also encourages creating and selling content, selling gadgets, property dealing, etc. This game site can help you earn a decent amount of money. If you know how to play the game and what to do, then you can earn virtual currency which can be converted to real cash.

It takes a little time to understand how this site works and how can you make money more efficiently with Second Life. The virtual currency is called Linden, and it is exchanged using Lindex into Indian, US, and UK currency. Besides gaming, you can earn money by selling furniture, clothes, fashion, gadgets, etc.

PCH Games

PCH Games awards token when you play games. You get paid to play games but through tokens. With the help of these tokens, you can enter sweepstakes and earn cash prizes. You need to sign-up for a free account if you fancy knowing what all the types of prizes are.

You do not have to spend money to buy tokens. In PCH Games, you earn them when you play games and use them to receive cash prizes. The tokens you get have a lifelong validity i.e., even if you don’t; use them and you are signed-off, they will still be fresh and available when you get back. Also, there is a $1,000 cash prize available every day. The Publisher’s Clearing House owns the PCH Games.


Back in the days of AOL, Slingo was a hit and an outrageously addictive game! It is a combination of Bingo and Slots games. You can still play this game for free from any corner of the world and earn.

The game is one hour long, and the cost of playing is 5000 coins. At the end of the game, two players are the winners, and the reward can be encashed later. Due to its popularity, Slingo now has its own website besides Slingo.

The site hosts many other games playing which you can win jackpots and enter tournaments. With a glitch-free gaming experience and fast-loading, you are guaranteed to enjoy the whole Slingo journey. The in-game money lets you play games without spending the real ones. The Slingo is constantly updated to make it more user-friendly and error-free.


GetPaidTo site offers various chores to be done and money too. One of the tasks is to play games and earn. You get paid to play games either as rewards or cashback. Isn’t it exciting like the other sites too?!

Besides gaming, you can take up other works such as online surveys, watch videos or ads, daily prize draw, and stuff to earn money. When playing games, you earn through points too.

For every 500 game points, you make $1. Many games, such as Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, etc., are offered by GetPaidTo. You can redeem your points either by converting them to gift cards or encashing them.


These days, streaming has become more popular alongside gaming. If you are into streaming and gaming, then Twitch is worthy. This platform, Twitch, provides you to stream videos of you playing real free games and also allow viewers/visitors to watch your videos.

So, you get paid to play games as well as to watch your game as it is streamed. Set up your channel to be able to broadcast your gaming. You can also make money by asking for donations through a link while streaming on your channel which you need to set-up first.

The viewers who are a fan of yours will definitely make an attempt to donate a few bucks through the provided link so that you can continue streaming the game. Twitch is a gaming community where if you become a popular Twitch Affiliate, then you are made a Twitch Partner.

One of the requirements to become a Twitch Partner is that you need to have at least 500 regular viewers. Becoming a Twitch partner has its own perks, one of them being that you make few extra bucks for every new subscriber to your channel. Some other ways to earn more money through gaming on Twitch are affiliate links, twitch subscriptions, viewing ads, etc.


Considered the pioneer for the web-based gaming culture, Gamesville pays you in cash to play games for free. It awards the GV Rewards to the players who take part in free tournaments and play or play individually.

These GV Rewards can be converted to cash later on. There are certain games that return cash-only instead of GV Rewards. As claimed by itself, Gamesville has the highest payments for players who freely play games for money.

It is true only when you put in more of your time and effort. More you get paid to play games. In short, the more, the merrier!


This is an app that you can use to download and play games for money. In AppCent you will be paid to download the games and play them, but the money you earn through it is not that great. Now, for every download of a gaming app, you earn money.

Every game has different pay for downloading and gaming. You will earn digital coins and can later get a gift card with them. But still, it is good to have a little fun and earn as well.

Exodus 3000

Exodus 3000 is a multiplayer game that pays you to play free games. It conducts one game daily, and you are supposed to select your role in the game and play. The timings are declared on the website.

On signing up, you are awarded 5000MD. MD stands for ‘Mars Dollars’ which is a digital currency, and you will be earning them based on the tasks you complete. These MDs can be cashed out when they reach a specific amount.

A total of 300,000 MDs will enable you to exchange the points into dollar based on the current rate in the market. This game’s theme is set 1000 years in the future after catastrophe hit Earth. You have to search for food, materials, money, and more of the stuff.

This is a strategy based game, and to be competitive, you have to build up a good strategy that will make you victorious. As per the game’s site, it is set to give you the Dungeons and Dragons feeling. What a better way to play video games with fellow gaming partners rather than playing all alone. Also, get paid to play games along with your teammates.


If you are 13 years and above, log in to the Pogo site to play hundreds of free games, and you get paid to play games. It has two categories of players. One category is of the players who play freely, and the other one is the club members category.

To be a club or premium member, you are supposed to pay some amount to enter that section. Being a premium member will give you access to over 1000 games and tournaments. There are different games, such as puzzles, word games, etc., for free. It provides both free and paid games for all sorts of platforms such as PC, Xbox, PS, etc.

Buying games on Pogo can fetch you points. It is a web-based game site which is long-lasting, and you can win cash from challenges and tournaments. Thrice in a day, this site offers up to $50. The Jackpot games offer up to $500 in a day.


If you want to enjoy playing, earn some money and also like to be a critic, then Bananatic gives you that very opportunity to hit that note! This is basically testing that site gives you three ways to earn money.

It is either by playing free games or writing a review after playing games or testing the new games on their site. This gaming site, besides letting you play, requires your feedback on the game.

It allows you to play real free games and pay you for your review in that game. Cool and interesting isn’t it!? You get game quests which you will complete to earn ‘Bananas’ which is the virtual currency of the game.

You can exchange the Bananas for gift cards, wallets, paid games, cash, etc. you can also get paid for referring it to friends or other people who are into gaming.


If you want to play casino and earn, then Bovada is one of the authentic sites which actually pays you. As per the search, it is a trusted online gambling site. For an initial deposit, you make you are awarded a complimentary bonus.

The site hosts a whole of 300 games in its casino section where you can bet on various sports and horse racing. Casino games such as Video Poker, Blackjack, Virtual Slots, Craps, etc., let you bid on jackpots.

Playest Cloud

If you fancy testing iOS, Android, or browsers games, then Playest Cloud is the perfect spot for you to hit on. Yes! Playest Cloud is quite different from all the other paid game apps and sites.

You get paid to play games which are either iOS, Android, or browser-based games. The games(mobile games) are sent through mail i.e., email (do not forget to check your inbox though!), and you have to test them.

The tests are easy, quick, and well-paid where you only have to follow instructions and also give an opinion on the games that you play. Basically, it offers you a game tester job remotely. When you play and test games, the whole game is automatically recorded.

To give verbal feedback, you need to speak out loud. For every game test that you take lasts around 15-30 minutes and you are paid $7-$9 for it. You get via PayPal within a few days of your test approval.

If you are from Canada, US or UK then there are higher chances for you because the company looks out for people from these countries. Though you do not belong to the above-mentioned countries, no worries, my dear as the site will let you know whenever the tests are available in your country. Also, as per the site, ‘Think out loud as You play!’.

Game Loot

This site i.e., Game Loot offers you a range of games to play freely and earn money. Games range from mobile ones to action and trivia games. There are certain tournaments that will fetch profits as well. These are fun and interesting games that will help you make some money by playing them. What a good way of utilizing your free time!

Cash Pirate

One of the most popular and reputed smartphone’s app is Cash Pirate, where you can download and also get paid to play games. Through a referral code ‘XZQBIU’ when registering, you get 500 free pirate coins.

You can either directly play games through Cash Pirate, or you can download and then play. It is a win-win situation in both the cases i.e., you will earn money undeniably. When you play games or complete the given tasks, you are awarded Pirate Coins.

Other activities, such as viewing ads, watching videos, taking surveys, etc., will earn you a few more bucks. To request a payment, you are required to own 2,500 Pirate Coins. The payment is made through gift cards or PayPal by Cash Pirate.


To download game-related apps and play them, you can use AppBounty, our very own app that helps you make money while downloading games. The money that you make is progressive with more and more games. In order to unlock offers, you should sign-up to certain offers.

This is available in many countries, including the States (US). The app has a low threshold of 2,700 points to cash out the money. These many points account to $5. It also provides you with 20 diverse options for gift cards.

There are bonus points awarded to you when you refer this to a friend and after they sign-up. The points differ for the iOS and Android platforms. You are awarded 250 points for a sign-up through an iOS ink and 100 points for an Android link. There are offers for daily gifts too!

Corporation Master

Corporation Master is a virtual economy game which is played with real money. Here you need not download anything as everything is online or we can say it is web-based. It is a strategic game where you can invest, buy and sell stocks, start your own company, become a manager, enter a war, and much more.

This is a good game to practice your managerial skills and put them to use efficiently. You can register for free and play for free but when required, can spend real money on the game which will, of course, be an investment to make money.

The virtual money that you will earn can be converted into real money. You can also earn when you refer someone this game and they sign-up and perform various activities.


This game is absolutely free to play twice in a day, and for each time, you want to play after playing twice, you need to pay 50 cents per round. This is a trivia game that will pay you to play the games for free.

The payout depends on the total money that was raised the previous day, which ranges from $100-$1,000. Givling is a well-planned game with a social mission where you can donate your earnings to the needy as well as repay your debts (if you have any).

It is up to you. Fascinating, isn’t it!? Givling has paid around and over $376,000 to the needy people, students (for their loans) and also in prizes. The 50 cents that you will pay for each game round you play will be donated towards student loans.

It is not every day that you get a chance to support someone in need or do some kin,d of social service. What spectacular way other than to play real free games, win money, and donate it to the one who will be lucky to have that very invisible support of yours! Go on and be a good Samaritan!


Want to have fun with scratch-off games!? The Lucktastic app works on both iOS and Android devices and lets you play scratch-off games for free. This is free to download scratch card app in which you get hands on new scratch cards daily and play with them just as you will with the real ones. There are ads which you have to watch before each scratch card.

Additionally, you can view ads and take part in surveys too. You earn either tokens or cash for each win with scratch cards. The tokens can be put to use as you can get cash, gift cards, etc., in return. Cash is sent to you through a cheque by mail or Dwolla. You can also choose a Walmart gift card, Visa card, AMEX, etc.

World Winner

World Winner has many games which you have known already and absolutely love to play such as arcade games, strategy based games, word games, casino games, etc. It is a good gaming platform which works on the Fair Matching System where you are matched with players who are of your skill level.

You can play games for free and also by taking part in tournaments playing against other players. Before entering tournaments, you can continue to play other games and gain experience.

When you feel you are ready for a tournament, the Fair Matching System finds suitable opponents for you to compete against. For winning a tournament World Winner awards up to $500,000 in daily tournaments. Now that calls for a definite win! World Winner also has an app for Apple (iOS) users out there! If you are an Apple person, go and get it now!


This website is an interesting one! Funforcoin lets you earn fractions of Bitcoin, the world’s largest crypto-currency for free. All you need to do is start the journey by registering yourselves first.

When you are registered, it is only then you will be able to play on Funforcoin. To receive payments through this game, it is advisable to you to download a good Bitcoin Wallet. You get paid to play games which are Satoshi Slot, Faucet and BTC Scratch.

Long Game

Long Game is a fun way of making money and saving it in the account. How is it fun saving!? When you download the app, you have to open an FDIC-insured, interest-bearing savings account of Long Game.

Later you have to link your bank and deposit money in the new saving account of yours. Basically, this whole things works by having you deposit your money into their savings account, which is in-app. The minimum deposit is $5 and always maintain this balance in your in-app savings account.

The extra money can be transferred back to your bank account. Whenever you deposit a certain amount, you are given mini-coins which you can use to play games where you can earn real money.

Simply by linking your account, you can earn 300 bonus coins. It also rewards you with bonuses if you reach your financial goal, and also you gain a level-up. You can also win cash prizes up to $1,000,000. This app is absolutely free to download and use. No worries if you use an iOS device or an Android device because the Long game Savings is available for both.

Game Loot Network

There are two earning models that Game Loot Network provides. The first model is based on gaming, and the second model is based on sharing. In the first model, users can play games and win money.

gaming, you get to choose from nine different games which range from trivia games, memory games to air combat. You can get into tournaments either on a daily or weekly or monthly basis. Winning these games will fetch you some tickets which you can exchange for prizes, in-game purchases or upgrades.

These upgrades and purchases will help you to rank higher. The second model lets the user share the site with their friends, family, and colleagues and awards them when one signs up through a referral link. You get to earn in-game currency or free fuel in return for inviting members to the games. You will also earn some real money for inviting friends to games in Game Loot Network database.

Play and Win

Originally from the United Kingdom, Play and Win app host many games, loads of them for you to choose and play. And these games are unquestionably free. The games include Bingo, card games, etc.

When you win the games, you are awarded tokens which you can utilize to enter drawings for cash prizes or tournaments. Also, through lucky draws, you can win a jackpot using the tokens.

Tournaments and challenges will fetch you some extra bucks if you hit the jackpot! Or you acquire medals which can unlock some cool cash prizes. You get your cash prizes delivered into your PayPal account.

XY Gaming

This thing right here is quite different from the rest you have already read and will read about here! XY Gaming saves you the trouble of downloading games onto your system! I know the downloading part isn’t trouble, just kidding though!

But to be honest, XY Gaming does save you time by allowing you to play games which you already have on your PC, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. It doesn’t have any web-based games to offer to you. Instead, it is a site through which you connect with your friends or opponents and play games with them.

Call it an interface, portal, medium, etc., as using the internet it forms a way through which you are able to connect and play with other players online. The interface will match you with the players who match your level of skills and experience. It is absolutely free to join.

While signing-up make sure that you meet the age requirements of your respective country, when you win, you will be awarded cash. You can also redeem it to buy other prizes. Tournaments are of various types. Free tournaments, as the name goes, are absolutely charge-free.

The other one is 50/50 tournament wherein players who stand in the top half of the standings are awarded. Another tournament called the ‘Double Up’ tournament awards its winners with double the prize of entry fee i.e., if you have paid $5 as entry fee, on winning the tournament you will get double of that fee which is $10. To prevent any frauds, they have a score verification system. Wow! Isn’t that too cool to handle!?

Free Slots 4 You

Free Slots 4 You hosts more than 80 exclusive slot games where you can make money playing games. To play these slot games, you got to have an idea about what are these in the first place!

However, interactive slot games are a little different from the traditional ones. Traditional slot games require a set of three same things to win a prize. Whereas the interactive ones have a storyline which you will create and keep on extending it with every spin.

Interactive slot games are also called I-Slot games. You can win real cash prizes as well as gifts such as Kindles, iPads, etc. The site gives out free prizes every month to players. Joining the tournaments is free of cost but when you win you win $150 as first prize. $100 and $50 are second and third prizes respectively.

Never forget to collect your prizes on time as the site has a time limit to claim it. If you did not happen to claim it in time, then it is gone for good. The payment can be received within a fortnight. The site also provides you with bonus rounds of traditional slot games that will fetch you extra money. The jackpot prize is up to $20.

Bingo For Money

As per the name, yes, it is for the Bingo lovers out there! Bingo For Money is built on a secure platform and is running since 2002. It has a distinctive game experience in store for you, and you will discover entertaining games too.

With over 300 bingo games along with poker, slot games and stuff, this site is definitely going to give you a good time. Want to play with virtual friends!? Sounds interesting?? The Bingo For Money is what you are looking for then.

Yes! It lets you play by letting you access the Bingo Rooms full of Bingo lovers. Here you play along with your virtual friends, winning exclusive prizes and cash! As a starting or welcome kit, you as a new user can get amazing hands-on gifs and a bonus of $25! Jackpots start from around $4300 and go up to $932,000.

Quick Rewards

Quick Rewards is one of the GPT (Get Paid To) sites since 2002, where you can make money online by completing tasks such as surveys, shopping, playing games, etc. It has trivia games, ‘Guess the number’ games, etc., where you play them and make money.

Make extras by watching ads, videos, completing offers, etc. Your reward which will be money can be transferred to your PayPal account without any fuss about reaching a set of points or tokens. You can also earn by referring it to friends and known people.

There are gift cards from big brands such as Walmart, Applebees, Amazon, etc., available too. You can access these gift cards once you own $5. This site won’t fetch you loads of money, but it can be helpful to you to make those extra bucks! The payment through PayPal is made within 72 hours, and the gift cards take around a week to reach you.

Bonus – iRazoo

The website, iRazoo, has a vast collection of games that rewards money. Of course! The point here is the longer you play, the more you earn. The database of iRazoo is huge, which has a game for people of every taste, and it keeps refreshing and updating its collection by adding new and exciting games. These are in fact best online gigs from home to do right now.

You are awarded 100 points on subscribing to the site. More can be earned by referring to friends, family, or colleagues along with watching ads, taking surveys, etc. you can have money transferred into your PayPal account or get gift cards.


Games are one of the mediums where one gets to escape into a world full of excitement when feeling low or sad. But be careful with this because in some cases, people playing video games end up with depression and addiction. Make sure you do keep track of the depth of your interest while you play the video games. Earning while playing may also reduce scoldings!

Haha! Also, make sure you do keep track of the depth of your interest while you play the video games and do not be an addict. Because health is wealth, be it mental or physical!

So, the above-mentioned gaming apps or sites will help you to make a few extra bucks. Make sure to read thoroughly on their respective sites before proceeding. Be careful with the payments, gifts, and stuff. Hence wishing you very best of gaming experience and earning. What are you waiting for now!? Go and game on!!


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