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Free Cloud Storage services is a process of data storing online instead of on your local Personal computer. It needs an internet connection to upload, change, and share your important data, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, video, audio, etc., with others. These online storage free service providers don’t preserve any information on the PC’s hard disk—these cloud storage tools aid you in obtaining your data and other essential documents from any device.


 What are Cloud Storage services, and why does one require them?

Cloud storage stores data in any remote location that is obtainable from your device. This storage service will improve performance and productivity in terms of backing up and settling the data. It has a number of benefits, and Corporations can pay simply for the cost of storage they need.

 There is no requirement for businesses to make extra investments in their device memory. Since cloud storage has started sharing and partnering easier, this is why many companies have moved from the limited storage drive to these free cloud storage. Several cloud storage service providers offer accounts with them, but not to individuals. This is because they have specific features that can be ambiguous for the individuals, and these features shall not be of significant use to them. One of the features includes task management, which is specially provided for businesses.

 Following is a chosen list of best free cloud storage services, with their respective features.


This is one of the next-generation free cloud storage services providers that let users access, manage, and thus update their cloud storage without any effort. It implements a space to showcase, share, and co-operate with your files.



  • It is the only cloud storage provider that supports Twofish Encryption. Everything is being encrypted at the customer side with nil knowledge of the data.
  • It enables you to save files up to around 10 GB for free.
  • Not much time-consuming for the Sync is Needed because you can Mount it with a single click.
  • Icedrive renders clean and straightforward to use the connection to handle your files.
  • Also, it is easy to share with your friends.


This is another free cloud storage services provider for sharing your files from any PC or mobile appliance. Sync presents an excellent solution for storing and distributing confidential and delicate data. Sync offers users an effective double-whammy of shake-solid security and adjustable folder sharing choices. If you consider privacy over potency tools, it is a great option that addresses peace of mind and even pretty fantastic value for money.

, sync


  • Sync is effortless and straightforward to work on how well it serves as an incorporated local drive. 
  • It gives easy automated backups, which means you should repose comfortably knowing that your data is protected without taking any dynamic measures.
  • And Sync’s added points of access produce a drive that is pretty good for on-the-go and pretty much any way of life or working sort.


Mega is a free storage service provider and file hosting produced by Mega Limited. It is one of the best-known Free cloud storage services providers, with loads of clouds hovering over its name. The security provided is best-notch, with around 160 million registered customers; you would also expect this cloud storage provider to offer a comprehensive set of sync tools and apps.


And MEGA users experience.

  • Full-featured Android, iOS, and Huawei apps
  • Firefox, Chrome, and Edge browser extensions
  • Windows, Mac OS, and Linux desktop apps


  • Free cloud storage services space of around 20 GB.
  • It handles keys to encrypt data and chats.
  • Mega enables you to sync data and folders.
  • you can even Upload or download one GB of data every six hours

 Google Drive

Google Drive is another top-rated and free cloud storage services provider by Google. Their service syncs help store files, pictures, and everything on all the users’ tablets, PCs, and mobile devices. It provides 15 GB of free cloud space.

drive google
drive google


  • You can create Docs, Slides, Sheets.
  • It affords real-time synchronization.
  • You can build forms that encourage you to run a survey.
  • The google tool can be applied to macOS.
  • Blends with thousands of visible apps like a Gantt chart, mind map, diagram tools, etc.
  • It enables saving documents up to 1.02 million print, presentation to around 100 MB, spreadsheets raised to 5 million cells, etc. 


This is another free cloud storage services online provider apt for your work, creative collaboration, and communication tool. You can share any amount of files with a single drag & fall, capturing screenshots and recordings for rapid visual communication, forecast over 200 file formats on the internet, and collude with your company and patrons. Jumpshare has it all if you want to work correctly and be more fruitful every day. 


The key Features being provided are

  • These free cloud storage services let you seize and share everything 
  • Jumpshare has a simple drag and drops tool facility to let you share any data.
  • It enables you to grab screenshots effortlessly.
  • You can even record your screen in GIF format or video.
  • We can use free data storage service on macOS, Windows, iPad, Android, and iPhone.


You should examine the following elements while picking a free cloud storage provider:

  • Storage Capacity, Cost.
  • Security & Encryption
  • Speed
  • Multiple device support and Backup points
  • Support for varied platforms
  • File formats backed and Collaboration nature

We believe this article on Top 5  Free Cloud Storage Services will be informative and helpful for our readers.



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