Have you ever tried finding PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Hacks or PUBG hack cheats? If you are into gaming, it isn’t possible that you haven’t at least heard of them. PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG) is the latest Battle Royale online Steam game the gamer community is going crazy over these days. And yes, the PUBG hack does exist!

The game is an online multiplayer PC/XBOX game with awesome graphics and an intensely competitive environment. The game puts a number of players in a large vividly designed world. Moreover, if you’re more of a Minecraft & Roblox lover, then check out our Free Robux 2018 Guide too.

The players need to fight and kill their way to survive the world. And when they are not killing each other, the game itself, in its “Red Zones,” gives you a tough time. The player who survives throughout the game killing all other players wins. It’s based on the principle of survival of the fittest.


The community of the game is fairly young. The game is literally an infant yet the aggressively competitive community is insanely large. The frenzy over the game, as always, has given rise to a huge demand for the free PUBG hacks and cheats for the game but free PUBG Hacks are very rare and almost impossible to find.

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Though there isn’t any credible proof, it’s widely believed the PUBG hack was first developed and used by Chinese developers in third-person gaming. Many gamers have claimed some gaming cafes in China offer cheats themselves to lure players to their business. Game enthusiasts all over are trying to put their hands on the latest and the most undetectable of the PUBG hacks.

pubg hack
PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Most of the hacks on the internet claim to be absolutely safe. But you must not fall for them as no PUBG hacks are safe enough. PUBG invests a lot in protecting the sanctity of the game as well as the morality of the gamers. Every now and then the PUBG anti-cheat team detects certain cheats.

They promptly disable them and ban the user for straight 10 years. So, you must not fall for fake websites. There is also an increased risk of downloading malware from these PUBG hack websites. Recently, a group of developers was fined heavily for selling malware under the guise of PUBG Hacks. We, at PrizeLava, have researched a lot to bring to you the most trusted sources of these cheats along with the right precautions to use them.

The PUBG hacks would give you an immense advantage over other players in the game. The excitement would remain intact, yet the gameplay would become exponentially easier. You could look through walls, aim right at the head of your opponents like a trained assassin and a lot more. Read on carefully to find the best sources of PUBG Hacks and how to use them.

About PUBG

Player Unknown Battleground released on March 23, 2017. Right now PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is the most popular new game being played on Steam with over 2,000,000 players today. You can enjoy the Ultimate Life And Death Fight In PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

World-renowned developer Brendan Greene of “ARMA” Battle Royale fame is the mind behind PUBG which is like ARMA, yet another “Battle Royale” game. According to Greene, the game has turned out just as he wished it should be. Greene has earlier worked as the visionary on the number of games designed on other’s game engines, so fans are excited to see how he performs with full control.

The gameplay is not very chaotic compared to other battle games. You can get started without having to watch too many tutorial videos. You can choose from various graphics and sound options through settings. The plot is immensely interesting, and there is hardly any repetition.

The theme of the game is fairly simple and straightforward: survive until the end. Only one player survives, rest all have to die. So, get ready for soaring adrenaline.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Walk-through

The game starts with about 100 players in a lobby area. The players are thrown into a plane ride and dropped by parachutes into a large 18×18 km with an edgy and graphically rich environment. The nail-biting game begins here. You quickly need to find yourself the best combat gear and prepare yourself before you meet a bloodthirsty opponent. Resources you are looking for are scattered in buildings and houses.

You need to find them and examine them well for they have different levels and anxiety may lose you some precious survival kit. Besides guns and armor, you find first aid kits and other supplies that facilitate you in the battlefield. You may even find vehicles and speed up your pace or run over and kill opponents.

PUBG Hack Art
PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds

The resources not only help you eliminate opponents, but also improve your chances of survival. When you are dropping by the parachute, you have to select a suitable location dense with buildings and structures so you can find resources easy and quick.

Also, keep in mind there may be other players looking for resources too, and it’s suicide to meet them unprepared. The first few minutes are therefore immensely crucial, and a lot of players get eliminated during that. Finding resources also involves a little luck which keeps the drama alive. Resources are not difficult to find, and as soon as you find yourself a decent kit, you are ready for the kill.

The game doesn’t go infinitely long even if you try avoiding all the action. The game has safe zones with fewer players around and also red zones where anything drastic can happen anytime. You must evacuate the red zones as soon as you can and take refuge elsewhere. You won’t necessarily get killed in a red zone, but it’s better to keep moving and avoid red zones.

The PUBG Hack

If that wasn’t enough, the play zone keeps shrinking with time drawing players more and close to each other. You can’t go long without facing enemies. You either kill or you die. The fittest survive. The least you can do is you can slow the gameplay by choosing to play the low-risk level game. You can initially make some skills at this level and gradually move on to higher risk levels.

Discord PUBG Hack
Discord PUBG Hack

The Playerunknown Battleground is not a mindless kill fest. It is more of a strategy based game. You start the game with nothing and build your strength and survival kit gradually because of measured risks and intelligent choices. A skillful player uses resources well and kills strategically to eliminate competition. It’s all about how you approach the game. It’s surely a deathmatch, but strategy takes you far. It provides a good balance between action, skill, and luck.

  • Realistic combat experience with 17 weapons and 35 attachments.
  • A number of vehicles and stun grenades options.
  • First aid kits, clothing items, and machetes.
  • Three levels of gears with the level 1 armor being the most durable and laced with more inventory slots.
  • The PUBG hacks we are providing have some or all of the following features.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Hack Features

PUBG Radar Hack: you won’t miss a single thing on the map with this 2D radar Hack. With this, you can see the name of every player anywhere on the map. Also, ESP tray tells you the location of other players on the map and also the resources they are carrying.

Wallhack: This PUBG hack enables you to see through objects in the game. You can aim at opponents hiding behind objects and kill them as they leave their ambush.

PUBG Hack Download
PUBG Hack Download

No recoil: This PUBG hack enables you to shoot continuously at a single aim. It makes the gun not spread the bullets for collective shots.

Aimbot: This PUBG hack allows you to aim straight to the head of your opponents. Aiming at the head has special significance in PUBG.

The helmets you find in gears, other than in level 1 gear, cannot save players from shots to the head and chances of a successful kill are more.

Bounding Boxes: ESP Boxes around players to see them easier. This enables you to locate the enemy from great distances and kill more enemies.

Always Win: Hide yourself and always see the enemy. Also, stay near the center of zones.
Vehicle Hits: Run over more people by always being able to see them running for the new zone. This PUBG hack can even make your vehicle fly.

Zone Surprises: You can hide in waiting in the new zone and kill the enemies right as they enter the zone.

Undetected: Not detected by BattlEye or Anti-Cheat Measures if directions are followed. Some cheats creators claim their cheats are foolproof and absolutely safe. Though these sources are very reliable players should still remain cautious and should not use a single hack for long.

Why PrizeLava?

PUBG corp. Have their own anti-cheat team working 24×7 to prevent hackers spoil the game. The PUBG anti-cheat team regularly captures hackers and bans their accounts. Moreover, PUBG uses an anti-cheat software called BattlEye that detects different programs on your PC.

If a player injects a cheat or has cheating software on their PC, it picks it up and bans the players. BattlEye is so effective at picking up cheat software that if you leave the .zip file of the cheat on your PC while playing, or have any folders of the cheating software on your PC, you’ll be banned immediately.

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PUBG Hack Battleye
Battleye Anticheat Engine

PUBG also uses a number of methods to stop people from doing things like running at the speed of light or teleport to players. You can do these things with premium cheats, but you will get banned very quickly. The anti-cheat team inspects players regularly. If you’ve been reported or if a player sets off any red flags, you’ll be put in a queue to be spectated.

Cheats we have compiled at PrizeLava are all secure and recently uploaded. So, there is very little probability of getting banned from using our cheats. Having said that, the player must also keep in mind that no cheats are 100% undetectable and there is always a risk of getting banned. So though, there is an amazing player unknown battlegrounds hack, you must be cautious and should only use undetected cheats from reliable sources.

Methods To Get Free PUBG Hack

Method #1 The PUBG Hack Download

  • Extracting the zipped PUBG hack file
  • Download the cheat file from here.
  • Extract the downloaded zipped file to your computer. If it asks for the password, enter “123”.
  • You’ll see a setup file on your screen. Run the setup.
  • An icon appears on the screen with the name “Playerunknown Battleground Hack.”
  • Click on the icon. Choose and enable the different hacks you wish to add to your game.
  • Close the PUBG hack software window.
  • Reboot your PUBG game, and your hacks are set up with your game.
  • This software provides a number if hacks — namely, Aimbot, ESP, Wallhack and No recoil.

The hack available on some websites is still secure and doesn’t comply with BattlEye. So, it is safe to use. Though the PUBG hack works fairly well, the features in this hack are pretty cocky.

What we mean here is that with increased access to hack software, players have got cautious, some to the extent of paranoia. PUBG Hacks like Aimbot and ESP are known to attract red flags and reports by fellow players who set BattlEye into spectating hacker’s system and an eventual ban. PrizeLava advises you to be cautious with this hack and not to use it for long.

Method #2 AFK Mode: Simple BP Farming

If you don’t already know, you can easily farm the battle points by simply doing nothing, i.e., by going AFK (Away from Keyboard).

All you need to do is just pick a safe spot on the map and lay there. Hope that you’ll last here for a while. I purposely go on a terrace corner and lie there with 1-2% possibility of someone coming around. So if you survive up to top 3, you can accumulate the basic in-game battle points. Along with this, you get extra ones on survival ranking.

There are dozens of similar tricks that our readers send us to get battle points without actually spending hours on the game. In fact, the PUBG producer himself share this as the ‘idler problem’ and a trick that can be used without actually getting banned.


As we proceed further, this simple trick of AFK is evolved into a bot. Some popular hackers came up with the Bot that will farm battle points (BP) for you automatically.

There are dozens of versions and codes available for the BP Farming Bot online (some of those that have been discontinued).

The simple idea is to just write a code to move your character randomly at some times. You can also make them auto jump when the plane arrives on the map or make yourself swim when under water. We haven’t provided a genuine source to download the bot but you can read more about it on Reddit forums.

Method #4 PUBG Hack using

This is a very reliable source of hacks for a lot of online games. The website has a decent record of avoiding detection by software like BattlEye. The best thing about, which makes it reliable is the fact that it doesn’t provide Aimbot at all. It understands Aimbot is easily detectable and also totally spoils the game too.

The hack, like any other, is not 100% secure though. But, the banned customers add up to less than 2% of its PUBG hack subscribers. The only annoying thing about is it’s paranoid about security. You have to go through a number of captchas and human identification test to get to the download page. Following is the procedure to get the hack on your PC from the website.

  • Connect to on your browser.

Clear the human identification test. The test is usually a visual test involving identifying certain objects in a given picture and marking them. The website absolutely makes sure it is not a software trying to get in their servers before they grant you access.
Fill up the registration form with username, password, and an active E-mail.
Create account. Log into your account and look for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds section.

  • Downloading the available PUBG hack

The website keeps itself updated and discards all detected hacks regularly. Different hacks that are present on this website for PUBG include ESP, Bounding boxes, Vehicle hits, Zone surprises, Wall-hack, and others. You can check this website for hacks of other games as well.

Besides these, there are certain ways you can excel in the aesthetic part of the game: earning Battle Points. In a map filled with bloodthirsty players, death fest is part and parcel of PUBG. Whether you survive the bloodshed or get a bullet to the head, you’ll be rewarded with Battle Points.

PUBG Cheats Download
PUBG Cheats Download

Players always earn Battle Points for playing matches. These are used to buy crates which has a variety of cosmetic rewards.

There are currently three criteria to fulfill when earning Battle Points in PUBG, and they all correspond to how well you perform in a game. The criteria are: how many players you kill; how long you survive; and how much damage you inflict on your opponents.

If you’re looking to earn Points fast, you should aggressively go for chase kills rather than trying to survive for as long as possible. This strategy not only gets you more Battle Points but also improve your skills in the game.

The PUBG Hack Scams

Beware of the PUBG Hack scam prevalent these days. A lot of hackers upload malicious malware on their websites under the guise of PUBG Hack files. Innocent gamers fall victim to such hackers and lose their system and data partially or completely to these hackers.

This data may include your bank account details, Credit Card details, Cryptocurrency details or even lead to theft of identity. Hackers may use this data to wipe out your bank accounts or Rob your Credit Card. They can even commit a crime in user’s name under his/her identity.

PUBG Hack Scam

A lot of people are in search of a working PUBG hack but have completely lost their data. Recently, the Chinese government fined certain hackers in China for a whopping $5 million for uploading malware in PUBG Hack. Not all hackers are caught, and damages are almost never restored.

We cannot empathize enough to download PUBG hacks from reliable sources only. Reliable sources advise you well and simultaneously make you aware of the dangers involved in the hacks. You must take all precautions and make very sure of your sources before downloading any PUBG hacks.


Epic games and the PUBG developers have made multiple announcements and made it clear that they will not be tolerating any cheaters or mod apk for android users.

Although most of these hacks seem tempting, they are usually a scam online. So we’ll suggest you focus on the tricks for the time being.

The developers make a continuous attempt at the server side to not to support any hacks, and any attempt to do so is purely illegal. The minimum ban is for 10 years. So better mind it!


Q: Are the PUBG cheats paid?

A: No. The cheats shared here are absolutely free. They may require registration, but no credit card registration is mandatory.

Q: Can some detect me using the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Cheats?

A: Eventually, Yes. No cheat in the world is absolutely undetectable. The company can detect you using any PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Cheats.

The good news, though, is the cheats available on Prizelava are still difficult to detect. But still, you must be cautious and not be too cocky in the game with your cheats and not use them for long.

Q: Why shouldn’t I use Aimbot?

A: Aimbot is too easy to detect. Moreover, it is humanly impossible to aim as Pubg Aimbot does. This annoys opponents, and they are more likely to report you.


Besides these, there are, on the internet, several paid hacks as well. They are most expensive asking payments monthly. There is a constant competition between PUBG anti-cheat team and hacks developers. Hackers are continuously coming up with newer cheats every day and anti-cheat team is regularly detecting them. Some newer hacks that are not available yet will include wall-hop and flying car. Newer hacks are more difficult to detect as most players think of them as a glitch in gameplay.

If you have any other methods to get newer and better PUBG Hacks, share it with us and tell us in the comments. We will crosscheck them and will try to get our hands on the most secure and legit sources of the same.



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