how to make a shirt on roblox

With the development of online gaming, new innovative games have caught the interests of the common people irrespective of their age groups. Roblox is such an online game which has grabbed the attention of the masses.

Roblox game was developed and published by Roblox Corporation. Released on 27 August 2006, this game has over 70 million active users. David Baszucki is the founder and director of this game. This game has both single players as well as multiplayer modes, and it falls under the genre of massively multiplayer online games.

This online game includes creating virtual items, buying and selling them in the game as well. The items can be bought by any player, but the players with the Builders club membership could only sell them.

Creation of virtual items involves the creation of customized clothes (especially shirts). The clothes are generally created for the robots – which seemed to be made up of building blocks like Lego models.

The virtual currency in Roblox is known as Robux. Players buy customized clothes and virtual items through Robux. One can earn Robux through purchasing of his customized clothes and virtual items by other players. The other method to earn daily in Robux is to have membership in

Steps to Make a Shirt in Roblux 

Method #1 Become a Builder’s Club Member

To upload a shirt template, it is necessary for a player to have a builder’s club membership. To make your own builder’s club membership, you need to follow the instructions given below –

  • Go to and click on the membership option.
  • Select any membership structure, that is, Monthly or Annually.
  • Select your payment method that is through net banking or debit cards, etc and continues.
  • Enter your payment details wherever it is required.
  • At the end click to submit the order to ensure your membership is done.
  • The Roblox Shirt template is a standard design that you can follow. Check this out –

roblox shirt template

  • If you want to have a shirt template without borders then, you have to visit this link. You can follow any of these links to open the shirt template page of your choice.
  • Generally, three parts of the shirt templates could be seen that is the Torso, the right arm, and the left arm. Every part seems to have portions like- UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, FRONT and BACK.

A normal Roblox shirt template with Torso, Right arm, and Left Arm

Save the shirt template in your computer – Right click on the template, save and name the file in the ‘Save as’ option. Also save it in your required location, where it will be suitable for you. For example:- Adobe Photoshop.

Edit and design the template with the help of a photo editing program:- Editing the template makes it more attractive, which increases the chances of your shirt being bought by other players. There are many default programs in our computer systems. Especially in Windows, for the purpose of editing the templates.

In Windows, default programs like MS Paint is present which help in editing as well as designing the templates. Designing the templates acts like a feather on the cap for players which frequently increase the chances of the shirts being sold.

A designed and edited shirt template in Roblox

Other programs like Adobe Photoshop help to edit in both Windows as well as Mac users. Mac users can also prefer to use Pinta or Lightroom. GIMP 2 is a good editing program which is free for both the Windows as well as the Mac users.

Save the new shirt template:- Save the new shirt template to save the changes and the edits. At first, you have to go the file option in the menu and then save it by clicking on the save option. The other way it can be done by going to pressing Ctrl + S for Windows users or Command + S for Mac users.

Upload it and give it for sale – Upload the new shirt for your robot on the Roblox site and keep your shirt for sale. Selling your new templates can earn you more Robux, which will help you to buy a number of accessories in this online game.

Up to You

All in All, this was the full step-by-step guide on how to make a shirt on Roblox. You can eventually learn from all the different methods. The ultimate decision is yours as for how you want your character’s shirt.

We hope that you will find guide information and to-the-point. If you are aware of any other methods on how to make a shirt on Roblox, you can comment below and definitely feature it if its unique and authentic.


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