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Movies can be a stress buster and a source of entertainment. But in this busy and hectic day to day schedule, it is very finicky for anyone of us to take out time for the classic cinematography. Sometimes our schedule doesn’t permit us, and sometimes our monthly budget prohibits us from entertaining ourselves.

What could be better than a bucket full of popcorn (that won’t even hurt your pocket), a pair of loose pajamas, some messy hair, lovely weather (where you have to cover yourself in a blanket), and an outstanding piece of cinema? Sounds enthralling, isn’t it?

Only the mere imagination can give a chill down your spine, just imagine how splendid it would be to turn this into a reality. This thrilling entertainment can only happen if you can watch free movies online by sitting in your comfy home. If you are not a theater person or the cost of the movie ticket is out of your budgetary reach, then this piece of write-up is worth your read.

Before You Watch!

Before watching movies online free, few requirements must be taken care of. It is better to have some primary information before practically using any feature. We take it that you’re here because your friend’s free Netflix account isn’t working anymore? 😛

It will not only enable the smooth and pleasant streaming of cinema but also avoid bothersome issues while watching a movie.

Essential Hardware & Software

To watch free movies online, a person requires some sources that allow them to access any free online movies watching site. A perfect browser, software, and a hardware device are needed for watching a break less movie.

Few websites can only be accessed; by some specific browser. So before doing anything, it is very crucial to select a perfect browser and operate the website. Besides a browser, your android version or your PC must be completely adaptable by the website.

how to watch movies online

No Buffering!

A poor internet connection can spoil your entire mood while watching the cinema. Nobody likes buffering amidst an exciting time. To watch free streaming movies online, it is very crucial to have a good internet connection.

An active internet connection is necessary for reaching the sites to watch free movies online. Numerous websites offer high-quality streaming of cinemas, and for watching a movie in good quality, it is needed to have a no buffering net connection. An inadequate connection can cause hindrance in watching films online.

10 Best Websites To Watch Free Movies Online Legally

Free movies online are a blessing. To watch free movies online, that too legally is a boon for all of you out there. It is the best substitute for those highly costly movie tickets. There is nothing more interesting than watching a movie anywhere, anytime and that too without paying for it.

In this era of internet and technology, everything is possible, whether it is to contact someone online or to watch free movies online. You only need perfect guidance of the websites that are providing such features for free online movies. Several sites will never fail to entertain you no matter what time or place you are at. In fact, there are even some sites which offer you money for watching movies online.

They will always behave like support next door, which will come to rescue your boredom days. Here are a few in our bucket list that will surely help you in utilizing your free time and serve you the best place to watch free movies online.


YouTube is currently one of the most popular websites to watch free movies online. It provides numerous YouTube channels that allow us to stream free movies. A viewer can not only see the movie but also rate it and give a review about it in the comments section. It provides its own mobile apps for better convenience and use.

youtube movies

It is free of cost and only requires a perfect internet connection for watching a high-quality movie. YouTube provides its own movies section where you can browse for various entertaining movie content and watch it free of cost. It is a wholly legal website that offers you an incredible collection of cinematography.

Popcorn Flix

Next on our bucket list, is another one of the most popular sites called Popcorn Flix. It consists of independent content and provides more than 1500+ movies in almost every genre.


It has various genres, like Drama, Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Romance, and many more. One can always get the latest trending movies in their updated playlists.

You don’t have to make an account for watching any movie, simply click on your desired choice, and you are all set to go. The only hindrances while watching movies are the numerous irrelevant ads, which they provide while free streaming movies online.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is another excellent website that allows us to watch free movies online legally. It provides its mobile app for fast and convenient streaming. The films present on Crackle have a high video quality to display.

The collection of movies is simply outstanding and enormous. It has a somewhat similar library available in the PS4 which you can watch through free psn codes online.


You have to create an account before watching free movies online. It keeps a record of your preferences and recommends content accordingly. The only obstacle can be those commercials which they display now and then while watching the movie.

In case you leave a film in between, then it keeps track of it and resumes accurately at the same point whenever the site is accessed next. It is owned by; Sony pictures and hence is legal.


Another savior for free eaters can be Vudu. This site offers both premium and free content. Its eye-catchy interface enables its users to have a quality time while browsing for the films. It grants high-quality cinema. To watch free movies online, you have to sign up on the Vudu site, and then you can access all their free content.

It serves movies of all genres like Comedy, Suspense, Romance, Action, Kids, Inspirational, Family, etc. It is a legal website that offers thousands of options for a movie lover.

But to get something for free, you also have to tolerate those irrelevant ads, which appear many times while watching the film. But to watch free movies online legally, a little patience can be shown.

Classic Cinema Online

If anyone has their roots fixed in the bygone eras, and they love watching classic old films, then this site can be their perfect go-to option. It is the best site for watching free classic films online.

classic cinema

They have a splendid collection of soundless cinema for all the silent movie lovers. You do not require any membership account on Classic Cinema, open the site and watch your favorite film. This website will take you back to the retro times and serve your eyes with the most outstanding movies of the old era, that too free of cost.


It is another one of the most popular web platforms to watch free movies online. SnagFilms has an enormous collection of more than 10,000 films. You can skim the cinema either by searching for it directly in the search bar or by browsing it by the genre. It shows less number of commercials in comparison to other online movie watching websites.

It may not provide you the latest trending content, but will unquestionably provide you the best classic cinema. It also has an eye-catch interface, themed black. Before watching any movie, you can first see the trailer on SnagFilms and then select some compelling cinema. It offers high-quality streaming movies. It provides its app that enables the users to use this platform efficiently.


Next on our bucket list is Viewster, another most trending platforms to watch free movies online legally. It has a vast collection of 12000+ classic and latest movies. Its interface is similar to that of Crackle, and hence it confuses its users sometimes.


They also display ads in between the streaming. It has more of the classic content than of the latest films. The quality may vary according to your network’s speed. Its genre includes Comedy, Classic, Mystery, Anime, etc.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV has the most appealing feature as it allows live streaming of films and also to watch the cinema on demand. It works similarly to a television. It renders its mobile app, on which you can watch the cinema live on the TV.


Only connect the application to your device. It provides 75+ TV channels to watch free movies online. It has channels of different categories like Comedy, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Kids, etc. Its application is diverse in comparison to other web platforms for watching movies online.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a great application to watch free movies online. It has a collection of independent films, which can be viewed after signing up on the Tubi TV app. The movies are of high-quality and are displayed with an ample amount of ads. You can even generate subtitles for most of the films.

tubi -tv

It has many genres, like Drama, Kids, Comedy, Romance, Horror, Documentary, and many more. It has the best media player and the most soothing black-themed interface. In case you leave a film in between, then it keeps track of it and continues precisely at the same spot whenever the TV is accessed next.

Retrovision Classic Movies

It is similar to Classic Cinema Online. If you fascinated by classic old movies, then Retrovision Classic Movies can be your perfect go-to place. If you are in search of the latest cinematography, then this web platform may disappoint you.

retrovision - classic

As the name suggests, it provides a vast collection of old movies. You need no such signup account for accessing movies using this site. It has a classic genre of Horror, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and many more of the 1930s to the 1960s.

Final Words

So, here are a handful of platforms that allow you to watch free movies online legally. Watching movies online is pocket-friendly as well as time friendly. It is a great mind relaxer to stay in your house and watch any film within your comfort zone. You can also avail your Amazon Gift Cards to buy movies on

The best part about watching films online is to avoid those annoying people present at the theatre, disturbing throughout the movies!


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