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Are you looking for the best free cloud storage service to store and save your personal/professional data? Here we have compiled a list of the best free cloud storage services.

In this guide, we’ll go over the pros and cons of some of the best cloud storage services that are currently among the bulk-free solutions.

Raw storage capacity is not everything. Some users may be more concerned with the security offered or other features such as various applications across many platforms or the ease of use of the client interface.

Best free cloud storage services

Read on to find out our picks for the best free cloud storage providers, the most suitable of which will, of course, depend on your exact needs.


1. Google Drive –

Google Drive is a native choice for Android owners as it is already integrated, but users of other platforms can also enjoy free cloud storage services. One can, in addition, store up indefinite high-definition photos on their mobile with the Google Photos companion app and use the Google office suite (now known as G Workspace). Also, people who switch to Google Drive paid programs to join Google One (currently not available depending on region). The list of features that Google Drive offers with One – dependent on the Google Cloud platform is constantly changing. The downsides include that the web interface is not very easy to use, although Windows and Mac users can download the desktop app to drag and drop files quickly. Drive also combines Google’s powerful artificial intelligence with search technology, perhaps one of the best in the world.

google drive
google drive

Download here


  • Generous free storage space
  • Excellent productivity-suite collaboration
  • Includes desktop-to-desktop file-syncing
  • Many third-party integrations
  • Cross-platform apps


  • Consumer desktop utility stores everything locally
  • Privacy concerns
  • No password-protection for shared files



2.   MEGA – is a well-known New Zealand-based cloud storage company founded in 2013. Its free system offers end-to-end encryption and 50GB of open free cloud storage services without movement. Although inexpensive encryption technology makes interaction difficult, individual files can still be shared using the private encryption key required to open the files. MEGA doesn’t confine the size of each file and allows restoration of previous versions of corrupted files using built-in file transfer technology. Files can also be protected via password to add another layer of security.


Download here


  • Excellent Security Protocols
  • Competitively Priced
  • Clean, User-friendly interface


  • Basic Business Support
  • Limited Add-ons
  • Lacks collaborative options



3.   pCloud –

pCloud sets itself apart by offering lifetime access options alongside standard subscription-based options. The free cloud storage services option provides 10GB of free storage, which can be upgraded to 20GB with the complete offer (4GB) and can refer people to the service (1GB each), and you get 50GB of low-traffic bandwidth per month. However, the list of optional add-ons can be confusing.

For example, advanced encryption is not a standard feature and must be purchased separately. However, pCloud offers several easy-to-use apps that make storing your files and backing up essential files, servers, and devices easy. It includes standard features such as file conversion, file recovery, and link sharing, and you can share files with non-pCloud users. The user interface is easy to use and has built-in streaming features and new tools like automatically uploading shared content via social media. pCloud also balances the recommended backup quality with third-party software integration.


Download here


  • Feature-unrestricted free plan
  • Integrate with social media
  • Block-level Sync
  • Family account


  • No document editor
  • No add-on services


4. –

You get 5GB of cloud storage for free when you sign up for Sync. Like the other apps on this list, it can upload multiple files simultaneously to the web interface and mobile and desktop apps. Even if you are a sync user, you can create folders assigned to other users to share and share any folder or file with anyone. Vault is a folder where you can upload files to sync across your other devices. 

This is especially useful if you want to archive some files online but don’t need them anywhere else. This service is available on the web; Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP; and macOS 10.9 and later; and iPhone, iPad, and Android. In a competitive market dominated by big names like Google and Apple, provides nearly complete information to cloud storage users. There are many reasons for this too. comes with excellent out-of-the-box security and end-to-end encryption on all its programs. Syncing is a breeze, and you have great control over the files you share with others. This comes with competitive prices that most other providers struggle to match.

Download here


  • Strong security features
  • Good for teams
  • Simple access and setup


  • Single-folder sync
  • Basic interface options
  • Payments billed annually


5.   IceDrive –

IceDrive is a promising newcomer to free cloud storage services that focuses on privacy and security. It looks poised for a brighter future with its excellent interactivity and security features. However, it is entering a crowded arena with solid competition from leading cloud services. IceDrive arrived on the scene in early 2019 and has been growing steadily and improving its service since its inception. Its main selling point is its zero encryption, making it unique among other cloud services.

IceDrive provides a friendly, easy-to-use interface and is easy to store as files are never permanently downloaded to your computer. Its free system is very generous and offers 10GB of free space. With its new cloud storage service, IceDrive has some advantageous features. The encryption app is impressive and valuable, and the sync method gives you the option to store files on your hard drive, freeing up space on your computer. IceDrive isn’t the wealthiest service in the region. It still has a few basic sharing features, and encryption is only available for paid accounts. However, the free program is quite good.

Download here


  • Excellent security
  • Virtual drive
  • Reasonable prices


  • Virtual drive is Windows-only
  • Limited support options
  • No collaboration features


Here were some of the best free cloud storage services in 2021. We hope you use them and liked reading. Do leave your comments and suggestions below.


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