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You saw a girl in your college, and feel like you have a little crush on her, so you search her up on Instagram, But her profile is private. You don’t want to let her know that it is you, cause it seems a desperate move. What to do? How to view private profile on Instagram? Maybe you fought with someone, and in anger, you unfollowed her(yeah people do that).

Now she has a private profile, and she isn’t accepting the request. There are a lot of situations; sometimes there are meme pages which have private accounts, you need to check whether they are legitimately meme or just another lame page.

In this 21st century, social media is not becoming just a way of staying connected but a lifestyle. It is so much into our lives that without social media life seems unattractive and boring. People love showing their pictures and posting everything.

In this growing social world, you need to have a social media account. Many people are trying to gather fame through Instagram. Some people are nowadays known as “Instagramers.”

Today Instagram is the most famous social networking site. Millions of people are currently active on Instagram and mostly through their photography. People are more recognized for their photography on Instagram.

But you are sad cause you can’t see some pictures on a private account. Viewing a private profile on Instagram is hard. Here you can learn how to see private Instagram photos. Here you will view private Instagram.

Instagram (Insta for short) comes after facebook and twitter, for social media preferences. Instagram initially didn’t have private accounts, but after some forgery and misuse of this liberty, they built the private profile on Instagram.

Now there are two types of accounts, Private and Public. Public account is where you can see the pictures freely. The private account is where you have sent a request to the owner, and then it is the owner’s choice to allow you too see their profile or not.

How to view Private Instagram profiles

Here we are to tell you how to view private Instagram profiles. If there is any way, it will be here for you below. After reading this, you will be able to see private Instagram photos.

Create a separate ID

If you try to view private Instagram profiles for images, creating a fake account can be a way to find triumph. Through this is against cyber manners and ethics, but it is one way. To create a pleasant and straightforward bogus sight, follow the further instructions.

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@KylieJenner Whatever you do, just don’t create profiles of a celebrity.

Create an ID of any famous personality of a girl(it does seem long, but it is a way) or create a fan club page or any blogger. These are the three types who get follow request accepted very quickly. You can try to increase Instagram followers in the meantime to make it look more genuine.

If you want to see, a girl’s profile keeps your profile fake and straightforward. Fake as in it should be false, but should seem legit. Next, make your profile private, so that other person is intrigued. If the following request is accepted, then it is mission accomplished.

If not, then try sending a message and try to be genuine and sound true to your fake profile.

Here one way to view a private Instagram profile.

Try to use Instagram profile viewer tools

It is one option, you should try on your own risk. It will not just harm the other’s profile but can become a problem for your profile too.

You can use Instagram profile viewer tools. There are a few numbers of such tools online, where you can view private Instagram profiles easily. I still suggest NOT to do so, cause most of these sites are scams.

Go online and looks for some tools. When you find the site, do what you want to do.

You will have to put the username of the person, and you will get the option to either view or download the pictures. Your choice!

Always perform such tasks on the incognito window.

Next, the site will ask for some personal information, my suggestion, input any bogus information.

After all these steps you will be directed to the profile of the person, from where you can either download or view images.

These sites ask you to do some tasks, and then they allow you to see the profile pictures. These sites hang and lag. Still, I don’t recommend this way.

Don’t be scared to send a request, send it and follow

It is the most comfortable and non-problematic way to view private Instagram profiles. Think about it. If you send a request, this will be the first step to your communication with the person you want to share with.

Maybe you and he/she become great friends. Many great love stories begin from friendship. Nowadays through social media friendship!

If you have the desire to see the pictures, follow the person. It will be your initiation. If the next person has a private account, he/will be notified that there is a follow request.

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You can also send private messages to them. You can start by expressing yourself. If the person shows some consent, they will accept the request, and your work is done. But to do so, you must be genuine.

You shouldn’t scare off the other person. Maybe they will send you a request too. The one good thing is that you can increase followers online to make your profile look more authentic. 

Final Words

These were the methods to view private Instagram profiles. These can be used, but my suggestion is to go with the last approach. It is most legitimate, real and best. No scams nothing, no faking. You get to be yourself.

If there is a problem with you and the profile owner, you can go with the first method. It is when it is an emergency, and you don’t know what to do.

I hope this was of some use, and don’t feel low if someone doesn’t share their profile with you. This world has 7 billion people; you can make more friends. Maybe someone might have sent you request, and you have foreseen it.


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