In this article, we will talk about Netflix Hacks that make subscribers binge watch. Did you know, when you’re laying in bed on a workday convincing yourself this will be the last episode of Money Heist that you’ll watch, you’re not alone? Because there are probably a million other people doing the same. Netflix subscribers Binge Watch. You would’ve come across the term ‘binge watching’ at least once in your life, especially during quarantine. The meaning of it is what the word itself suggests, watching shows/movies continuously for hours at one stretch and everyone’s a guilty pleasure.


Netflix is one of the top streaming platforms globally, with over 209 million paid subscribers, and this might have to do something with Netflix’s algorithm and functioning. With brilliant minds working on different strategies all day long to using top-notch A.I. systems, this platform hosts the hottest T.V. shows and movies to get you addicted to it. 

There are many Netflix Hacks to influence you to spend hours on their site unconsciously, and here are the top 5: 

‘My List’ and ‘More Like This’ option


‘My List’ is a segment created by Netflix that allows you to add all your favorite shows and movies you’re saving for later in one place. You can plan your movie marathon night and add all the films you want to watch, so you don’t miss out on any of them! Netflix has also made it convenient for you never to keep your ‘My List’ empty by creating the ‘More Like This’ option. Isn’t it a creative Netflix hacks? I watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S., and now you’re obsessed with sitcoms? Click on the ‘More Like This’ tab to find the right shows for your current mood.  

Netflix Party

netflix hacks - netflix party
netflix hacks – netflix party

You planned an entire movie marathon night, but your friends can’t make it? Don’t worry. The google chrome extension called Teleparty will let you host a Netflix party with friends from any part of the world by simply installing and adding the extension. You can share the Netflix Party link with your friends and watch your movie at the same time. Netflix Party has a group chat feature that allows you to laugh or cry about the fiery scenes by texting your friends. 

Skip the Intros of the shows

skip the intros
skip the intros

Having to click on ‘Skip Intro’ while eagerly waiting for the next episode to begin could easily be one of the most annoying things. Still, again Netflix wants its users to have the most hassle-free experience, and that can be done by using SkipFlix. This handy Chrome extension could be considered one of the Netflix hacks that automatically skips all the intros and saves your time. Now you don’t have to go through the trouble of clicking on ‘Skip Intro’ the next time you’re watching Gossip Girl.  

Category codes to find what you love

category codes- netflix hacks
category codes- Netflix hacks

Netflix hosts a number of shows, movies, and documentaries divided into broad and specific categories. And sometimes, you can go crazy while trying to look for the perfect film that fits your mood. But if you’re someone who knows exactly what you’re looking for, then this Netflix feature is going to be your new favorite! Netflix has a detailed list of categories ranging from social issue dramas and religious documentaries to French movies and sci-fi dramas, each with unique codes which you can find within the Netflix URL itself as the last four numbers in the web address. For example, here ‘7153’ is a code to romantic foreign movies. If your latest obsession is Korean movies, then replace the code in the URL with 5685. You can browse through the entire list to plan what you’re watching for the rest of the weekend.  

Stream in HD Resolution

No feature Netflix releases will be exciting and fun if the quality of the display is not good because it all comes down to the experience we have while we’re in our comforter with a big bag of nachos watching a movie or a show, right? Let’s say Netflix agrees with us.

It has an option to view anything with the highest quality or H.D. Resolutions by clicking on the ‘account’ tab and then clicking on the ‘change’ tab under ‘playback setting’ and choosing the option as ‘high’ and saving the changes. This will allow you to watch your comfort show with the brightest color display and clarity and enhance your binge-watching experience. This amazing Netflix hacks indeed make our watching experience wonderful. Of course, this requires a solid and stable WiFi connection, but you can change the quality setting anytime.

netflix hd
Netflix HD

Netflix also has an option called ‘Auto’ which automatically adjusts the quality according to the data connection from high at its most vital to medium/low when the connection is unstable. 

It is one of the Netflix hacks carefully designed and curated its site, making it user-friendly. And giving us the freedom to customize it according to our taste. They often keep trying new features to keep their audience happy and satisfied while also very cleverly urging them to spend a tremendous amount of time using them. 


These are only the top among many Netflix Hacks use to maintain their subscribers’ binge-watching. Netflix does so after spending billions of money on consumer research. Most of it is possible because of the A.I. reading system that observes your watch history. And suggests similar content that keeps adding to all the amazing shows and movies you want to watch. And it is fair enough to say that it works.

Hopefully, this article Top 5 Netflix Hacks to Enhance Binge-Watching will be informative for our readers.



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