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Are you looking for making a few extra bucks to buy that pair of shoes or that pretty red dress or saving up for your upcoming trip or what so ever reason it is!? Then you are in the correct place and please read on! Most people who are free or need a little finance lookout for ways to make money online.

Now, how to make money online? There are many ways in which one can make money online. All you need is basic computer knowledge, good communication, skills (if any), passion, and patience. Ok, read again the last two words, patience and passion-very important to keep them in mind.

Whether it is making money online or offline, patience and passion will give you unexpected and good results. It’s the fruit of the hard work you enjoy in the end when you put in patience and passion along with the other attributes in order to make extra money online or offline.

earn money online

When you search or rather Google it (How to make money online), you will find many ways to make money. Remember, the Internet cannot give you money instantly. Sometimes you have to undergo training or learn new skills to do that job with good pay, undeniably in a professional way.

If you want to make money, a lot of it, then you got to have good skills and knowledge that can help you start your own business online. We here are there to help you out deciding on how you want to make money online. So, enough of the pep-talk! Let’s get started on actually how to make money online. Here mentioned are over 40 best ways to make money online. So dive into the various ways to make those extra bucks!

How to Make Money Online (40 Amazing Ways)

Whether it is online or not, earning money requires hard work and a lot of it! Do not be intimidated when ‘hard-work’ is mentioned. There is no one asking you to break rocks or boulders or to build bridges!

It means is you got to show a little interest in the task assigned or in the job in order to successfully complete it and solve your query of how to make money online. Trust me when I say, a little patience, passion, and hard work go a long way. Also, some online jobs require you to be consistent to gain more potential. Check out the following ways of how to make money online.

Method #1 Become a Freelancer

If you have good programming skills or teaching skills or marketing skill that you can put to use, then it will help you to make money online. All you need to have is the will to learn new things.

become a freelancer

It will only add up to your persona. Skills you must have are the basic and secondary skills. To be an up-and-coming freelancer, you should have an essential skill and a decent marketing skill. To get more clients, good communication skill will be awesome.

Few freelancing jobs are web developer, programmer, bookkeeping, freelance writer, freelance photography, search engine optimization, etc. There are popular websites such as ‘UpWork,’ ‘WorkNHire,’ ‘Fiverr’’, etc., which provide you ready clients through their platform.

Method #2 Blogging

One of the most talked about the way of how to make money online is blogging. Blogging involves you reaching out people through words which turn out very useful to them, and they keep looking up to your article online, which helps you gain readers and popularity too.

neil patel

Again, patience is the key here to make extra money. There will be days where you may not make any money through blogging at all.

But do not stop trying and posting. You can improve your blog by reading about how to create, write, and promote your blog. You can also seek professional help through YouTube or from hundreds of bloggers online.

#3 Make Money online through Instagram and Facebook

This option works really well when you have a big following on these platforms. The more followers, the more making money online through social media handles. If you have a well-known page and a huge following then you can charge for the posts too.

kylie jenner

It all depends on your content and the following. To promote your content in the beginning, you have to pay directly to the admins so that your page is promoted and known by other users too. It helps you gain followers and popularity. And this is in context of Facebook.

Method #4 Become a YouTuber

How to make money online with YouTube!? You might have apparently come across YouTubers who are a millionaire already and making money online through their videos. Not an easy task though but totally possible.

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YouTube – Unbox Therapy

All you need is good content you will be producing on your channel, work on making your videos interesting and meaningful, make sure you target the right audience with the right choice of the topics and be consistent in uploading your content/video on YouTube.

Remember, when going with making money online through social media sites, the #1 requirement is consistency and quality. Most of the successful channels are either entertainment or funny videos channels and the ones with helpful and informative videos.

Method #5 Mystery Shopper

There are agencies that pay you to go to different shops and restaurants, try on their stuff, and send feedback. It is an easy task, and the rewards are to look out for. To know more check this out.

mystery shopper

Method #6 Online Surveys

Depending on the company’s requirement, a single survey takes about 10-20 minutes. You have to write your opinion and feedback.

It is basically selection options provided under the questions. The earning depends on your profile, your country, and the length of the survey. The payment range can be from $1 to $20.

Method #7 PTC sites

Paid to Click is basically an online business which draws the traffic from the users who like to work from home. Don’t have much time to invest in finding out how to make money online!? Do not worry, and reliable PTC sites got your back buddy!

You are supposed to read the ads for 10-30 seconds and get paid for each ad you read. Easy peasy isn’t it!? Most of these sites are free, and you need to get yourselves registered first to read the ad and earn. Do go for those sites who pay regularly.

Method #8 Writing

If you are a good writer, this skill will take you a long way. If you like to write, then start right away. Formal education is not mandatory for one to be good at any work. All it needs is awareness and creativity of thoughts.

write articles

Good writers are in demand, and it is tough for companies to find such talent. You can write articles, blogs, reviews, etc. Sites like iWriter, UpWork, WriterBay, TextBroker, etc., can help you get your writing some bucks.

Method #9 Write and publish on Kindle

If you are a student or not but have a good hand at writing, then you can publish a book or rather an eBook on Kindle.

The company pays you 70% of the sale, and it is a pretty good deal keeping in mind that the Amazon company is a huge selling machine!

Method #10 Recycle old phones

A decent amount of money can be earned by recycling old phones or tabs and other unused electronic devices. Check this site to know more on this.

sell old phones

Method #11 Part time jobs

To pay that semester fee or going to the school trip or buying a present for your friend, all this can be covered by working part-time.

This is for those who are students still and is pretty good to go for because with the time you will have a steady income and gain experience as well.

This site will provide you guidance on how to work part-time. And if you want any help in finding you the right part-time job as per your CV, then click here to know more.

Method #12 Become a babysitter

One of the classic ways to earn money is babysitting. You got to take care of the toddler as well as you can watch TV and get paid for doing this chore.


It is one of the best ways to make money online. Just look up on sites that put up an ad for babysitting. Urbansitter is a legitimate website to start with.

Method #13 Graphics Designing

Industries nowadays are looking out for talented graphic designer. Graphic designing includes illustrations, logos, branding, website design, etc. If you are a talented graphic designer, then this suits you perfectly.

Method #14 Sell photos you’ve taken

How to make money online with your hobby!? If photography is your hobby and you have a massive collection of your work, you can sell the photos online. This is one of the fair and good ways out for how to make money online.

become a photographer

Many sites pay money to purchase original photos. This is one of the ‘not visible but booming’ businesses. Sites such as Fotolia, Pixabay, Shutterstock, iStockPhotos, etc., sell photos of high premium quality.

Method #15 Sell stories and videos

Paper companies are always checking out for stories and videos. If you have a good story, then you can earn neatly by sending a copy of your work to them.

Method #16 Micro Jobs

How to make money online?? Do not worry! There are many companies who are looking for people who can manage the company’s small works.

This comes under the part-time jobs category, and you can make a good amount through this. Many companies, such as mTurk, Clickworker, Fiverr, etc., offer many micro jobs. Registration is very simple, and anybody can do it.

Method #17 Writing Articles

There are blogging sites that pay you to write articles on topics that they provide. They pay you a lump sum for a set of topics, or you can charge a certain amount if you are a professional already. This is one of the best and easiest ways on how to make money online.

Method #18 Affiliate Marketing

You can earn money online through this method, and the cash you earn is the commission for being the affiliated party. It is not at all necessary for you to have your own product.

You act as a third party and help in sales. A certain percentage is given to you as commission, and you can make decent money if the sales are pretty good.

Method #19 Becoming an extra

If you wish to appear on TV, then this is a pretty good chance. You can act as an extra on the sets of any series or movie.

A good casting agency can help you bag an ‘extra’s’ role, and the earning is pretty decent. To know more, check this out.

Method #20 Selling old stuff online

If you have many old video games and music CDs or clothes or any other stuff which is a usable condition, then they are all money for you unless you are still using them.

You can create an ad on the selling site and post pictures of the stuff you need to sell online. For selling stuff online, check this out.

Method #21 Dog Walking

If you are a student and you look forward to earning some extra money, then you can take care of the pets when their owners are out for work. You can find enough gigs on Craigslist to start with.

The charges are per hour, and you can make good money. All you have to do is go out on a walk with the pet or take care of it at home.

Method #22 Rent your house for filming

There is always a hunt for the house by the directors. You can put up an ad or can approach the company in response to their ad and put out your house for rent. This can make you earn good money, and it is quite exciting to watch your house on TV!

Method #23 Copywriting

Copywriting is basically done for websites, sales page, magazines, etc., and if a company has all of that, then it needs a copywriter to maintain all that. If you are a skilled writer, then go for it!

Method #24 Selling on eBay

Worried about how to make extra money online!? Want to get rid of the junk at your house! Trust eBay!


Online selling can help you make extra money online. To know more on how to make money on eBay read on!

Method #25 Captcha Solver

Want to make extra money online in your free time. Solve the captchas! It is one of the easiest jobs online for making money, and all you got to do is read the captcha and type it as t is.

You got to have speed in order to solve as many captchas as possible. For every 1000 captchas you solve, you earn $2.

Method #26 Making money through smartphones

Worried about how to make money online?! Having a smartphone? Make it the bell to ring in cash!! There are many apps that will help you make money online.

Installing money-making apps and then completing their task, whether it is watching videos, filling out forms, surveys, etc., helps you earn extra money online.

Method #27 Building Apps

Building mobile apps is an enormous business, and it can fetch you a good amount. If you like developing apps, build them, and put it up online.

Method #28 Online Product Startup

Give your inner entrepreneur a way out! If you have an idea, develop it and sell it online. Hundreds of entrepreneurs who have an amazing and innovative idea use crowdfunding platforms. IndieGoGo, GoFundMe & Patreon are some of the best ones online.

For example, if you are good at baking, you can start your page and channel to teach people and post your work. Taking orders and events will help you out financially.

Method #29 Be a Virtual Assistant

To be a virtual assistant is to take care of all the corporate work from home.

become a virtual assistant

You will be working remotely by helping your clients manage their business who cannot manage it because they are already occupied by many other things. You can either work from home for your client, or you can set up your own business online.

Method #30 Selling Notes Online

You can put up your notes for sale online and the students who need them, purchase them. There are sites where you can freely list your notes. They are either typed or are uploaded as PDFs.

Method #31 Online Tutor

You can easily earn by tutoring students online. All it needs is you to be excellent in any subject (that you are already) and put up yourself online for tutoring.

It helps you connect with students of all age groups and solve their queries. You can charge per hour for tutoring. It also adds up to your experience if your goal is to become a teacher.

Method #32 Web Designing

If you are a tech-savvy and know how to build and maintain websites, then this is one of the best ways to make money online.

You can write code, build websites, and maintain them for small businesses or start-ups. Depending on the length and maintenance of the project, you can earn well.

Method #33 Reviewing Music

If you are a music lover, then turning this hobby into the business will not give you those work vibes. This job involves reviewing the music produced by unsigned bands, singers, artists, etc.

become a music reviewer

MusicCritic always post jobs and are always in the look of some good ears.

Method #34 Data Entry

One of the oldest ways of how to make money online is data entry. This might seem obsolete due to automation, but it is not.

There are many companies out there who still pay you a decent amount per hour for data entry tasks. All you need to have is a good typing speed, a good Internet connection, and attention.

Method #35 Market Trading Online

If you know well about stock markets and exchange them investing in the stock can prove to be lucrative. This has to be done seriously and carefully because one wrong step can cause you financial loss.

Method #36 Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr is famous for providing small services, be it teaching music, translating, writing, social media posting, etc. The minimum wage is $5, and you can earn extra cash by attaching extra gigs.

Method #37 Voiceover work

This is a flexible industry. If you have a good voice and want to put it to use, then you can audition yourselves and bag the voice over part.

become a voiceover artist

Method #38 Website Flipping

It is similar to domain trading but here we deal with websites. You create a website and work on it for say 4-7 months until you start making money through it and after a couple of months earning, you can sell the website for a fair price.

Method #39 UpWork

One of the famous ways to make money online is UpWork. You have to register yourselves for free and make a resume. The clients will assign you to work, and you will get paid once it’s done.

Method #40 Editing

Editing can be of videos, photos, text, audios, etc., and if you are good at any of those, then the client/companies pay you well for it. Editing is a tough job, and all one needs to have, while editing is patience and motivation.

Bonus Method #41 Multi-Level Marketing

How to make money online? Go Marketing. Multilevel marketing is a business model which will help yo make money online in two ways. Either you become the seller and earn through commission, or you can hire people to do so.

Though there are other tonnes of legit ways to earn money online, the best one is to save money and getting out of your debts. You can cut a lot of your extra expenses and within a few weeks, you can save enough money for yourself.


There are many ways in which one can make money online. All you need is basic computer knowledge, good communication, skills (if any), passion and patience Whether it is making money online or offline, patience and passion will give you unexpected and excellent results. Heck, people are making thousands of dollars buy just playing games to get paid.

Sometimes you have to undergo training or learn new skills to do that job with good pay, undeniably in a professional way. If you want to make money, a lot of it, then you got to have good skills and knowledge that can help you start your own business online.

Whether it is online or not, earning money requires hard work and a lot of it! Also, some online jobs require you to be consistent to gain more potential.


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